Self-love will be possible only after you heal your heart so let’s heal our hearts together…….

Yes! You need to heal. Even I need to heal. Each and every human beings on this earth need to heal before moving forward in their lives. In this pandemic where everyone got affected by long term trauma , we all need to face the truth and heal before we can start living our normal lives. What we are doing right now is just a survival mode, we really not ourselves yet and definitely not back to our tracks either.

Many people are thinking that year of 2020 is the worst year for human history because not only humans but each and every thing are affected by this pandemic. One way or other , our lives completely changed. Where some of them lost their loved ones, some of their lost their jobs, career even their businesses. It’s like a hanged man position. Everything is moving around us but still everything is stuck at the same time.

For me, 2020 is the best year of my life. Yes! It is . Two most life changing events happened in my life and I don’t even have words to say my gratitude to the universe for this year. I think that 2020 is a transformational year on earth. Our Divine put a pause in our lives for us to stop and think about what we were doing in the past, what we should do at this right moment, and what we are inspired to do in the future. We all our God’s children and he is our father so whoever’s will follow their heart, listen to their intuition and move forward to their divine path get some kind of rewards in the end.

The real question is how we know which road to choose when we are in so much pain. I think I can help you with that because I am still going through it and still transforming. I am not a spiritual teacher nor I have education background of spirituality but I can say one thing for sure that I have an exceptional ability to bring positivity in your lives. My positive attitude was the most effective part in my journey and my dreams came true because of my positive attitude towards my goals. That’s so true that when you want something in your life, you have to give your undivided attention to it. Universe will try and ask probably 1000 times to make sure that you really want that thing and when you completely and honestly declare what you want, it will appear before you . Yes, there is no other way around because you definitely 1000% will get what you want. If you ask, you shall receive.

Now, let me come back to that question that how you will know which way to go so this is very simple. Ask the question in your mind. Take a three times deep breathing in and out than close your eyes and the first thing that come up in your mind, that is the way. Your mind will definitely can trick on you here but your soul will never ever ever takes you in wrong path so use your instinct. Most of the people say that they don’t know what to do but let me tell you that we always know. We each and every time know the solution but we just don’t want to admit that we know. We always know which path to take or which actions to take in our lives but we just simply say we don’t know. We all need external approval for our decision making because we can’t trust ourselves and we also fear that if we do it something that our heart is saying and something will go wrong, we won’t have anyone to blame but us so let’s just ask someone to decide for us so later on we can blame them. Don’t worry if you are doing the same thing because I was that person for half of my life.

I am here writing about it all that I faced in my life and you don’t do these mistakes which I did so it won’t waste your years in your life. Actually, nothing wasted in my life because all I gain from my experiences is the wisdom and that unconditional love in the end. Now, I have only gratitude left in my life and when you will have only gratitude left in your life, your life will be at peace where not even death itself can scares you. You will know the true purpose of your life and will find your final destination.

