After a While…………………..

First of all, I want to say thanks to my readers and I actually don’t have words for appreciating you all reading my blogs. Sometimes, we don’t feel so deserving for ourselves and doesn’t realize how important we can be for others because of our own insecurities. I am on the same boat here.

After being in Hermit mode for a long time, I realized one thing that we are never alone even we think we are. We always are surrounded by this beautiful and magical but invisible energy called our feelings 🥰. Yes ! Don’t believe me? Look at this emoji I just put above ( 🥰 ) …….. Even this emoji is surrounded with three hearts… ha ha. Even this cute emoji is surrounded with so much love. I think when we are full of feelings , all we can do is feel…………….

There wasn’t any specific reason for me to stop writing but I was in observing phase for a while. What did I observe with my own life? Let’s talk……………….

The biggest conclusion I came across with my own life that many law of attractions techniques doesn’t work for me and also even for many people out there. We all know that for the law of attraction working in your favor, we need to fake it until we make it. We also have to have a positive mind set all the time. We have to be in our dream vortex most of the time. We have to have a feeling having all of those things already to make in to the reality and etc………….etc……………etc………….

So my question is if each and every techniques are one hundred percent true, do all of these methods works for everyone?

Let me back to this later on.

I never been a good book reader myself and I always hate that. Sometimes, I am surrounded by people who are literary philosophers when they talk about how many books they read. Sometimes, I feel the outcast because I don’t read that much about anything really. It’s not like I never tried to read books. Trust me when I say I tried thousands of time to make my routine to read books. Probably waste so much time to get books from the library and returning back without finishing a single page. After hating myself for a long time, I just surrender myself and accept myself that I am not a book reader.

Once I start observing my lifestyle and what I am doing with my life, I came to understand why I don’t read books. The reason is very simple, I think that all of the methods and techniques about anything in these books are their writers own experiences and it might not work for each and every human beings on this planet. I am not saying we all just stop reading books. No………… Not at all…………. I am just proving my point that if something doesn’t work for us after applying someone else’s ideas or methods or knowledge, it doesn’t mean we never achieve what we really want in our lives. Let me give you an example of myself and my own stupidity 🤪. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Even I have 50 followers who read my blogs after me disappearing from this earth for a billion year, I am stupid weird girl who just try to fit in this world and keep loosing myself in the process.

Back to my point……….. recently , I got excited to learn stock market. Most of you intelligent creatures out there already got the ending part of the story but there is twist at the end. Just have patience my child……….😇. So………… I start reading and researching about the stock market and how to make money and blah blah…… the normal people do. Finally, I thought that I found my guru and start investing money in some stocks. Since I was born with the lucky charm on my forehead 🤦🏻‍♀️, all of my stocks just dropped. Not to worry………… I am okay ……..I might be stupid in my brain but I am very stubborn with full of positivity in my heart. Instead of going blindly to adopt that person’s strategy, I just grab the knowledge that I needed to make my own method to gain the profit and it worked in the end. The twist that I was talking about in the beginning was that same method I applied for stock market worked like a charm in cryptocurrency too. I don’t have any knowledge of stock market and I am still able to make little money in stock market now. Please please please ………. Now don’t ask me what is my secret method 😂…………..

My point is our knowledge comes form our own experience not from someone else’s. The books are just for boosting your confidence and we should never judge ourselves nor compare ourselves with others who reads a lot. Some of us might not read so many books nor have so much knowledge but Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!, some of us has tremendous experience about the life because we didn’t read this life, we experienced it.

In my experience about the law of attraction, I just don’t follow any methods because everything seams boring after a while. Two most powerful my own tricks which works for me and these are allowing and thanking. Super cool 😎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right?

Every time, I have some crazy and feeling good thought in my mind, I just go for that idea, and before I start working on that thought, I look up and say thanks to some invisible force who gave me that thought. Even I don’t gain in the end. If it’s existing, I just do it. I woke at 3 A.M and felt like writing and that was my existing thought to write this blog after a while……………. And here I am almost concluding my idea. Trust me when I say that I was exiting to write this blog because I love love love my sleep 🛌 but I guess , now I know that I love you more then my sleep .

I will try my best to write more often but since I love you all, you can love me back by boosting my ego and commenting some beautiful words for me😊. You can criticize and advise if you want to. Life is supposed to balance from the both side.

Wait………….. before I go, I am just sharing some designs which I just created for fun.

Not bad for first time carving a Pumpkin 🎃!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun.

I completely forgot…………

HAPPY HALLOWEEN all of you out there.

Keep smiling and I see you soon.

Time is just Irrelevant for now.

I took the Gojukai ceremony for becoming true believer of Buddhism.

Yes! Time has been just stopped or totally disappeared from my life for long time. I didn’t even feel like writing for long time. I know I promised you about that Karma clearing mantra and history about the origin but I needed to know first that this mantra I am bragging about has any effects in my life or not. Yes! it works for sure. I have been chanting this mantra for a while now and somehow It is bringing the fruitful outcomes of my good Karmas. May be, it just my faith on this mantra but who cares if my life is coming to the balance. I am not saying that my life is amazing right now instead it’s completely opposite. I am going through the another Dark Night of the Soul again where starting to miss my TF one more time. For almost two months, I was able to move forward and not even thinking about him any more. It’s been two weeks that I am missing him again and every time, my heart is sinking in to the memory land from the past. Unusual pain in my heart and constant feeling about the useless to live on this earth anymore. I am almost crying everyday just to listening songs. My life is balanced when it comes to money and abundance, I am living my life as an empress. I have so many people who love to be in my company and crave for my energy but this empress is craving for the emperor and seams like he is not even exist on this earth.

Today, it has been one year since I saw him last time and my life went through so many hurdles after that. Of course, I faced everything that happened after that with respect and dignity and never blame anyone. I know this is just a phase and it will pass soon because this time I am aware of whatever is happening with me. I am completely surrender to the Universe and doing everything with love. Let’s just say, I am Eating Love, Drinking Love, Breathing Love , Talking Love, Thinking Love, Touching Love, Spreading Love, Walking Love, Looking Love. Nothing but Love. Finally, I open my Heart and giving Love and receiving Love. My life is nothing but Love. Don’t ask me that What is Love? because Honestly, I don’t even know and If I knew, I be the first one to tell you all about it.

I am still learning about this love and not only want to know but want to experience in my life. In my whole life, I just give my love and so far never receive this love back so for me, Love is equally giving and taking the feelings from two hearts which beats at the same time. For me, Love is the ultimate feelings between two people who can literally stop breathing without each others. Sounds so cheesy Right? but hey, I want that and only that. No excuse in this. I am only accepting this type of love again even I have to reborn thousands times more. If my Twin-flame can’t love me like this, I am willingly cut the cord with him too. I am putting my intention out there in this Universe and asking the universe that send me this person who thinks, feels, and loves just like I do and now, this extraordinary Universe doesn’t have any choice but find, prepare, pack and deliver to me that special delivery to my door step. In short, I want me in my life. I am not heart broken anymore because I know in my heart that I only miss him because he is missing me.

He is so bound by traditional values and he is following all the rules that our society had created. In contrast, I am a free bird which can fly as high as it can be and my Twin-Flame has to carry the same characteristics like me so I am just refusing the thought of his being my true twin. Wait a minute……….. , What’s going on here???????? my own writings seams little rude today but heyyyyyyyyy Give me a break here. When many people want to be with you and you are refusing everyone because you just want that specific person who can’t even move a muscles with out getting permission from someone. What can you do ? Actually, I am not angry at all and I am just being a queen of sword right now who only speaking her truth.

If my love is not bound by this 3D world, why do I have to wait for his love to be approved in this 3D world? and Since, he is not able to send me his love or messages in other dimensions, he is probably not even awaken to his spirituality nor his mission on this earth. He is bound by his Karmic responsibilities and his money oriented mentality so be it. If he is happy over there, I only wish him the best. Am I stopping myself to find my true love now? Nope. Not for a second. My ultimate goal is the finding my ultimate divine partner and I will try to find the one until eternity. Actually now, I don’t have to try because I am trusting the Universe and I know that he will come to me in Divine timing. Finally learned that The Time is irrelevant now and it has nothing to do with finding the one. Time will come when we stop looking and waiting. In my life, My time is doing nothing but moving slowly towards love and My heart is filled with love each and every seconds of my time. Crying and being broken hearted are also feelings and once you start enjoying these feelings in your heart, you already know that you are becoming whole in your life and I am on the verge of being complete in my life.

