New Moon in Libra! Time to creat a Reality in your life…………

Yes! Today is the perfect day to creat that real magic and creat your own destiny.

So, let me tell you how our spiritual journeys works in our lives. You are married and have kids. You finally bought your dream house and the car that you had it on your vision board for long time. You even didn’t have to try the law of attraction by now because everything you ever wanted are just coming to you by themselves. Everything is perfect but something still missing in your life. You are living your life with someone that you feel like the love of your life. You are not sure about that person that they have the same passions for you or not because it’s almost impossible to understand the true nature or mind of a human being so you just believe that this is the one and even you feel empty inside , you think this is the life supposed be. This is the love and this is the normal life called.

In your busy life, once in a while, you go in your fantasy world and think about the life you really really wanted but what happen the next ? You hit the reality and go back to your totally normal and what you believe…… your loving life.

Sometimes, your soul wants to get out of this relationship where two people just pretending to have a best life that anyone could have in front of the world. Even if this little thought come in your mind for a second, you put your guards up because it’s too much work because you just build your empire with someone you thought you were in love. It’s almost impossible for you to get out from this situation because you are a father or a mother by now. What you do the next? You start thinking that this completely okay to live life like that because that’s the ordinary people do. You are already in your 40’s and you had pretty amazing teenage time so it’s okay to sacrifice now because you are mature and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about our society will think if I take some crazy life changing decisions ? What about the people around me think about my impulsive nature? What about my family react if I want to be like me? No…. No…. No…..I can’t deal with all the humiliation and criticism from the world so just let me be here in my small corner and let me put my desperate soul who wants to run right now lock in my heart because what I have been thinking, dreaming, and fantasying about is irrational and impractical.

So after lots of fight between your mind and soul, the one last thing you can do is to pour yourself in work. You give your 100% to your work because you don’t want to have one little thought about leaving this life that you have created with your bloody hard work. Even you think that you will be able to put mask on and live your life like that, What will happen next?

Divine Intervention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trust me, it will happen! And Do you know why it will happen?????????

Because up there, they figured it out that you won’t move a muscle when you are supposed to move a mountain from your life.

Because you just called yourself “an Ordinary person”. The divine themselves have created you and now, they are really mad that you are not even feel worthy of yourself.

So, what will be the next right thing?

First, whoever works up there, they will start sending you signs and synchronicities just throwing for you in your path. I just saw 3:33 on my clock. You see our divine always make sure that we are on the right path and It was my confirmation from them.

Next, they will do any thing in their powers to get your attention to these things. You won’t believe if I say that you get infinite amount of signs and synchronicities in your day to day life and your tiniest decisions you take while you are awake. If you are powerfully stubborn creature that can ignore all of those signs and synchronicities on your path and can block all your intuitions , they will send signals in your dream states. Your dreamland becomes nightmares with all kinds of magically vivid dreams. The most important thing is that when you wake up, you will be able to remember these dreams. These dreams are not like others which you forget the next minute you open your eyes. These dreams will haunt you whole day until you be aware of your abnormal life.

If you are awakened by now, it’s okay because by now, you will start to look for the answers about whatever happening to you. Google will more then glad to help you here in your journey. You will start searching for the meaning of numbers and dreams. You start paying more attention and communicating to the men upstairs. You start following the divine guidances and building the courage to change your life. You definitely will face thousands of difficulties and obstacles but now, you will have your angels and spirits support by your sides. Trust me here because you won’t need anyone else than them. You are ready to move that mountain just with your one pinky finger. People will think you are crazy and loosing your mind. They will be the witness of you destroying your own life and your empire right in front of their eyes but you will keep going because they can’t see the invisible forces around you who pushing you forward. You will face taunting, gossips, humiliation, and pretty much all the negative words from dictionaries but that one thing you will find in your heart and soul and that’s called “PEACE”

After the storm was passed and you are free like a bird. Now, you are seating on your Home Depot five bucks chair in your small apartment which you don’t even know how long you can afford and thinking that🤔…………………… even I gave up my whole kingdom and have nothing left to survive, how can I be still in peace and feel like………. Everything will be alright from now on?

While I was stressed out and angry about not getting paid on time from my high paying job, how can I be soooooooo worry free without having a job?

And why my faith is so heightened up that unawakened people don’t even see how happy I am without even one person around me?

How could I made possible to leave the people behind who didn’t have best interest in me?

How did I all of it without hating or hurting anyone in the process?

How did I get that courage to say “No” for the first time?

And after all of this, I was still able to forgive and forget all of the people to whom I was codependent with.

How do I feel completely healed and ready to move on my life with only two things in my heart and these are the ultimate LOVE and PEACE?

Finally, you heard the clapping from up there and the divine just gave you your first mission to go out there and try to wake the awaken.

Finally, You graduate yourself from being Religious to Spiritual being so Congratulations for Job well done.

Ohhhhhhhhhh Wait………please don’t go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally forgot to tell you the most important thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is…………………

It was just the fiction version of the story……………….

You still need to creat the reality of yourself.

Now, it’s your time to be awaken and do all of the things you have been postponed through out of the life. Your true love is waiting for you around the corner to live with you and your best version of your pure and authentic self where you won’t have to hide your any emotions anymore. With them, you can be like a kid whose mouth drooling when they see candies or cookies after long times.

You will be truly and magically in love for the first time and for the first time, you will realize that you have been created ILLUSIONS so far because you were a trickster, and finally, you have created THE REALITY because you are now the Magician.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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