Who wants to be in Love each and every seconds of their lives?………I know…… I do!

Yes! I am saying it right that your first and most important task should be the search of your true love. Everything else automatically will aligned with you after that. I am not saying to quit everything that you are doing right now and go out for searching your true love. You just have to declare the Universe that you want true love in your life while you are doing whatever you have to do to survive.

Most of the people want to be successful and want to fulfil their dreams. After achieving everything they dreamed of (Material stuffs), now they look for the perfect person whom they want to share everything with. Nothing is wrong here but whatever you are doing , in the back of your mind , your priority should be finding that pure love in your life .

In my whole life , I was in search for my true divine counterpart and did I found right away? Nope. It took me my half life to finally find my true purpose of life and Yes, I found the one. You all have no idea what I went through to find the pure love and peace in my heart. I don’t want anyone go through like I did and that’s why I am here to help you finding your true spiritual path with less mistakes and lessons. After two major Karmic cycles with two Karmic lessons, I finally found my Twin-Soul . Yes! My half soul or my Twin-flame.

When I was in search for true love, I didn’t know those terms nor had any knowledge of how to find your divine counterpart who God only made for you. Hell…….. I didn’t even know those heavy words ( Divine counterpart, true souls, spiritual path). I just wanted to be in love so whoever I saw first , I mistaken them with my true love and started searching that perfect person in them which never existed. I am very spiritual person throughout my whole life . You can say that I am an old soul with lots of wisdom but for the people I want to help not for my own self. It’s very hard for me to express my true feelings to someone or break their heart or leave them . I never knew how to live alone so I always wanted to be with someone even it always came with price of losing myself in the process. I just wanted everyone’s approval so bad that I just put mask on myself and become whatever they wanted me to be.

I have to bore you with my past pathetic life stories so you don’t do it like I did. Even after reading this, you stop yourself once to get in the relationship which you aren’t truly believe in, I be proud of myself to bore you with my past.

Okay, so let’s talk about the thing that you will definitely need for your beautiful path to find the one who you truly belong with. I think that we all are in our spiritual journey and every lessons that we learned so far will take you further in your divine path. Don’t think for a second that this path only gives you boredom and pain. In contrast, this will give you the most passionate feeling in your life and that is being in love. There is no addiction in the World can give you this type of pleasure in your life. I promise you that you will be in forever trance mode (Very powerful stage of meditation ) for the rest of life. You won’t have to do anything to raise your vibrations after that because your Peace will be your highest form of your vibrations when you meet the one. No one or nothing in the world can affect you for a second. You won’t have to google search for the Law of Attraction because you will be the master of magical power within you. You will be able to manifest anything in a blink of your eyes and most importantly, you will learn that the Time is irrelevant in the process.

When we want something, we want right now, right this moment but we often forget that there is always a process behind anything. There is always work to do for achieving your goals. I am not saying that get up and start working right away but at least , wherever you are right now, start following the first instinct that come up in your mind right at this moment. Even it’s about ordering Pizza or going to the bathroom………. Do that……In stead of controlling your thoughts, surrender to them and think for a minute that why are you thinking this? What do you really really want?

Gratitude is the most powerful tool in the Law of Attraction.

Now, I hope you finally figured it out what you really want in your life. So do me a favour here and just forget about that thing or person you want. Yes ! I am saying that you have to let that dream go and release in the Universe to come to the reality. You probably heard so many time that Manifestation only works when you really don’t need that you asked for . How can we declare to the Universe that what you really want is you really don’t need it……..?

I show you how you can do it. Let me give you really good example of this method. So, I don’t know that you are religious or not but most of people have at least one thing which represents God in their home such as Jesus statue, picture of mother Mary, Buddha, Bible, Krisna statue , etc. Because of these items inside our home, we think that God is with us protecting and loving us. You feel safe and protected from any negativity when you have some thing spiritual items with you so how God manages to stay everywhere, every time with everyone? Because you believe that God is here with you in this statue or in this book, Your divine spirit appears before you in the feeling of peace and security . It’s your own belief makes the God alive within you and when you have so much faith in something, you raise your vibration so energy works in your favour giving you that secure and safe feelings whenever you around these things.