Enough talking about me and now, Let’s get back to that mantra that I mentioned.

Let’s learn about little bit about the mantra but first, let me tell which mantra I am talking about.


Yes! This mantra is known as the ultimate Law or truth of the Universe.

Nichiren was the first Buddha priest who taught chanting this mantra to the small group of people at Seicho-ji temple in native province of Awa, Japan, on the twenty-eighth day of the fourth month in 1253. This mantra is derive from the Lotus Sutras which translated in Japanese language from the ancient language of Sanskrit. Actually, this mantra is combination of both languages and it has pretty powerful vibration once you start chanting. I have already so many mantras which I chant all day long so I just add one more mantra in my life and it nothing but benefited in my life. I didn’t give you this mantra until I was sure that it works. After one week of chanting, I got my first degree reiki completion for the second time. I am the reiki master but I didn’t practice for long time and now, the universe jogged my memory and taught me the importance of reiki in my life. The second weeks of chanting this mantra, I was able to balance my money and getting job offers from many sources. This is my third week going on and finally, Clarity is coming towards me in my Twin-Flame journey. Right now, I am at the place where I can easily let people enter in my life and I am being very authentic with all of these people and if they don’t want to stay, I don’t have any problem to let them go. I am understanding more about my mission on this earth and inspiring many people with my knowledge. My love is affecting so many lives. I have an ocean of love and I am not afraid of giving it whoever needs the most. Love is in my heart is growing bigger and better everyday and the more I am giving to others, the more I am craving my divine partner. He is right in front of me and I can feel his love. it’s just the matter of time which is I already said that irrelevant now.

Try this Mantra for a week and see what it can bring in your life. Share your experience here so more people can take advantages of this mantra. I promise you that this mantra won’t harm you for sure.

I see you soon. Until then, Keep smiling and be at peace.

I am passing the knowledge from an amazing Buddha Priest who gave me the information about balancing Karmas in this life time.

Ohhhhhh! It was an amazing experience yesterday and I still don’t know what just happened. I met an wonderful person yesterday at work. He had an big stick on his hand so I just made an comment about not hitting me with it. He smiled and we just start talking. So he uses that stick for body and muscles exericises. Now, I couldnt stop myself to ask bunch of silly questions about that stick exercise. Eachtime , he calmly anwserd my questions and appreciated even asking those questions. He said that not so many people want to gain knowledge about weird things and thats why they live their lives like a roution where anything hardly ever changes.

I loved our conversation so I started talk about sudden changes in our lives and what to do about it.

Finally, he recognized the nessacity to pass his knowedge about karma balancing to me. I didnt even know he was a Buddha Priest or Monk because he was just an ordinary person to me who had deep knowedge about the real meaning of spirituality. He started to talk about how humans and their karmas work in thier lives. When I told him that I never hurt a fly and spent my last twenty years in two karmic cycles, he said that these are my past life karmas that I had paid in this lifetime with kindness in your heart so you can be done with it.

He also mentioned the way we see our karmas. Just because we are happy after hurt someone or cheat someone doesn’t mean it wont get us. Karmas are like Cause and Effect . Whatever you cause , it will effect in your life. Every decision that you make in your life will have and after effect. Good or bad. We have to pay our karma. Karmas are nothing but our work and decision about your life.

Any choice that you make in your life will have some kind of effects in daily basis . Small choices will bring small effects and big decisions will bring the big changes in life.

And Now the real question is that how we can balance these karmas in this life. For me, I don’t remember in my past lives karma and nor I am going to remember my future lives Karma so I am just paying attention to my Present and nothing at all. I feel like if I can balance my all acts in here right now, I be happy and satisfy with my life. If I can make someone laugh so hard that this person forget about their life traumas for a minute, I did at least one good deed and I am not worried about my any of bad deeds because good will overlays the bad.

Finally, He gave me the very powerful mantra to chant for balancing these all Karmas and bring the ultimate balance in my life.

I love chanting Mantras and I do anyways in my daily life so I am going to add this one more manta in my life. I feel like something causes me to meet with this person and got an introduction with this mantra, all I have to do is wait for the effect so it was the perfect cause and effect moment for me.

I am going to write the whole blog about this mantra but I will need the permission from my Guru because he was the one introduce with this. My next blog is going to be about the history of this unique Bhuddist practice and this amazing mantra who can help us balancing our all Karmas so we can move forward in our life without to worry about paying our karma depths.

Until then, Keep Smiling and I see you soon.

Happy New Year to all of You and Let’s see what is the current energy of us right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I know that I didn’t talk about me or my spiritual journey for a long time but there is a reason behind it. Everything is happening in my life is still a lesson to me and I am just learning this one more lesson in my life. I am definitely moving forward in my life and leaving and even left so many people behind but still dealing with some newbies right now. As being Libra zodiac, it’s very hard for me to hurt anyone even they hurt me so much. The year of 2021 is about so much conflict and change because it’s represent by number 5. I am already feeling the change of the air in my environment. I have a new kind of strength and most of the people that I am dealing with my life , their souls are getting naked in front of me. I am getting all kinds of clarity and whether it’s new or old relationships in my life, it’s making me as peaceful as I can be. I am not worried that my relationships with people will work or not because now I know that whoever doesn’t match with my high vibrations will automatically left out from me. I really don’t have to do anything but going with the flow and keep looking at my bright future.

So, there you go……………. one way or other, I mentioned my current life situations. I hope everyone’s out there had a wonderful Christmas and New Year party. Today, I am checking the current energy of all of us in 2021. It may not resonate each and every of us but there will be some messages will definitely help us in this new year of 2021.

So, Why we are waiting for? Let’s see…………..


Ohhhhhh! my lovely Aries people! so something happened in the past in your love life. Someone rejected your cup of love or you didn’t accept someone’s love offer. Either way they regret their choice and now, sudden tower moment is happening in their life which will be out of the blue. They will recognized their passion and true desire for that person and try to reconnect and reconcile with the person from past and guess what they will be successful in their effort. If this is resonate with you. My advice for you to let this sudden change in your life and balance the peace between you and this specific person in your life. Love concurs everything and you will feel victorious in the end for sure.


What’s going on people? everyone are either refusing or being defensive towards something. There is someone out there being so stubborn to take an divine opportunity or love offer and trust me here they are doing it out of fear of change but this change is going to come. Even you want it or not, the cycle is changing and it will bring so much happiness in your life. There is someone out there will cut their own karmic cycle and bring the change and victory in their life and this victory will bring new job or love opportunity in their lives. Follow your own intuition and go for it . Everything will work out in the end the way you imagine.


Okay my Social Butterflies , someone or it could be you that following your passion moving forward in your life. Someone is coming towards you and sneaking away from the so much dramas and traumas in their life. If you are all single and abundant in your life, just to let you know that someone who is admiring you coming towards you and in the process of being available and single for you. Their wish fulfillment is with you and they are choosing you and moving forward with their life with you. Be ready Gemini people or if you are passionate about someone, keep going because your wishes are going to be granted in the end.


Awwwww my Beautiful Cancerian People! You are in the verge of soul searching or looking for some brand new opportunity in your life and it’s already there but it’s been a challenging for you to accept it because you are confused or not sure about the long term stability in your life. Let me tell you that This challenging offer or opportunity that you have will bring slow income but it will be life long income so now, it’s time for you to wake up from within and take this offer because it will be very reliable and it will bring stability in your life.


Awwwww Leo people! Is it all about love? Everything you ever wanted in your love life is about to get granted. If you have all the nine cups with you and single, guess what someone……. sorry not just someone but the king of cup ( not gender specific) is entering in your life. They will come out of the blue and they might be the one for you my lovely Leos. Even be ready to get married or higher level of commitment because the way I see the card , there are someone out there are not going to be single anymore and will be surrounded by love soon.


So, something fishy is going to in your life my earthy Virgo people. You or someone are being very master of manipulator and trying to sneak out from some situation. It could be job related. may be it’s too much going on in your work and you already have some other job or offer ready and you are dealing with the mental conflict that how can you get out of this current situation. Ohhhh ohhh! Let me tell you that if you are able to get out of this dramas, Justice will be served for you and this new opportunity will bring some stability in your life. If you are in tricky situation, just to let you know that you will get your justice in the end.