The first thing we can do in this stuck situation is to work on healing our hearts. Yes, nothing will be possible if you are still in pain with your life’s trauma. You see that making the Law of Attraction works for you , you will have to stay in high vibration, and for that you will need to be at peace. Peace is the highest form of high vibration but it also the toughest one to achieve when we have so much pain in our hearts so heal our heart before you do any thing. I am not talking about physical pain. I am talking about each and every pain in your life. It could be physical, mental, or spiritual I don’t care. All I know that you need to heal. Cry like a baby if you have too but heal your pain. Close the bathroom door and run the water and start crying if you don’t want anyone to see you crying. Feel the pain. Yes! Feel it and feel it in your heart. Feel your pain until you feel like you are going to die. ( trust me you won’t because been there and done there) If you are feeling the pain than feeling it again. Whatever or whoever hurts you, feel it. Don’t concentrate on anger towards someone or something. Just concentrate on your pain in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. You need to feel it until you are out of your last breath. Your heart is broken to pieces and you are still not able to cry. What’s wrong with you? Each and every emotions are coming from your heart and that heart isn’t even whole in your body . How can you live with it? If you have so much pain in your heart, how can you even get up and go by your day. Nope that’s not gonna work. You need to release that pain forever and for that you need to cry. If you don’t cry, your heart will become frozen and there is no amount of love or compassion can melt your heart. With out your unfreeze and authentic heart, you will not have ability to love and be at peace. Without love and peace, life couldn’t even exist so you have to cry out of your heart. Here, it’s not about who did what, it’s about your own pain and your mental trauma in your heart. They have to be released. Put your both hands on your heart while crying and feel that you are your own bandaids. There you go………………now, your heart is at peace. Nothing matters now, you just heal your own heart by yourself. Did you feel the ultimate peace in your heart? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you did. If you have so many traumas, at least you were able to heal one crack in your heart today and this is your first step forward in your true happiness and your divine path. You don’t need to ask yourself which path you should go because after this ritual, you already took one step further in your true soul journey. I promise you that if you still little restless , after couple of time doing this, you will definitely feel something amazing. If you are saying that you are never going to forgive someone causing you pain in your heart, let’s wait until you do the process of healing heart that I told you do. That’s my 100% guaranty to you that you will forgive and by forgiving that person or people , you are also start learning Self-Love which will help you to find your real BANDAID🤕. Yes! Your perfect mirror soul and your true healer will fill your heart with so much unconditional love that one day, you will think that why even I bother to have that pain and anger in my heart for so long. I still cry even I am at peace. Do you know why I cry because now that I am feeling my Divine Masculine’s love in my heart, it’s so overwhelmed. I cry because it feels good now. It’s joy to cry. I cry because sometimes, I can feel his pain and his wish to hold me in his arms. I cry because by doing it, I want to heal his heart. He is very stubborn to show his emotions so I know he won’t cry but I want to cry for him so he will be at peace. I cry because I am so thankful to my divine to choose me in this journey and I cry because I am feeling the whole universe within me. So do it and feel the power of healing in yourself. Let’s stop right here.

Like, I mentioned in my previous blog about my crystal heart which I made using Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals, These both crystals are very powerful for healing your heart . I keep this heart next to my bed for all the healing and love I can get. If you have some crystals around you , just make something like that. While it looks beautiful, it will also help you raising your vibrations. Just holding this heart in your hand for couple of minutes before you go to sleep will help you good night sleep. There is nothing to loose here but the gain your own peace.

I just draw a heart on paper and start sticking crystals next to each other according to the shape. I covered the heart with copper wire for the activation of crystals and made a platform using Amethyst for heart to stand straight. That’s it . Not so much hard work.


I think that I pretty much covered everything about healing your heart method. I am super sorry to make you cry but trust me with this. It will help and it will get better. Why do you think that everything is getting on track even this virus is still a threat? After a big pause, people are starting to heal and learning to face their fear, and that’s why this biggggggg virus which even not possible to see with your naked eyes is started to become really small and eventually will disappear from our lives.

Okay…. Okay enough lecture for today, and I have to stop talking now. I told you that I have so much to say……………… but I also want to keep something for later on. In my next blog, I will show you my three gorgeous crystals jewelleries that I made today. I will also show you how did I made them with sharing all images, so you can make them for yourself. I never made jewellery in my life but when it came out beautiful, I felt so proud of myself and my creativity.

Okay so it’s time for me to go but wait……………… I don’t feel like going and I wish I can just talk and talk with you all but I also don’t want you to get bored of me so I am letting you all go………..I let you go to the Universe (😂). I have to release you 🤣 for my law of attraction to work for me………..ummmm………I think I have to decrease the amount of my day dreaming ……. oh well ……..I can’t help myself. I am a Cinderella in my dreamland……… so I will keep dreaming and you do as well.

Remember to cry………. so I can make you smile the next time you are here. Until then be happy and be at peace….. I see you all later.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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