We will use same method to finding true love . I am sharing my own secret symbol with you which will help you bring your perfect match in your life soon.

All you have to do is draw this symbol with red pen and glue these seven chakra crystals in it. Put this drawing in photo frame and start believing that your mirror soul is out there waiting for you to be ready so he/she can come towards you. Simply say Yes to the Universe, and be ready to receive. It’s that simple. You do nothing but to stay still and let the world moves around you. Be happy and be thankful that you finally found the secret of finding true love in this life time and all you are doing is following your instinct. Try to be observer because after doing this ritual, Universe will fill up your life with many synchronicities and signs to bring your counterpart close to you. Be open to receive. Pay attention to your dreams because they will show you what is blocking you to meet the one. You have to work on all of the stuffs ( your own negativity, victim mindset, being hopeless, having a closed heart, etc.) and start believing in magic. Yes! You have to believe in something that can’t be explain in real world but Yes it can be felt.

Can you believe me if I say that no one in this world knows about my Twin-flame. Not even my own Twin-soul knows about my feelings towards him. Yes! That’s the secret I have been holding for long time but I never tell anyone but same thing here, I felt it and I am feeling it hard , Everyday, Each and every second of my life . Am I suffering because he is not with me yet? Nope. Not for a second. Because this is call unconditional love . The true love is not to live with someone that you love but to live for someone that you love. Trust me that I don’t want your lives to be like mine and that’s why I am helping you all to be with someone that you truly love. This is my divine path to help those people who need the most guidance in their path and their searching for true love. This is my divine mission from my spirits and angels gave me before my union and I am thankful of them for choosing me.

The Ultimate rule in the Law of Attraction is divine timing. Everything you ever want comes in their own time because your own desires are always divinely guided. Not only good wishes but bad wishes are also divinely guided because the Universe wants to teach you lessons from your own desires and in the end, all you gain from your lessons are the wisdom. This wisdom and knowledge that you achieve through out your life are the only two last things will stay when you leave this world and yes, Your love for your divine partner will go with you too so you can meet and recognise that same person in your another life. Ohhhhhhhh man………. I have soooooooo much to talk about lots of thing but let’s just stop here for now. We will discuss more in other blog.

Okay, I use these seven healing stones which I believe that very powerful in the process of any Manifestation. Each healing stones represents their own chakras and there are so many options for these stones to use in each specific chakras. Let me show which I used so far….

I will give you many other choices of healing stones and crystals in some other blog. Let me know if you want to know all the benefits about them and my personal favourites in the comments . I would also love to know about what is your favourite.

So, we have this beautiful symbol with all the crystals and the biggest question is how it will benefit in your manifestation. How about if I tell you that you just created your own perfect match with your own hands. Yes ! You are the sculptor here and This is your mirror self which has perfect alignment with your soul. May be you can go wrong to describe to the universe which type of the person you looking for in your life but here, you can’t go wrong because Universe has to match your other half with your half . In short , you are telling the Universe that this is me and now, please go ahead and find me. I hope that I am making sense here. I just gave you your own body, mind and soul in one picture and all you have to do is to put your own intentions in it. Everyday, look at this picture in the morning after you wake up and in the night before you go to sleep and tell your mind that when I see this person, my body, mind , and my soul will recognise him/her right away and I know from the bottom of my heart that this is the one. That’s it. You are good to go by your normal day but try to pay attention to all the signs and synchronicities around you. Try mindfulness in your life and see yourself creating your own first magic.

I am really hoping that someone will read this and uses for their own journey. I am thankful to my guided spirits and angels to give you something magical which will also help you in your divine path.

I will talk to you later and until than, Be happy and Be at peace.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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