So, most of the Libra people out there have the similar energy like me. We all are learning something new. In my case, I am learning new karmic lesson at the moment. My kind hearted Libra people! you all are learning new stuff about your new passion . it could be about new career path because it showing here as page of pentacles. You already illuminated about you true passion in your work but feeing little stuck or confused but let me tell you that Go for it because it’s already divinely guided path for you. Whatever you are learning about right now, it will bring brand new offers and opportunity in your life and don’t forget that it will also bring lots of money too. Just unhanged yourself from wherever you are. Okay my lovely’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The most happiest reading ever for you my emotional Scorpios after long time. This is year, you will get everything my love. You will find the love of your life. You will find the brand new job or career offer. You will get your complete happiness in 2021. Most of all, finally, you will get your Justice in whatever difficult situations you were in the past. Victory will be yours if you are dealing with any court related situation. In short, You are about to get everything that you ever wanted in your life. You might get recognized by the whole community about your work and you will lead some kind of project in the future will be successful. In the end, You are going to rock my lovely Scorpio!!!!


You are done waiting in your investment or actually don’t waiting in any kind of situations and Why is that? In the past or in 2020, you went through some loss in your life and you started to wait for some improvement in that loss situations but you were just stuck in the past because of that waiting but you are done now and trying to get yourself out of that situation and this year, you will be in your power. You will nurture yourself and love yourself and this kind of your attitude will bring the balance in your life.


My leaders out there, in 2021, some kind of love union or some kind of business partnership is going to happen and when it will be happened , you will be in your complete power mode. It means , you will know what you really want in that partnership. You are able to get complete clarity and truth about this partnership or the union and it will bring long-term and stable bonding between two of you. Everything seams like divinely guided in your life and you finally recognizing and learning this truth for yourself. I am so happy for you my Capricorn people out there.


This is going to be the longest reading here for you my funny and curious Aquarius People. What’s going on my sweethearts? Why are you just pouring yourself in your work? Let me just say straight to you. Don’t get mad at me because it might not resonate to every Aquarius people out there. This seams to me for only specific group of people. This reading is showing me that someone is not happy with their long-term relationship or even in their marriage. They wanted to have a brand new passionate beginning in their life but they were not healed enough in the past so they just didn’t choose right person and didn’t move forward from their current situation and now, they are completely heart broken and can’t even sleep at night. Now, they want the victory in their situation or their community image was on their way for choosing the love of their life because they were in their mind about the reputation in the society. Currently, they are making themselves in busy in their work so they don’t have to think about it but let me tell you if you are one doing this. Big tower moment will come in your life and you won’t have choice but to make an decision and deal with this situation. Life doesn’t work that way and you can’t ignore the truth. someday, you have to face it and deal with it. I think everything is coming in your way to you in 2021. Be ready and prepare yourself. You will disturbed by it but after that you will at least start moving forward in your life.


So, my most emotional signs, You had some long-term and stable job or love relationships but you are stop working on that relationship and became single and now, you are wishing for working or collaborating some kind of project with someone. You were just tired of doing so much work by yourself and now, you are ready to find some kind of partnership where you can give your one hundred percent of it and it can bring your complete wish fulfillment for you. So far it’s look good for you and my advice to you that be careful about equally give and take because again if you giving too much in your partnership, the cycle will repeat itself so be aware of making boundaries.

So there you go all!!!!!!!! I hope it will help to someone out there.

I see you all later. Keep smiling.

Let me check the current energy for all Zodiac Signs………….

Hello there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to do tarot reading for all zodiac signs. Let’s see what is going on everyone’s life. I am checking the past, present, and future energy of all Zodiac signs and if I need to clarify card, I do that. Wish me luck and if it’s resonate with you and your sign, please comment below so I know that I am helping someone out there.

Here you go……………..


Awwwwww my Aries people out there, you showed up in your own readings. In the past, you were very hopeful and healed in some situations. You started some kind of project in the past, and now, it’s stable enough to earn money. Because you gave your one hundred percent to work on that specific thing, it is bringing lots of abundance in your life. Let me say one more thing to you. Because of your effort and hard work, you will get some kind of amazing opportunity in the future and you will be super happy to grab this chance. In your present, you are in your full power Aries people. You are the emperor and you made your life stable enough to celebrate with your friends and family. Enjoy this wonderful holiday times with your loved ones and you are going to be the King of Pentacles in future. Nothing negative about this reading. You have done an amazing job and it’s time to have fun in these coming holidays.


Ohhhh my lovely Taurus people! What’s going on with you sweethearts? Why are you so confused? In the past, you were at the crossroads and it seems like you are still at the crossroad to make an decision. I feel that it’s about love. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s about love or Jobs, you are in the middle of two things where you have to choose one. In the past, it became so burdensome for you to decide something, you just put blindfold on you in the present. You are so confused and holding on everything within you but let me tell you something here that whatever is going on in your life , it’s just your mind creating mental confusion. Your heart is already know about your decision and it’s time for you to take an action towards your choice. Put your heart ahead to make this choice and don’t be so closed of. I feel like you are in between your mind and heart or money and love. Let me help you to make your life easier. Judgement is upon you and you must make an decision using your heart and give your love as your first priority. Everything else will flow naturally because you will be happy in the end. If you are happy and at peace, money and abundance will come naturally in your life. Good Luck and listen to your intuition.


So Gemini people! in the past, you overcame with some situations and felt victorious because you were healed from those traumas. You had enough rest in your past and now, you are ready to move forward in your life. You already learning about your true passion whether it’s in love or career but you still feel stuck at the same time. You already know where your heart desire and you want to rush yourself to get it but it seems like you are not taking any action towards this special person or job. Why my social butterfly friends? What are you waiting for my lovely Gemini? What is bugging you here? In the future also, You are in your hangman position and when I clarify your card, Ohhhhhhhh my lovely people! you are still not fully healed my loves. You are so defensive and afraid that you will get hurt again and feel the same way that you felt in the past but my sweeties, Life doesn’t work that way. You need to rush towards your true feelings even you got hurt in the past. Life is like a school. Even you failed this year, you still have to study and try your best to pass next year to get your graduation. If you feel like everything is happening super fast and you are so defensive about it, take your time and calm yourself. Make a list of Pro’s and Con’s for that decision and take appropriate action towards it. You will be victorious whatever you choose.


Did you refuse someone’s cup of love Cancer people? or someone else refused your love? readings can be reversed so take it as it resonates your situation. In the past, someone didn’t move forward with that love offer and they are regretting their choice in the present. They were suppose to rush towards their happiness but didn’t choose their happiness because their mind told them it will bring burdens and so much conflict in their life but either way it’s still bringing lots of burden and sadness in their life anyway. If it’s a third party situation, Ohhhh man! they choose wrong person and now, regretting their choice . In the future, they still are going to hold on their decision and keep waiting even they are passionate about something. It will be long and tiresome on going battle for them. If it’s you my beautiful cancer people, please try to loosen up and follow your passion with your open heart. It will bring so much peace within you and that’s my promise to you.


Ohhhhh ! someone in your life were very toxic and manipulating in the past and you waited for so long them to change but nothing happened so you just moved always from that person or let’s say very burdensome job. I have a feeling that in the recent past, you literally moved your location from one place to another because you just wanted to get out from that situation. In the present, you are healed and do you know why? because you finally spoke your truth my kind hearted Leo people. You are completely healed and well rested in the present and it will bring your stability in complete happiness in the future. Prepare yourself my lovely Leo because your all wishes are about to be granted. Someone out there getting even married so my gorgeous Leos! so if you are single , guess what????????????? you are about to find your future wife or husband soon. Prepare yourself for falling in love.


Virgo people! In the past, it seems like you were very intuitive and you were just working hard and money oriented. You spend your day and night to pour yourself to create that abundance and stability in your life and you actually got it too. You built your money and stable income in the past. In your present, for somehow, listening to your intuition is little challenging for you because of some kind of lying cheating or sneaky behavior of someone. I feel like you are even trying to sneak always from the dramas around you but having a hard time to listen to your heart. Your future seems promising though. You are reconcile with someone from the past who wants to give you everything you ever wanted. In your near future, you are getting the love , commitment and steady money flow at the same time so prepare yourself for this offer. Please open your heart and intuition to recognize this offer so you can grab it as soon as it arrive at your door step. Leave your trauma and drama behind it and start dreaming about the wonderful life ahead of you.


