Don’t loose your moment to express your LOVE to someone, you might not get another so just say “I Love You……”

Today, I just want to talk about love and nothing else. I was born to talk about love and want to keep doing till eternity. We need more people who can spread love and light in this World so we can transform and bring back our ultimate Joy.

Let’s just forget about this pandemic, economy crisis , losing loved ones, job losses, sickness or any other emotional pain that we are suffering and let’s just switch our minds towards facing our fears, getting on tracks, healing and praying for our beloved who are at peace, and healing from trauma.

It could got worse but it didn’t so let’s just thank God for that. Let’s just say that we are alive after everything for a reason and work on this blessing. Spread as much as love and kindness because we need this more than ever now. We all need to help each others and bring back the balance that we lost in 2020.

I know that saying it so much easier than doing it but being inspired by words can be the first step towards our emotional positivity. If my healing and full of love words can heal a little corner of your heart, I be super proud of myself.

So let’s talk about Love.

In my previous blog, I made “ Missing You” candle holder but saying “ I Miss You” is just not enough because eventually, we all crave for those three magical, mystical, and passionate words. We probably say these words in daily basis such as telling our children, parents, spouses, and friends but I think that saying “ I Love You” is losing its purpose in our day to day routines. I feel like we are saying it because we are used to. It’s just like brushing our teeth in the morning or taking shower.

I am here to bring your passion back when you express your love to someone even if they are your kids. You see when you have a broken heart, whoever is there for you if you just hug them for one minute can bring peace in your heart so saying that you love someone will bring the ultimate happiness in your life.

So if I say I have probably the most romantic “ I Love You” greetings card which I recently made, will you believe me? After seeing my beautiful card with my own beautiful words, you have to believe it so what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in……..

What you will need :

I created this design and texts on computer and printed out on Glossy paper for professional look.

If you want these printouts, please feel free to email me and I send them to you.

I cut all the hearts………..

Next, I arranged all the hearts and stock them. The last page of heart, I put aside and the rest of them, I cut in the middle.

I rearranged the both sides of these hearts and put the uncut heart in the end of this pile. With my drill, I made two holes from both of the sides and put this golden thread with four pearls and tied the knot behind the last page. I also glue two pearls like a door knob in the middle of first page.

I used pink thin ribbon to make a bow for locking the card and my gorgeous card is ready for my King of Cup.

Making the card was the easy part but when you see what I have written in this card, you will be impressed with my most passionate words for my TF. He isn’t even awaken to our connection yet or he may have the clarity but in his runner stage so I am keeping this card for myself until he can say the same thing about me.

Let me share two pages from this card…

Feel free to email me if you follow my blogs and want to use my exact words making this card. I will send them to you for free.

When I was in college, I used to make love cards for my friends. I probably made more then twenty cards for my girlfriends who gave them to their boyfriends telling that they made them for theirselves. If those boyfriends are married to my friends by now, they probably still looking for their wives’ hidden talents from the past. Ha ha ha…. got Ya…..!!!!!

Jokes apart, if you have a chance to bring back two people together who are in love can be the best blessings from heaven so be such an angel and try to bring more loved ones together and help them in their unions or reunions. Your blessings will be ten times fold and this is my promise to you. I am the real life example in front of you. There are not so many people in this world are lucky enough to find their love through out of their whole life but I am the luckiest girl alive to find my other half soul in my life. My Mirror Soul who has the same love like I do and trust me I have the love of this entire universe in my heart may be more. When I started thinking that there will be no one can love me enough…….. Boom………. Big Bang happened…….he appeared from out of the blue. Just one thing I regret the most and that was when he said I missed you I should have said back to him. Instead, I just ran. I was over the moon at that moment but he probably didn’t see that because I didn’t express my feelings to him.

I was shy. When he looks at me, my whole world freezes and when he stares, I feel like there are no amount of shields can protect me going towards him so one thing that I can do is run for my life. I wish that I can hug him and kiss him and tell him that I am madly…….. and crazy…….. in love with him……….but ohhh well…… One day, he will know my unconditional love for him but until then, I want all of you go and express your love for that special one before it’s too late.

Ohhhh wait……. before you go….. make this card for them and show your love and effort expressing your emotions. Please…..Please…….Mean it each and every words from this card and make them crazy about you too.

I also created YouTube Video for that if you want to check it out.

Please like and Subscribe to my channel so it can reaches to the people who need the most.

I see you later for another blog. Until then, go and tell someone that you love them and smile often.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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