Each Journey has a Starting Point……Mine starts from here……

My big Hello to the World……

I never knew that I would ever write blog in my life but here I am doing the Divinely Guided thing. Of course, I am super excited about writing and sharing and learning and teaching…. Wow Super Duper Excited…… !!!!!

So Where Should I start from?…… Hummm….. Ya….. Welcome to my blog . I promise that you gonna love it here. Let me tell you a secret about me. I have a hell of creativity and it’s all coming from my little but extraordinary brain. I am good at making lots of different things because I have a artistic touch . I have a magical hands. Yes ! you heard me right. Whatever I have created so far came out beautiful, gorgeous, extraordinary. You probably are thinking that I am bragging about my talent but you will see.

My blog will mostly about Art, Craft, fashion items but I haven’t declared one thing yet. I am going to show you here how we can create something amazing that also help you to raise your vibrations. Ta……. DA…….

Yes! Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Making your dreams come true…… All of the good stuff. I have a confession to make that I am very proud to be a junkie of knowledge. I have been on my journey of soul searching for my entire life and while on my journey, I achieved so much knowledge and wisdom about the true purpose of life and how Law of Attraction works in our life. Through out my life, I had gain knowledge of healing Crystals, Healing stones, zodiac signs, real techniques of manifestations, symbols, mantras, high frequency chants , powerful meditation techniques, third eye activation , hidden knowledge of dream states , and so much extra stuff………

I am going to share my all knowledge here through my creativity. I show you that how you can raise your own vibration by using this daily items. Let me tell you one thing I know about Manifestation . Manifestation is no different than growing a plant. If you want to grow grass , you don’t have to do anything. On the other hand, if you want to grow beautiful roses, you have some work to do . you can’t just dig the hole , put the plant in there and forget about it. You need to nurture the plant to gain yourself beautiful flowers in the end.

If you want the Law of Attraction working for you, you have to attack your dreams from all sides. Yes! I am using some negative example in the high vibration stuff but trust me that it will make sense in the end. For example, cancer patients have to attack their disease from each and every-side to cure from it. They can’t just do one thing to get rid of the cancer. Manifestation works the same. People often say that Fake it until you Make it but in reality , it’s not easy to fake it when your whole life is upside down . Some people say that just be happy where you are and that way one day you will there where you really want to be. Quantum jumping, Water manifestation techniques, Auto suggestions, High frequency music in your sleep, Chanting mantra, Even spells………..You name it and I did it all when I was in very toxic relationship with a Narcissist. Nothing worked. I was in complete isolation from the world for four years and I didn’t have any tinsy minsy spark of an idea for getting out of that situation. I had a two year kid with me and I was totally dependent on my Ex-husband’s income. my life was literally hell but the one thing I had with me is hope for the best future. I am Libra sun so I am very optimistic person so small stuff can’t even move my muscles but that was not small stuff at all. Every day of mental tortures was unbearable. Like I said , I was looking for a way out using the Law of Attraction so I started collecting different techniques and using in my daily life. When nothing seamed to work, I became so desperate to create my own techniques and suddenly, it started give me positive results.

Most of the Manifestation techniques include Vision board but I can’t use vision board because he could know so I started making decorative items such as arts and craft items using Crystals. I started getting knowledge about my zodiac sign and which healing stones and crystals most benefits me. I also started dressing up according to my Libra sign. I included everything in my fashion style such as Numerology, most favorable days, lucky colors, floral prints, fabrics, pretty much everything. I know……. right….. Completely different technique to manifest your dreams.

I won’t bore you anymore telling about my past but here I am in front of you being free and at peace. One thing is for sure that I have so much to tell you about how I manage to manifest my freedom but I also know that I have a lifetime with you to share so let me have a little pause here and promise you this………. You are going to be a master of your manifestation and I am going to help you achieve your dreams. Stay with me here and you will see my amazing gifts and how my creativity will help you make your dream comes true. I know you probably think that she suppose to make some kind of arts or crafts items but you will see that this is not about making crafts but it’s about how to use these all items to create your reality.

Please forgive me if I am not able to explain properly what this blog about but slowly and surely, You will know what I am talking about. Just have faith. Your faith will be the most important for me and you to achieve what we want.

The first thing I want you do is start saying the most important word of the Law of Attraction from Esther and Hicks and that is : ” Everything is always work out for us”

Keep smiling and I see you later.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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