Ohhh my Dear Justice people! what did you manifest in the past that you are now juggling? It seems like you were waiting for something or someone for long time and it was on going battle for you so your heart and mind manifested a cup of love in your life which you are very passionate about and trying to go with the flow but still confused and waiting for something better than this which already in front of you. Leave the struggle Libra people and try not to control the situation because in the future you will be moving to the calmer water and it won’t be burden anymore because the divine connection or divinely guided opportunity will bring complete happiness in your life and there are some libras out there even get married with there divine counterpart in near future so don’t stress and learn your life lessons and keep moving forward. Everything that you ever wanted will come to you no matter what hurdle it has to pass through.


When I shuffled your cards, four cards came out in your past my lovely Scorpio people. You been through a lot Scorpio in your past. You were passionate about something but your authorities and responsibly were on the way in the past. Your own Ego also played a big role in your manifestation in the past which you finally realized. Scorpio is fixed sign so anything related to change bothers you and you like to control the situation. You have a clarity now that you were living in illusion and you are completely illuminated now. You are manifesting to move forward and whatever or whoever holding you back is not a problem anymore. You are going to be unstuck soon and you are ending something which was responsible for your own growth. Please don’t shoot the messenger here but you are leaving some of your own loved one behind because they stabbed you in the back. It’s a double confirmation about something you are ending in your life in near future. Let me just say one thing that whatever you are ending will bring brand new beginning in near future and you will think that why I didn’t do this earlier.


What’s up my adventurer fire signs? Did you missed some kind of beautiful opportunity in the past and got all stress out about it. You needed to take an action towards it but you didn’t and it’s bugging you still. You didn’t accept that chance because of your own weakness and fear and now, you still waiting for making proper decision about something or someone. whoever or whatever was in the past was very grounded and stable but you wanted to look other way so you ignored that opportunity. In the future, finally you will be illuminate what you have done and you will heal from that particular situation. Finally, you will be more completion towards the love and work hard to find that special love or job opportunity in the future. Hold on tight, it’s coming in your way.


So my Lovely leaders, you were trying your best to balance your money related situation in the past and you were just working hard in your career or any other situation but in the present, you feel left out in the cold by something or someone. Did you loose your job or income or something my beautiful Capricorn people? Something big happened in your life what make your life upside down and now, you are waiting for your investment and time to change and one more time, you are just trying hard to bring the balance in your life. In the future, you are going to leave something or someone behind because you are going to listen to your intuition and finally, you will speak your truth. Trust me and my word that everything will happen for a reason and soon, you will be out of any conflict and stress.


Please Please Please Aquarius people! don’t kill me what I am about to say. It’s not for everyone but it’s just some specific group of Aquarius energy that I am reading about. In the past, You had all the happiness and stability in your life but it changed because you realized that you were living your life in some kind of fantasy world. you didn’t want to accept that truth and it was challenging for you to accept your reality. Guess what? it’s about to change or it’s already changed. You are leaving those illusions behind and moving toward your happiness. there is someone out there being single and happy in near future. When I clarify the nine of pentacle card, the other nine of pentacle card came. Some specific Aquarius people are in the process of divorce and being single and I don’t have any doubt about it. Whatever you decide, your life will be so much abundant in the future.


For my emotional Pisces people, Your reading is very similar to Aquarius people. In the past, you were in love with someone and you are very emotional with this person but something happened and that relationship got ended. You took a leap of faith in other direction and became single. In the present, you still dealing with the toxic relationship probably higher level of commitment and it’s so much burdensome for you. You want to move forward but the that person is so manipulated and you are dealing with all kind of dramas in your life. In the future, you will pull your sword out and going to cut anything or anyone who come between you and your happiness. You will learn to cut these people out of your life who give you any kind of mental traumas. Trust me here, you are going to get your ten of cups in near future.

I hope it’s reasonate with someone out there and this reading can be helpful for them in anyway.

I see you all later and keep smiling.

The Law of Attraction is going to help you in this week as per your Zodiac Sign……………..

Yes! I am saying it right. Let me check the energy of your own manifestation and true desire as your Sun, Moon or your Venus Sign. If you are reading this then there is some specific messages for you which will help you in your life.

Let’s Jump to it………….

Aquarius :

If this energy reading resonate with you , the universe is trying to give you message about you to go with the flow. You want to manifest something in the life but still you have to try to be happy where you are. Try to appreciate what you already have until you get what you truly want. Whatever you are trying to manifest in your near future will bring some challenges too but instead of being afraid or disappointed, try to be more focused and keep raising your vibrations. If you are loving and appreciating your current situation as it, you will achieve your goal soon.


Hello Pisces, since you are full of emotions as you are water sign, your overall energy for this week is some kind of surprise in your life. It’s like a tower moment but in a good way. Some kind of clarity that you will get in this week will be very beneficial for you to create your reality. It seems like you are going to write to someone to give them a surprise but roles could be reversed so take as it resonate in your life. you been through lots of experiences in your life and finally, you are seeing your true potential and when you will say to the universe that you are ready, the Universe will bring that surprise offer to you for your life changing movement. I feel like you will get a brand new opportunity in your carrier by going to some surprise social gathering. If you are invited by chance, go and try to explore more. You will be surprise about your true talent. Good Luck.


Okay, Aries people, for you all, let’s say starts, moon, sun, your heart and mind are aligning in this week. Something fated is about to happen in your life. Be Prepare to get the gift from the universe. You did something out of the box in the past or doing right now and waiting for the result. Let’s just say that the fruit of your labor is here and you are about to get it as a big surprise. Be true to your self and even if you have to trailblazing a little to achieve what you really want, do it. Pour your mind and soul in your goal and this is my promise to you that you will make your dream a reality soon. It will be intense so just try to be as authentic as you can. It’s a twist of fate and just be grateful that finally you got this.


Let’s see what we have it for Taurus people here. So it seems like, The universe is inspiring you to take some kind of actions in your manifestation but you are waiting for your ships to come to the shore. You already found your true path in love or career but still not taking any action towards it because you are afraid. Why? Taurus………. Finally your heart meets with mind. If it’s about love, You found the one and if It’s about career, You already found what you are really passionate about. What are you afraid about? The Universe is advising you to take your life as Sport and take that leap of faith. Jump into the ocean of that pure form of love or pour yourself in to your career without any expectation. You have the power to overcome of any obstacles in your life. Remember Taurus people! you have the heart and mind of the bull so you are born to overcome any hurdles in your way achieving your goals so go out there and tell that special someone that you are interested or make enough actions to prove yourself worthy enough of your new career path. You will be blessed by the universe.


My social butterflies friends, Let me see what the future is holding for you this week. Okay!!!! for you this week is about to forgive and forget about yourself, others and about your past. You recently finished one big cycle of your life and learning to heal and learning to self-love your self. It’s time for you to leave your past behind and moving forward to your true purpose of your life. I feel like you were not aware your own true power and talent for long time but finally, you are realizing that you have an unique gift in you and you are preparing yourself to share to the world. Do it my beautiful Gemini people out there. Your life is transforming into the butterfly and work on your self to give wings in to your true desire and in no time, you will see yourself flying in the sky. Please don’t dwell in your past and release it if you true want to find your Soul’s Purpose. I am super proud of you to rise from the dead and ready to reborn again.


My Lovely and emotional Cancer people out there, amazing love or job-career connection is coming towards you. be ready and aware to this opportunity. Grab it as soon as you can otherwise You will regret later. Trust the Universe and Divine timing and if you are waiting for this opportunity for long time. Guess what. it’s right in front of you. See around because it’s hiding in disguise and ready to recognize by you. Awwwww! My guides are telling me that they are sending you all the signs and synchronicities for that connection or Union. Follow these signs and directions because it will be sudden surprise to meet your true divine partner or your life long career or job. Have Faith because it’s coming to you.


So What we have here for my strong Leo people? Hummmmm! Someone out there is concern about their weight and making a goal to loose weight and get in shape. If you are keeping up the good work and maintain the routine of diet and exercise regally, You are going to achieve your desire body shape soon. I feel like that you are going towards your goal but there is some kind of chaos in your life holding you back. You are dealing with some emotional trauma too. Let me tell you about your super power my Leo friends. You represented the strength itself so fighting with your weakness is like very miner thing for you. Spend time with friends and try to make a daily schedules for your goal , stick with it no matter what hurdles are coming in your life. You will be master at dealing with your situation and at the end , you will balance your life perfectly.


