Long Time No see but I see You now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! all my life, I never knew the difference between religions and spirituality. I was very religious person because all I did through out my life is asking the God something, anything, may be everything. If I want something from the divine, I do all kinds of Hindu rituals like Mantra Jaap, Fasting, making conditions to the god ,etc. It took me more than Twenty years of my hard life lessons to realize that what I have asked that I really don’t needed but I wanted anyway and I was forcing and controlling my outcomes by asking to God. If I could have just surrendered my life to my divine path at that time, I might didn’t have to go through the hell for quite sometime.

And Here I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went through the Hell and back so You can save a trip to it and I don’t have to rescue you from it so please learn something from my experiences and save few years of misery in your life.

When we are in some kind of problems, we often start looking for all kind of solutions outside. Instead, We might just find them if we can just go within. When I was in my first karmic lesson, I thought that going to another country faraway from my traditional and strict community will solve my problem. Yes ! it really happened and I moved to America after so many fasting and patience but I didn’t learn from it. I got my freedom from my first relationship but my Spirits and Angels had already planned my other long and painful karmic lesson ready. I couldn’t even taste my beautiful freedom in the back of my tongue and I was in other relationship in the blink of my eyes. This time, my angels guide didn’t want any delays in my growths and graduations so they made extra sure that I had to go through the death to transform and to reborn. It was not one death in my life at that time but multiple deaths happened for me rising from the dead. First, my ego died when I had to rub my nose to my Ex’s feet for begging not to separate my two year kid from me. Second, My controlled self died when I was in complete isolation from the World for a long time. Third, My anger died when I was force to smile after the emotional torture and manipulation for ten hard years. After that, My hate died when I had to learn to love my self. Then, My stubbornness died when I was only breathing when he allowed it. At last, My impatience nature died when all I could do is wait for the sunshine and happiness in my life.

You see!!!!!!!!!!! you need to die probably thousand of times to born correctly. Now, I can proudly say that I was honored to die many times to reborn as a spiritual person. Let me promise you something that there is nothing to worry if you are scared of this transformation in your life. When I was going to these deaths, I didn’t have any ideas what was happening because all I had to do is have a faith and waiting for my diving calling. Don’t you worry because your spiritual journey will take wherever you suppose to go.

After my transformation, did I decided to move forward with courage? No. Nope. I had one thing that I still didn’t learn and it was finger pointing. All the time that I suffered, I thought he was doing it to me. One most important thing I forgot and it was that I allowed him to do each and everything to me and as soon as I realized that truth within me, my religion died at that moment and I transformed to the Mother Earth. The Couple of last things were still lingering in my life and one was my own fear to get freedom and the other was to leap of faith to the unknown. Now, my guardian angels were out of patience with me and they needed to give me final push for me to come to the edge. They let me give a glims of my future and open my third eye to recognize my Twin-Flame. At that day, My fear died and I was ready to run with my eyes closed because I knew that wherever I go, it will be my divinely guided path so I will end up with the Ultimate peace in my heart.

Finally realized that, Your Twin-Flame journey is not about being with your counterpart but being with your self and loving your self. I fall in love with myself. I am moving forward in my path with the love in my heart and spiritual purpose in my mind. Me and My other-half are mirroring each other so I am hoping that wherever he is, he also found the peace and love in his heart and now, he also has the purpose in his life too.

Enough spiritual lecture for today !!!!!!!

So, Let’s see what I am bring to the table…………….today.

I made this beautiful canvas painting and decorated with crystals in very odd way.

So lets have a look How I did it.

First, I just created a design with hands and colored it with colored markers.

second, I used clear thread and started to pick three pink Quarts and sew with the canvas painting. I couldn’t believe it that you can easily sew the canvas.

I created shape using three individual bunches of crystals in the border lines.

In the middle , I used Amethyst Crystals.

In the middle of the Bow design, I used The Tiger’s Eye Crystals. This is how it looked in the back.

Now, Let’s see How it came out.

I loved it.

It can be used for your own home décor or You can always give the gift to someone else. I love to include the prints out of the information about the crystals when I give any crystals gifts to anyone. That way, they can see your efforts and intentions to these specific gifts.

Go Ahead and try this beautiful painting or décor. Make for your other half because this do represent two people in love or gift from the Haven kind of feeling. You can show them how you feel towards them for just doing little things for them. If I ever have a chance to live my life with my love of the life, I will make sure he feels my love each and every second of his life. I will make sure to fill his heart with the tremendous amount of my love so we both will reborn with our mastery of these karmic lessons and we will find and recognized each other in no time in our next reincarnation, and we will have so much time left to be with each other and love each other.

I know and I am sorry that it took me little long this time but I think that my blog itself also divinely guided.

I see you all later for other post. Be happy and Keep Smiling.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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