Not only your words but also your work shows your emotions in daily basis so let’s show the world how we really feel…………..

Are you having hard time expressing your love to someone? There are some other ways to show them instead saying them that how much you care.

I know………. I know……………saying to someone that you love or miss can be easier than using other ways but what happens when you have hard time expressing your emotions. What happens if the person you are in love is far far away. What happens if you both are not even talking to each other for some silly reasons. What happens if everything else stuck in your life because you don’t even know how the other person feels for you and it’s driving you insane. Let me tell you one thing, your soul always knows. Anyone can lie as much as they want but the butterfly feelings that you have in your stomach never ever lie.

So how do you know that’s a true love and just not your some obsession . The easiest answer for this question is this: “ After days passed by, after months passed by, and even years passed by, if you still wake up and go to bed with that person in your mind, that’s your true love”

Your love for that specific person had never changed nor will change. Yes! Of course sometime they make you irritate, angry, sad or, even heartbroken but you never stop loving them. It won’t be matter much that they love you too or not because you love them unconditionally. Life doesn’t stop or wait for anyone so you are keep moving forward but you can’t imagine your life without that person. All you want to do is to be with your true love even if it’s for a moment.

Nowadays, most of the people just open the social media and can spy on their love and try to figure out what they are up too but it’s just make you crazy because you are still going to be at your same place if you don’t express how you feel. My TF has an ego of the Mount Everest so I know for sure that he is not going to move a muscle when it comes to show his emotions. I call him my King of Cup because he has an ocean of emotions in his heart for me but his attitude towards me is like the frozen Mount Everest. Whenever we talked in the past, he made me believe that I was a burden to him but I also know that it killed him every-time. How I know because I always felt and still feeling his pain in my heart. Did I stop expressing my love? Nope. Not for a second. Yes! We don’t talk to each other now but I always do little silly stuff like I am doing right now to send my emotions to the Universe. I strongly believe that your loving and caring vibrations always reaches to the person you love. One way or other, they will definitely feel these loving energy that you sent for them.

Do you know that you can tell the whole story about the person just looking at their profile picture in what’s up or any other social media? When you changing your profile pic in any social media, you always have a specific reason for picking that photo. You put that specific photo to show the world what are you up too.

This is the one way you can send your loving energy to that specific person. I have a kind of forbidden relationship with my TF so I just have a Picture of a two birds with infinite love symbol around them which represents Twin-Flame journey as my profile picture because I don’t even know if he knows about it and I am his Twin or his other half soul.

If you don’t want to be the first one to tell someone that you love them, make something for them that they have to use their brain to figure it out your feelings for them. For example, he has something which I gave to show my emotions . I am a deep thinker when it comes to give gifts. I like to give meaningful gifts which can show my love and effort towards the person. I don’t even know that he is smart enough to get that meaning from that gift but who cares what they think. Instead it should make you happy that you were able to show your emotions.

Being mystical and mysterious is also the other way to show your emotions. Let them work hard for understanding you and if they are able to solve the riddle, it will give them the pure joy because they will feel like an emperor to solve the mystery. All you have to do is to give little hints here and there and just move away and let them work on it. Don’t overwhelm with so many clues. They will frustrate and give up so do everything in moderation.

If you already know their favourite colours, be creative and use those colours in your clothes and accessories when you around them. You think it won’t work but they will notice if they have some feelings for you.

Of course, Your smile and eye language will be the most powerful weapons that you have showing them the beautiful loving and caring nature of yours and expressing your emotions.

I think it’s enough for today and it’s time to show you my creation which is completely goes with my topic today.

It’s a Missing You Candle Holder.

So let’s start.

I used paper clip container from Dollar tree for making this beautiful “Missing You Candle Holder”. I am not going to waste your time explaining how I made it because I am going to upload video of me making this holder in YouTube so you can see how I made it. I am not saying that it was easy because it wasn’t but the end result was so gorgeous that I had to share with you.

Make it for yourself as a home decor or make it for someone that you love. You can use any words that you want in this candle holder. I used clear Quartz and Amethyst Crystals for making it. Using some silver beads and metal wire, I decorated the edges. Even I made a little heart in here.

I lighted one candle in it and turned off the light to see how it looks and it was amazing to see the shadow of the heart on the wall.

I hope you like it. If You have time and some of this stuff at home, definitely make for the person you care for. I made it for someone special too but keeping it with me. This is just my way to show someone that I love without saying those three words.

Keep smiling and I see you with my new creation soon.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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