The Perfectionist Virgo people is asking the Universe to bring something in their lives but you are confused what you really need. Universe is trying telling you to be more specific and narrow it down what really matter in your life. You want everything in your life and it’s a good thing to have it all but sometimes you have to let it go something old to bring something new in your life. there are some Virgo people out there not let something go because they think that this is it and this is only best for me even it’s not making me completely happy. You have to release whichever holding you back your own growth. Try to go within and narrow it down that you can’t live with out and make you overjoyed. Let it go which no longer serve your high vibrations even it’s hard for you to release. Trust me with this. The Universe wants to give you everything but you are not being specific enough. Communicate with your divine clearly and ask with love.


So for my kind hearted Libra people, I have a very special message from your spiritual guides to stop doubting yourself and trust the divine timing. It seems like you are already on your way to manifest your goal but you are not enjoying the journey to reach your destination. Being a Libra, you are not so patient person but the law of attraction is asking you to have faith in the time because once you packed your bags and out of your home, you definitely will end up somewhere. It’s your own limited belief stopping you to reach your destination and your ultimate peace. I can feel your frustration and eagerness to achieve your goal but if you reach your final outcome without having to wait for it, you won’t appreciate your own learning process of getting there. Be patience my lovely Libran. Calm yourself and learn to have fun and appreciate where you are right now and be thankful to your past and present and Be hopeful for your future. You are getting there.


Some of my Emotional Scorpio people are going thorough the massive transformation and it will be very positive in the end even it’s seems like burden right now. You already have learned so many life experiences in your life and every time , these experience transform you to be better person. Now, it’s the right time to create your own reality. I feel like your recently realized that everything was in your life so far was an illusion and now, you are mastering your own vibration to create the real you and your life. I am keep seeing a mask in my mind so someone out there were behind the mask for long time and now, they are fully ready to transform and speaking their truth. Do it Scorpio people. Listen to your intuition when you are creating your reality because scorpion’s intuition are out of world. If you listen to it , you won’t regret later on.


All adventures Sagittarius people out there, the Universe is trying to cautioning you to stop for a minute and think before you act. Don’t be in rush to make any fear based decisions because it will delay your own growth and goals. If you are afraid to loose someone or something, angels and guides are telling you to seek proper guidance because may be it’s just your own fear and nothing else. If you act recklessly , you won’t be beneficial in a long run. Liston to your heart and gather as many as information before you take any actions towards anything. Do what is inspiring you and your heart. take your time to think what you really want from this life and then act accordingly.


All my leader like personality Capricorn people! you are balanced right now. It seems like nothing is bothering you right now. Even in chaos situation, you are enjoying your life. You are becoming of master in creating your reality and you are in your receiving mode. I can see you literally sending your order to the universe and relaxing on the beach for that order to coming to you. What a way to apply the method of law of attraction. Bravo!!!!!!!!! my Caprisons…………………. It’s seems like you already know the future and just enjoying the present. If possible, pa attention to your dreams and write it down. You might get an important messages from the divine in your path.

So, there you go, I had so much fun to read all of Zodiac signs’ energy and All I want to see my readers reactions. I did it with pure heart and good intentions and I hope that these messages will reach to the people who need the most.

I see you all later and keep smiling.

Let me try something out of the box today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! completely out of the box.

Yesterday, I had a beautiful experience and it made me realize that no matter what the world takes me as I am, I am just going to be me and keep writing from my heart. So I met a woman yesterday and we started talking. as we talk more, I realized that we both went to the similar kind of life experiences. When I asked her if she is financially stable. She replied the same thing I would have answered. She said that even her life is stable enough financially, she feels that she is here for something more then just earning money.

Wow! I felt like she stole my sentences from my mouth. I asked her what she is really passionate about. She told me that she doesn’t know if she is good at it anything. I again asked that what she really really really want for her kids or for any other children. She suddenly realized that she did wrote some E-books for children and put it for sale. She completely forgot that it was her true passion about writing books for kids. She said that her life was so hectic she didn’t pay attention what she always wanted to do and really good at it.

She also asked me that what I want in my future. I replied that you already said about my future when you were talking about yourself. I told her that I wanted to do tarot reading in YouTube but I backed down . There are so many amazing tarot readers out there, I don’t think people need one more initiative readers on that channel. I said I am very positive person and always try to stay in my high vibrational mode. After a long conversation with each other , we made promise to each other that we will follow our heart and keep moving forward in our mission on this earth. She is going to write more children’s books and I have to figure it out how can I spread my positivity and inspiration to the people who need the most.

I am still not going to do any tarot reading on YouTube Channel right now but instead, I am going to do the Law of Attraction tarot spread for collective energy here so whoever will read this blog can get at least one message for themselves today.

If it’s resonate with someone and it help them in anyhow in their life, my whole effort will be worth and I be so thankful for my divine to give this idea about it.

Let’s Start,

So what we have so far……………………..

This is a timeless reading about the power of Law of Attraction and whenever you are reading this blog, let’s say it will be your week ahead energy.

I cleared all other energy with sage to my cards and shuffled nicely. Here, You just have to have faith on me and my spirit guides.

I used Law of Attraction oracle cards from Island Time Wellness. I really love this deck because it never failed me once for my own readings.

So, What is going on right now with you all as manifesting your dream right now?

Two cards came out . one was about Inspired Thoughts and one came out reversed about Limiting beliefs.

Let me talk about it in details.

I feel like you had your walls up for long time when you wanted something and it was just not happening. You had so much desire in you to make it happened but everything was in your head space . You never took any actions towards it. You had everything planned in your subconscious mind but holding on so tightly in this 3D world because of your own limiting Beliefs.

Whatever you truly wanted was too good to be true because you thought you are not even worth it to have it all but this was in the past. Your current energy is changing in a big way because now, you are freeing yourself from your own limiting beliefs. Something or Someone is helping you to come out your comfort zone and inspiring you and your thoughts to make decisions and you are taking immediate actions towards your goal. It could be anything and It really doesn’t matter. If it’s a love, you are running towards to someone to show your feelings and declaring your love. If its a job situation, You are preparing your self to show your ability to deserve that dream job of yours.

When it comes to your focuses in the future……….

It seems like you are tired of pretending you already have it all. Its been a long time you really wanted something and you were doing everything in your mind from fantasizing to imagining in your subconscious mind but it got bored in your own mind space. Its like magic of ‘Pretending” having it all got so old and you are just ready to take an action towards your goal. Trust me when I say that You are ready because it seems to me that whatever was holding you back in the past , you are just ready to cut it out from your life. Yes, you are that desperate to moving forward. You were stuck somewhere for long with your own limiting belief and now, you don’t want any negativity in your life.

I have a feeling that you self-sabotage your life in the past for the people you love. It is like you just didn’t move forward because you didn’t want to leave some people behind and hurt their feeling. You were thinking in the past that you were sacrificing your dream for your own people but you were in illusion and you got your clarity just right now.

Something or Someone happened in your life that inspired you to take actions towards your happiness and self-love.

I think that person or event taught you how to giving and receiving equally in your life since this is your energy.

Finally, you learned how random acts of kindness is giving you the pleasure of the lifetime. You finally realized how to love your own self as well as others. Finally, you realized to speak your truth in your love or job situation because the truth is setting you free.


It’s super deep. This message is for some individual who were on their own mindset for long time and messed up some really good choices in their life and now, after long time healing and contemplating, finally moving forward towards their true desire and goals. The amazing part is here, Someone from above and beyond is helping them to take actions and do inspiring work in their lives.

So, whoever out there is going through this, it’s my 100% promise to you that You and Your life is going to take a beautiful twist and in your blink of your eyes, you will find yourself in a very abundant and peaceful place.

Let’s just say that whatever The Law of Attraction technique you applied in your life, it worked like a charm and its coming to you three times stronger and faster that you can’t even imaging.

I am auto writing each and every words. I didn’t even think through it so I am very confident about my divine is behind this message. Take it with faith and keep moving ahead. You will end up with ultimate peace in your heart. Just Trust the process and Trust you life Journey.

I see you all later. Keep Smiling.

Time is moving on and so do I……………

How did I manage to let my past go and moving forward with my divine guidance?

