Let’s Start Manifesting Together !!!!!

Hello Again……… so let me just share something with you all that I truly believe……..

Yes ! I know what I am talking about. When we can reach anywhere in a blink of our mind’s eyes , we can pretty much achieve anything. It’s that simple.

Enough with boring stuff, Let’s do some fun things here. This is my first attempt to share something with you which I do for my manifestation so Please try to encourage me for bringing more powerful manifestation ideas here .I am a genuine Libra so I am people pleaser and I will do my best to entertain you and help you in your life path.

Whatever I am sharing today , it’s not about craft that looking nice or pretty because today is all about my most favourite method of The Law of Attraction and it’s my Wish Box .

Mostly , People want to start their blogs with their best creations. ( I mean the Most Impressive ) You might won’t like the first impression of my wish box but let me tell you one thing for sure , you will definitely like my extra strange technique to make dream comes true and that will be sufficient for me at the end. All I want is to give you something that will work in the process of manifesting your true desire.

In the future , I will show all of my decorative skills in my creations but here, I am using powerful symbols and sigils for my desire outcome so it won’t be pretty but yes! It can be powerful enough to make your wishes come true if you believe.

Here we go………. So what we will need……

  • Any box
  • Glue for crystals and stones
  • Paper, pencil and tweezer
  • Crystals or Healing Stones ( I used Rose Quartz , Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Amethyst, Lapiz Lazuli, and Green Aventurine and I will tell you why I used those specific stones in below )

You can use any box or gift box for this craft. I used just simple gift box. I used two powerful symbols here . One is to draw in the bottom of the box and the other is for inner top . I like to draw symbols and sigils inside my zodiac sign symbols because I believe that you have to give a specific purpose to all energy and vibrations to work for you. When you draw any symbols in side of your name or your zodiac sign, your vibrations recognise your ownership to these symbols. It’s like I are declaring to my frequency that I am Libra and this is my wish or my luck. I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say or you can always ask me in the comments.

There are two symbols I used here . One is for luck and the other one is for wishes come true. Just draw your zodiac sign symbol in a piece of paper and draw these symbols in side of your sign. For example, if you are Gemini…..

Now, choose any one symbol and draw bottom of the box . Draw the other one in inner top of the box.

The next step is to put glue on the drawing and start sticking stones. There are three most important parts in this craft. First , which symbols you use. Second, which crystals and stones you use, and Last , which method you use from the Law of Attraction to work.

Not only symbols are important in this creation but also Crystals and Healing Stone. You have to make sure the authenticity of these stones and crystals .

Crystals and Healing stones have powers and their own frequencies. This is not superstition but this is Science so Have faith on these little sparkly gorgeous stars from heaven.

Okay , so I believe that Rose Quartz and Amethyst are two most powerful crystals for manifestation where Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eyes are the ultimate protectors. Green Aventurine stones are used for money or wishes granting. I used Lapiz Lazuli for boosting my zodiac power ( Lapiz Lazuli is very powerful for Libra Sign).

As you all can see in this picture , I only use one Tiger’s Eye Stone inside my box. The rest of the Tiger’s Eye and Red Jasper stones I used on the top of the box drawing Eye which can protect your wishes from any negative energy or bad intentions from others.

And There you go…………. your Ginne Box is ready .

Just for fun, I put my recent wish in my box . Do you wanna see it? …….. hummmmm….Okay let me show you……

I already know that I am going to have more than 10,000 followers but Hey! Just like you need encouragement from me, I am also expecting same encouragement from you all.
I didn’t make it for gift purposes so please don’t judge my creativity by just one craft because you will see my lots of other ideas and decorative skills soon.

I am also going to start my YouTube Channel soon so you can watch the video of making all my creation.

I think I am forgetting something………….huhhhh…………..ammmmmmm………..Oh Yes! You need to put you box under the sun everyday for activating and charging your crystals and there are so many other methods to bring these crystals to their real activation mode. I developed so many my personal but very effective techniques through out my life. Please let me know if you are interested.

In the end, the most most most important part of the Law of Attraction to work for you is YOU AND YOURSELF. As simple as it is that your own desires will manifest with your own beliefs. There is no person in this World or even God himself can make your dreams come true if you don’t want to.

So keep dreaming and keep firing your passion towards your goals. I personally believe that you don’t have to work hard to achieve what you want in your life if you do the inspired work.

Just whenever you look at this box , Clap three times and say “ Thank you , Universe “ and forget about it and go by your day. One thing you have to keep in your mind that pay attention for the signs from the universe because your dreams come alive when you pay attention and do inspired work.

Have fun and keep smiling. I will see you later for something else amazing…………

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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