In our Manifestation, the Most Important Thing left to do for us is Self-Love. So, Let’s start loving ourselves……

This is so true…………. If you can still heal someone with your broken heart, you are a true healer in your divine path.

I really don’t know that I am a healer or not but I do know that my mission is to heal as much as people in this World and I don’t doubt on God’s plan for me .

Since I show you how to manifest your true divine counterpart in my previous blog, we have other works to do and this will be the biggest roller coaster ride for each and everyone of you. There are so many other methods of the Law of Attraction that I will include in my blog but right at this moment, the one most important work that we can do is to learn how to love ourselves. You see that Self-love doesn’t work only in finding love but also in any Manifestation. Let me tell you how. When a person ask the Universe for one Million dollar winning lottery ticket and if this person doesn’t even have any self esteem to deserve that ticket, how Universe can make it possible. The next thing will happen in his/her life is hopelessness and disappointment because he/she won’t trust the process and why they won’t trust it because they don’t even think that they deserve that much money in their life . Self-love is very important for any type of your wishes to be granted because you have to declare yourself to the Universe to be worthy of the things you want in your life. I hope it is making any sense to you but let’s just say that you are agreeing with me so now what?…………….There are so many things you can do for Self-Love but before discussing that , let me tell you what is Self-Love in my opinion…..

Yes, Self-Love is telling yourself that You miss You, You Love You , and You never want to leave You ever again.

Self-Love is not about putting you as your first priority nor ignoring others. I am a people pleaser and it makes me sooooooo happy when I make others laugh , happy, comfortable, confident in themselves but Yes! By doing that, I won’t allow them to walk all over me either. I am an air sign and no one can have control over me nor in my life and this is call Self-love. Self-Love is about protecting and nurturing your soul as your first priority. The simplest explanation of Self-Love is doing something that makes your soul happy . It could be anything from cooking to writing. Doing what makes you jump with joy is your Self-Love. Please don’t tell me that nothing can make you that happy because everyone has at least one Tinsy-Minsy thing in their life which makes them butterflies in their stomach happy. If you are from this earth, you definitely has something that makes you wanna fly for it.

I love to dress up and if I am dressing up for my TF, I go extra crazy. I mean that I will try and do extra weird thing to just make him noticing me and mesmerised by me. I love love love when he looks at me even for a second. Dressing up for my TF gives me butterflies in my stomach and that pure joy is Self-Love. Feeling beautiful when someone sees you is also Self-Love. Even loving someone more than yourself is also Self-love. Yes ! If it makes your soul happy. I am deeply and madly in love with my Twin-flame but I don’t even know we will be united in this life time or not . Do I care for it? Nope. Loving him gives me encouragement to work on myself. Keep loving him gives me hope not to giving up on my connection with him. Loving him even gives him the courage to fight with his demons. My love for him is the most powerful protection for him so he can grow his wisdom even all negative energy around him . Loving him is my Self-love.

Anything you are passionate about doing it is called Self-Love. Do you know what is the most passionate thing that you can do for Self-love? Listening to your instincts. The simplest method of loving yourself is to trust and follow your own gut feeling. The most effective method of your own manifestation is the easiest thing that you can do and that is start doing the first exciting thought coming in your mind. Suddenly, I woke up at 3 in the morning today and the first thought came in my mind is to check how many people read my blog. Ha ha ha…… Yes! When I do anything creative, I love love love to see the results. It’s not really expectations but you can say that it give me butterflies in my stomach when someone encourages my work. Hey! There is nothing wrong with the idea when someone else pleases you for a change. I am really weird gal because most of the time, I am never even in this 3D world. I am a day dreamer and trust me I can stay in my dreams pretty much all the time. Actually, this is another method of the Law of Attraction. Start thinking about what you want and give your dream a reality by just thinking of it…… Sooooooo simple,……..right? But yes! You have to feel your dream because just thinking about it not gonna work. Let me give you my secret about day dream. Of course, mine will be only about love but still if someone can get benefits out of it than I will be glad. For me, I just put some beautiful romantic music and start dancing with my eyes closed and I just start dreaming that my other half is watching me dancing and later on, we just started dancing together. We both are holding our hands and looking at each other’s eyes ( I believe that eyes can’t lie so even someone won’t say that they love you, you can see it in their eyes because you can see their souls in their eyes) and just dance. I do it again and again and again until I literally feel his touch in my heart. So………… there you go………….my secret is out in this world and whoever needs the most use this technique………… actually let’s not say a technique but instead let’s just say the dancing lovers method in the manifestation of finding true love .

And for the other people who want something else instead of love, I promise you that I will come up with another great idea for your manifestation journey.

Now on, my few blogs , I am going to show my passion about Art, Craft and also Fashion. After All, this is the title of my website. I really started this blog about only sharing my idea about these things but my Divine had something else planned for me so I mixed up my spirituality with my creation and now if you are going to stick with me , I promise you that you will get so much healing, positivity and great ideas in your life about how to move forward. I can be your energy source where you can recharge yourself everyday just reading my affirmations.

These images that you saw in my blogs so far, those all designs I have created by myself. I just draw free-style design and then I write my own sentences which comes directly from my heart so it can reach to yours. My divine path is telling me to be healer so here I am writing about everything that comes from my Heart and Soul. All I know that It has to reach the people who really really need encouragement in their lives and I know that slowly but surly, my words will reach to these people who need the most .

Remember one thing, that you have to be whole to have a Union or Reunion for meeting the one and Self-Love is the most important key in your Twin-Flame journey. Now on , in my most of the blogs, I am sharing you my ideas what I am most passionate about and my weird techniques of the Law of Attraction. I am telling you again that I am weirdo when it comes to any Supernatural stuff. I have never tell anyone what I do for manifestations and the Law of attraction but finally, I am sharing with you all so stick with me till end and you won’t regret.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and keep smiling and stay safe. I see you later with my heart…………… Yes ! Yes! Yes ! Literally a heart which I made using Crystals.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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