Let’s talk about it.

My big hello to the world and I hope that all of you have a happy Thanksgiving this year. There are so many people didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this year but I think that 2020 is the year, we are supposed to most thankful about ourselves and our loved ones. We are alive and healthy in this pandemic and this is the most blessings we can get from our divine.

So let me ask you something, Did you miss me?……………..

First of all, I am so grateful for all of you liking , reading and following by blog. There are no words for describing my feelings towards everyone who read my blog but let’s just say that I am a Mamma Bear and I want the best for my all babies out there. I am in my highest form of vibration right now and my heart is full of love with feeling of Mother Earth.

I know its been a while I didn’t write anything but my life was kinda chaotic. Lot of things happened in the month of November for me. If you are wondering about my TF back in my life so my answer is no. I am in my self-love mode and loving it. Following my divinely guided path and trust me when I tell you that my life is moving superfast. In just one month, I moved the state, started new job, settling down and being independent.

My life was going super great because I moved so closed to my DM and finally, my heart was at peace. I still didn’t contact him but my heart is telling me that he is keeping a close eye on me and he knows that I am very close to him. Now, I am driving all over the town and still looking for that one car which can stop at the signal right by my car and I can just have a glimpse of him. I know it is like a miracle but hey…………… far, everything is happing in my life is like a out of the blue for me.

My biggest surprise from my angels and guides are other soulmate entering my life. I was not looking for anyone and healing my heart and being happy and living my single life and waiting for my TF coming back in my life and Boom!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, same Boom from the past when I recognized my TF. My TF boom was kind of slow progress but this Soulmate is like Big Bang Boom.

I just blink my eyes, and he came from nowhere telling me that he is been watching me and liking me the way I am handling my life.

Since you all know about me in tarot reading, first thing I did was his energy reading and in my soaking realization, in my every reading, he is showing as my Twin-flame. Are you kidding me? Are you even serious Divine? Are you making fun of me? Why?…………………… Why?……………………..Why?…………

I became so defensive and put my swords up and closed my heart right away.

So there you go, my spiritual journey is at the crossroad right now. I am enjoying my work and interacting with different people and learning and teaching about my divine path. Learning my self how to love and the most amazing part in my life is suddenly, I am seeing the new form of unconditional love where I am not holding myself back for anyone not even my divine counterpart. I am just moving and keep moving and keep going……………..

Finally, I got clarity that when you surrender to the Universe, magic starts happening. Since you all know that my Twin and I have almost forbidden relationship so there is no way, I can imagine my life with him because he won’t take any actions and so far he didn’t and good for him because I am not going to accept him as he is right now and for me, it’s not really true love when you want to change someone in your way. I only pray to my guides to heal his heart with mine and give me the strength to move forward in my life with out my TF.

I know it’s very hard for you to digest the truth about my love in the past for my DM. I was the one keep telling about not to loose faith and hold on to your connection with your TF. Never loose hope that you will reunite again. I am still standing tall with all of my words but now, I am just letting go the control of the situation and holding back my life and waiting for him to return in my life.

Life doesn’t work that way and this new person taught me this. Did I mention that he is the mirror soul of my TF. It’s like my Universe sent me the different ( awesome) version of my TF back in my life and I am hiding in the closet so his passionate vibrations can’t even get to me from anywhere. Wherever I go , we are bumping each other and I run like hell. I am resisting my own breath because I just don’t want to hear his loving heartbeat.

I feel like the most luckiest girl on earth right now because I have two TFs who loving me unconditionally and all I am doing is being thankful for this love and still moving forward without any of them .

So let me tell you the difference between my Past and present TFs. Yes, I am mentioning the present person as my TF too because of my spirits and angels. My divine is testing my intuition about whose the true twin and whose the false twin.

The past TF is completely denied the connection and behaved like I did everything wrong and Present one is completely ready to grow with me. Past one has an ego of a mountain Everest and the Present one is the most kindest ( perfectly match with my kindness).


The way I am writing about both, I feel like I got a soft corner for this present one and didn’t even realise.

So see that’s why it took so long to reach out to you all. What I am doing right now?

Just enjoying my single and independent life. By the way, I told about my past TF and my love for him to this Present TF and it didn’t do anything. He didn’t care and just want to be my friend so I accepted his friendship.

I don’t want to loose my spiritual journey being confused about anything so I am just going to love myself and concentrating on my work and abundance. I am still surrendering to the Universe so I am not going to control any situation. I am following my heart.

I just want to show you the power of letting it go. As soon as I letting go of my control, this Big Bang Boom happened and I can’t complain. This new person became my best friend and even whatever I couldn’t tell my Past TF , I am telling everything to him and he is listening and paying attention to my each and every word.

Let’s see where my journey of searching true love takes me. All I know is I am still on my divine path and doing the right thing.

I will definitely appreciate if someone out there read my blog and give me their own insight in my situation.

I see you all later. Be happy and keep smiling.

This Fashionista is back……….!!!!!!!!!

Today! There will be no spiritual talk to bore you and finally, I am here to show you my sewing skills. I have made so many outfits for myself but I never knew that I will show to the world how do I make these dresses one day.

So today is the day, I am showing my latest dress which I made for myself for any special occasions. I spent probably around ten dollars in this dress but it looks like $100 worth it. I love Kate Middleton and Her long sleeves and body fitting dresses are impressive so I made myself expensive looking dress too.

Not any further waiting, let’s see how I made this beautiful light peachy or pinky dress………………!

This photo doesn’t give any Justice to the real look of the dress but what can I do? I am not a professional photographer!!!!!!!!!

So, let me tell you all about this outfit.

I bought this 2 yard of silky smooth but little shiny fabric from Walmart for $4. Yes, they have that clearance section for leftover fabric and I found this beautiful fabric from there.

I also use ivory cotton fabric for lining and you won’t believe me if I say that this cotton fabric I bought was $ 3 for 15 yards. The other expense was just threads and my hard work.

Whenever, I start making my dress, I wash my all fabrics and iron them for getting ready to cut. I have some ready made patterns with me so I used them for my measurements and created my own neck design and shapes.

This is the front part you will need to cut in half folded fabric.
I like to arrange all patterns first before I cut my fabric so I don’t have big wasted material left after I am done so I use chalk to draw my pattern on the fabric first. I always start making my pattern on lining fabric first so if I do some mistakes, I can afford to waste some of my lining fabric which is always cheaper then the main fabric.
I wanted long length dress so I cut my fabric 10 inches more then that pattern.
I worked little hard to arrange all of this pieces to fit in my two yard of main fabric. I did it nicely.
Everything is ready to go on my sewing machine. So what we are waiting for? Let’s do it.

For my dresses, overlock is must and since I don’t have overlock machine. I use zigzag with straight line stitches from my Sewing machine. Works like a charm. I overlock my main and lining fabric. When you are making very professional looking dress, you need to do all of these steps to give neat and nice stitched dress. Let’s keep going…..

After overlock everything, it’s time for to joint all the front parts pieces and back ones. Pin up all and time to sew all of these pieces. I did first lining one and then the main fabric.

This front Center part joint with two side front pieces. This how it looked when I just use pins.

After both fronts and backs are ready, stitch both shoulders. After that it’s time to do the neck. Let me show you how.

All I did is stitch. I totally forgot to mention that every time I stitch, I ironed the stitch to flat the surface of the fabric. I know it’s too much work but trust me when you flatten every stitches , your final out come of the dress will be completely professional style dress. No one can tell the difference between store bought or hand made dress.

So far , neck is done , ironed it for smooth sewing stitches. Now, from the back side, I used biggest regular stitch to combine Center part for getting ready to put my zipper.

For invisible zipper, I always iron them both sides for close stitch. Putting zipper is the most easy part even it’s look difficult. Let me show you how I do zipper.

Open both of stitched part put your zipper backward and stitch. That’s it.

After both side of stitches, I took out that biggest regular stitch in the middle that I did at first.

That’s how it looked after I was done.

I already attached those sleeves to the dress and in the bottom of these I left a little part open since the dress is body fitted and the fabric doesn’t have any stretch to it.

Finally, I sew both of the side and at last, I hem stitch the bottom of the dress.

For fun, I made a bow out of my left over fabric and sew it back side of my dress.

May be it doesn’t look attractive on the dress form but it really look expensive and elegant when it been put on.

So there you go, you all were lucky today that I didn’t say a word about spirituality to bore you and talked straight about my creativity.

I am also going to upload my dressmaking video on my YouTube channel. After I done editing my video, I will put the link here so you can just watch it on YouTube.

My November Born Birthday reading will come out on 11/11. Of course, this number sequence is very special to me so whoever born in November can visit my channel to see how’s their next year will going to be.

Until then, keep smiling and I will see you all later.

Of course, I was going to talk about Twin-Flame Journey in this Full Moon!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween all of you!!!!!!!!

When I started this blog, I just wanted to talk about how I creat my projects related to arts, crafts, and fashions but somehow, I ended up not only talking about spiritualIty but also about my Twin-Flame journey. These couple of months are going to be transformative for many people and specifically who are in divine connections. I know that it’s hard to digest about miracles and magic but come on !!!!!!!!!

It’s Halloween and Halloween is about rising from our dead bodies and realizing our missions on this earth.

I am hear to remind you all about our jobs here to bring peace and love to the earth.

Our ultimate goal should be not only get united with our divine counterparts but also bring the permanent balance to this universe.

So, let me continue telling about my Twin-Flame journey…………………..

This past few weeks , I am just super happy for no reason. Yes! I am doing everything that my spirits and angels are guiding me to do. I am in the right path but somehow, I am feeling the joy of my TF too. It’s like I am feeling his sad and happy emotions every moments and these emotions are overwhelming him. I don’t know but it seams like Everyday I wake up with big smile in my face and I feel it in my heart that he is having dreams about me being with him. Trust me, I have no idea what he is up too. He successfully cut me from his life but still holding me in his heart just like me. It’s like he is holding my heart and I have his. Sounds so romantic!!!!!!!!!!! But it hurts like hell.

Universe or whoever up there are working very hard to bring all the twin-souls, soulmates together so they can start creating the better world. Many Unions and Reunions are happening behind the scenes that we are not aware of and we all are in our waiting lists to be ready to be with our true and genuine counterparts.

So, back to my story, all I have from him is the strange feelings that we are connected in 5D. We both don’t know anything about each other and still know everything. All I know that we both are waiting to see each other even for a second.

His heart is full of love and it’s overflowing. He seams sad but happy at the same time. I feel that he is in his memory lane and thinking about each and every moments that we spent together. Whenever I saw him in the past, I felt that he saw me like I am a goddess and my light is bothering him so he always ran from me. I didn’t know about my connection as a twin-flame and all I know that I knew him from my many previous lives. He always felt uncomfortable with me because he thought that he was braking the law of our religion or society. Even I was on the same boat blaming myself having magnetic pool towards him. I am the most loyal person when it comes to relationships so even we could have opened our hearts for each other in the past, I would have self sabotaged myself because I was in a relationship and betraying someone is not my cup of tea. As soon as I found out that I am in my Twin-flame journey and you never can cut the cord with your Twin, I got out from my marriage. I couldn’t think of being with anyone else but my half-soul.

On the other side, my DM ( Divine Masculine) was doing the same thing. He never lost one moment to ignore me as much as possible. He tried everything from his book of manipulation to get rid of my feelings for him but ended up loving me unconditionally in the end. His sun sign is ♏️ so he is literally the king of mental games and he drove me insane with his mind games. I am ♎️ and flirting is like in-built with me but I don’t flirt to be someone or attract someone. I just talk nice to make people feel good. He didn’t like it but how can I tell him that it’s just my nature to be loving and caring but he always had my best attention after all he was the one. I never knew this nature about guys why they have the jealousy issues. If they are 100 % sure that their women are only love them and loyal to them why we even creat a burden for ourselves to think about it. If they are not sure about their ladies, ohhhh well…… that’s the whole new topic to talk about………

So, where was I ?

Yes, back to my DMs , while he was in his runner stage in this Twin-Flame journey, he probably try each and every tricks from the book to get rid of me. I felt his cunning mind every-time, I just didn’t responded. Our life in the past was like the cat and the mouse, when I ran, he chased me and when he ran, I chased him. In that process, our ego and stubbornness were playing the biggest part. I am not an expert about Twin-Flame journey but let me tell you about my experience so you can prepare yourself in your early stages. All twin-souls have different kind of experiences so it’s not such a bad idea to get to know about mine. So for many years, we played that game. No one was to leaving our karmic even we knew we both had power hungry narcissist partners. We both had profound knowledge about pretty much everything and our partners were immature and didn’t want to grow with us. He was doing great but my life went to the gutter and everything was the divine plan. While I was going through the rough time and didn’t have any courage to move. I had my spiritual awakening. I recognized my Twin and this journey. Him and I had been mirroring each other for long time, so I think he recognized me as his soulmate or something. I don’t think that he knows about this Twin-flame journey yet. After our both awakening, I met him for the last time. He was changed, he was soft. He was more loving towards me. He noticed everything about me. I had his complete attention. It’s like he was looking for the answer about his sudden change in his life. He is very intuitive so I was one hundred percent sure he knew something has changed. He was behaving like he doesn’t care about anyone if I said yes to him. Now, I became the runner. His intense eye contact was unbearable. I just wanted to put millions walls between him and me so he can’t see me. For the first time, I felt his heart beat skipped when he saw me dressed up. His eyes diluted and I felt that he was mesmerized by my beauty. By the way, I am not that beautiful, it’s just his love for me is making him blind towards me. I couldn’t look at him straight but I could feel his Eyes staring at me from faraway. If I said a word at that day, he probably had heard it with his mind. He didn’t want to miss anything from me. It was the most magical time and finally when I was leaving from the car, he said that he missed me in his smart and cunning way. For the first time, I thought that he is the one who I have been dreaming about my whole life. I am a fighter and no one fought for me so for the first time, I thought he will be my Prince Charming and stand next to me and fight my battles right by my side. I just didn’t knew that in reality, that was our first meeting as a Twin-flame. I realized that we played that cat mouse game before was just Braxton Hicks contraction ( False Labor symptom ). The divine were preparing us for our final and long lasting separation where we won’t have any choice but to grow. Our twin-flame journey finally started at that day. We got our first separation and our dark night of the soul time.

So, I met my Twin at right place but at completely wrong time. I didn’t know that I had to go and learn my whole karmic cycle with someone else before I recognize him as my Twin-flame and from his side, finally, he is starting to recognize our connection so I proudly say that I am little bit ahead of him or may be not ahead but I am definitely ahead of him when it comes to listen my intuition. Yes! He probably completely shut down his intuition for awhile because even he recognised our special connection, he chose to turn his back towards his happiness. He thought that he was being awesome or great to sacrifice himself and his love for the people who need him the most but he forgot that everything he was experiencing was the divine teaching him a lesson. He is just so stubborn to learn and surrender to the unknown. When I pull his readings in the past, Angel Michael always comes in readings. It’s like he is completely protected by divine Angels and Spirits. They are sending him signs and synchronicities to push him forward, he is just ignoring each and every one of them because he thinks about what people will think and talk about him if he brakes the rules of his society. Let me back up a little bit……………so after we met, my life went completely upside down and this is the first confirmation in twin-flame journey. I had tough life since my childhood. I never gain anything easily but I was a tough cookie. I also never lost hope to gain everything. I had nothing when I met him and he was also lost in his life. Yes! We both were in relationships at that time but we didn’t have any encouragements in our lives. Before he met me, his life also took a twist and he was also in his roller coaster ride. He was stressed and also suicidal. After we met, we activated something in each other’s. We started to live our separate lives with our separate families but now, we started growing. First, he got inspired by my growth and how I was manifesting the success in my life. He is very competitive by nature and he has some jealousy issues too but in a good way. I am so proud of him using these qualities of him in very good manners and he built his whole empire with his extraordinary mind and his hard work. Did I mention on my previous blog that my DM is the most handsome man on this earth ( Yes! We DFs loves to brag about our DMs’ beauty as well ) Jokes apart, he is really charming and he uses his charm at the right time and the right place. Just one thing bothers me the most that how he can’t see the toxic people around him. ♏️ are most intuitive people and how could he completely shutdown his intuition to recognise these snakes in his life. ( Sorry, not trying to be rude or judging anyone but I was a part of his life and recognised each and everyone’s true nature while I was there)

Ohhhh well ! When we are in karmic cycles, we tend to be blind ourselves. I can’t blame him because I did the same thing when I was in my relationship. After my spiritual awakening, I figured that everything was glitter and not gold. He is finally realising now and he is in so much regret to choose glitter. He thinks that I am his missed opportunity but he probably doesn’t know about the unbreakable bond between us. If he doesn’t start listening to his intuition, our divine will bring tower moments in his life and it will break his heart so he can heal again and move forward in his spiritual path. His life path is already written in the stars. He just has to wake up by now.

It’s not about choosing your divine counterpart in our twin-flame journey. It’s all about your mission on earth and what you truly came to accomplish on this earth. Obviously, if you are with your half-soul, you can be the powerful couple and it can be smooth ride after that. If he won’t wake up in this connection in this life time, we both have to learn more karmic lessons and try to reconnect in another life time. That’s how twin-flame journey works. We have to be whole before the union. I am trying my best and hopefully, he has learned his lesson by now and start working on his demons to deal with.

Let me tell you something, there are lots of divine masculines are awakening in these couple of months and there are so many unions and reunions are happening in this earth. For most of the people, COVID 19 is the biggest thing right now and do you know why???????? Because it’s a distraction for them to not to see what’s going in the background. While most of us are busy balancing our lives, our spirits and angels are working hard to bring the second wave of surprise into this earth. Nothing to worry about. This time, our beautiful earth will be balanced with peace and love. These awaken Twin-souls will bring the harmony to the earth. They are going to bring the balance. This new era will teach people how to love unconditionally and be at peace all the time.

Yes! There will be still the power struggle between good and bad but ultimately, love is not going to care for anything. Right now, many musculines are in their wondering minds. They are confused and shocked at the same time. Most of them are asking one and one question in their mind and that is “ How can a person love like this?”

The problem is not like they don’t know how to love but the real problem here is their fear to loose theirselves in someone completely. My DM has the same problem because his ego is bigger then his love for me. As soon as my love will takeover his ego. He will have a change heart and as soon as he will see his unconditional love for me, he will gain his ultimate peace within him. These DMs often forget that they are not the only who have to give their heart to their DFs, we are doing the same thing and why we are even keep talking about loosing??????? It’s actually gaining. So what we all gain here?

All DMS will gain their answers which was not possible in their crossroads situations.

All DFS will gain the love from their divine counterparts which was the ongoing battle for them.

Most of the unawakened ones or karmic ones will gain their karmic lessons so some of them will gain their first direction in their spiritual journey.

In some situations, Children are also involved in this Twin-flame journey and what happen with them? Children are going to be the most blessed in these Unions or reunions. Do you know why? Because most of the karmic are finally learning to take their spiritual path and these children will not only see but feel these changes. In their small age, they will join the spiritual path so they won’t have to suffer like us in our late age. Most of the DMs are worried about loosing their kids and that’s why they want to stay wherever they are but they often forget that the divine will never ever ever ever hurt our children. Our God loves our children more then us otherwise it’s not a difficult job for them to give you a glimpse of your children’s future after you decide to go towards your happiness. They won’t do it because that’s how you will learn to have a faith. I was doing the same thing, I was ready to sacrifice my whole life for my kid because it was the only option I had left but I ignored one major thing about my decision and that was my kid was also suffering with me. When I realised that my six year baby is also started sacrificing with me, I knew I had to move far far away from Ex. I was so afraid to the unknown, I just put blindfold on me and didn’t want to see anything beyond my child but as soon as I gain the wisdom from up there, my fear disappeared on me. As soon as I gain my peace, my child even started feeling that pure love. My kid wants to be a crystal healer now and it makes me smile because I know in my heart that my child is going to be the part of my Twin-flame journey and also will be on the spiritual path.

One thing is very clear, no matter what happens with all the kids who are stuck between all karmic cycles, God will provide the ultimate protection and love to them.

The second fear from all DMs out there is loosing their finances. These people don’t know that if the Universe is giving you the green light to go toward your happiness then of course money will be arranged by itself. When you reach your high vibration form with your divine counterparts, there is nothing unachievable any more for you. And at that time, you will have your true love right by your side to share this abundance with you. You will restore the balance between equally give and take.

One more thing is the bigger challenge for some of Twins for going towards their divine counterparts and this is their images into their communities or societies. Some of DMs are thinking that what others will think if they take this steps. Let me tell you what will happen, once you show the world your winning trophy with your half-souls right side by you, whoever were against you or talked about you behind your back will admire you and probably jealous for you taking this leap of faith and accomplishing your goals. You need to understand that they are behind your back for a reason because they can’t dare like you do.

Dare to take action when it needed.

Dare to speak your truth.

Dare to go for your happiness.

Dare to bring the balance in your life.

Dare to live.

Dare to laugh.

Dare to love.

In the future, when all DMs are sitting next to their half-souls will think that why even They wasted that much time to think about loosing anything and they will literally feel the love from the Mother Earth. Their DFs also can turn gold whatever they touch so all the DMs out there……………………….. let me tell you the very harsh truth about DFs. All DFs never needed you in their life but they always wanted you in their lives and that’s why money won’t satisfied them but you do. Let me also cover about reputation which many DMs are afraid about. Whenever DFs took any actions toward their happiness and speak the truth, they are always admired by people. Whoever talking behind their back are also some how inspired by DFs actions but just can’t show their faults so they tried to hide behind the masks and gossips. You all DMs , when you are ready take appropriate actions towards your happiness, the universe, your divine guides, your own ancestors will guide you through your journey and in no time, you will find the peace in your heart. In my DM’s life, his late grandmother is helping him to give him ultimate protection and encouraging him to get out of his toxic relationship because she is watching him suffer and he is very dear to her. Such a beautiful thing to see in my own eyes. Love you Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muah……..

So, this is the problem, most of the Divine Musculines not only see their own worth but also they don’t have any confidence on their Divine counterparts. Some of them are mesmerized by their DFs actions and progress and it hurts their ego but they are the powerful being too and that’s why the divine choose them to be DMs. All they have to do is go within and open their third eye so for once, they can see the truth and see their bright future with all the happiness that they really deserve. The divine didn’t just the label Divine Feminine for fun, they tested them by putting them literally in hell. All DFs were risen from the dead and that’s how they graduated as Divine Feminines. They are the part of Mother Earth and they have the ocean of love within them. They have the ability to love the divine as well as the devil. If their love is unconditional towards their DMs, how can they even think that what will happen to their children from their karmic? Let me tell you what will happen………… when DMs’ children feel the love and peace which DFs brought in their parents lives, they will start to feel the same love and will inspire by unions. They will learn how to love unconditionally and will see the difference between light and dark. In the process of their growth, this will help them to choose the right path and even for me, I believe we all eventually are going towards our divine path so I am not even worried about them being in wrong path. They will learn and will end up with their happiness. That’s call Faith. So for once,

Have Faith in you.

Have a faith in your Own Half-Soul.

Have a faith in your spirits, angels, ancestors.

Have faith in your unconditional love.

Let’s hope that this message will reach to all DMs and they start taking actions in their lives to be happy. My DMs is in Hermit mode and hiding behind his ego. He probably want to say sorry but he doesn’t have to because he never hurt me. He thinks I left him and abandoned him but he doesn’t know about the truth that I really can’t leave him no matter how hard I try. I am married to him already in 5D and that the soul contract I already signed up above and beyond. My divine is my judge and I am on the other side siting on the chair waiting for him to come and sign so we can be together for eternity. He doesn’t know how much love I have in my heart for him and I wish I can show him. I am also feeling his pain of separation and his unconditional love for me. I know in my heart If he gets only five minutes time with me alone, he probably will take his heart out from his chest and give me as a gift so he won’t feel the pain. Sometime, it makes me happy that we both are suffering without each other because I think that more you suffer, more you appreciate the belonging. I already know what will happen when we meet again this lifetime or next,

All the suffering will be vanished.

All pain will go away.

Both broken hearts will be heals.

Happiness will be at their peaks.

Our love will be overflown.

We won’t need any words.

We won’t need to talk.

If we have to say something, we will talk with our eyes.

Finally, we will see the truth that we were never apart from each other because we were each other and going to be one from then.

Ohhhhhhh….. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is deep. Even for me, this is something.

Okay, back to the earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dreamy Head!!!!!!

Let me stop right here.

I am never going to stop writing but it’s enough for today.

I see you all later. Until then keep smiling and be at peace.