I am finally facing my Fear!!!!!!! How about you?


Finally, for the first time I realised my worth and my importance into the World. I am not saying that I have the 100 % confidence on me but at least slowly but surely, I am building the courage from coming out from the dark and allow my light to shine on me as well as into the World. I found the perfect platform to show the entire world how I also can be participate to spread the love and light like others do for the entire community.

When I started this blog, I was afraid to write about my life and afraid to share the information about my life long journey. I did it just because others can learn and inspire by my battle and can face their situations. My life is open book, there are not so many secrets about myself but yes ! I am holding so many secrets for others in my heart and they are safe with me. I am not here to judge anyone or expose anyone but I am here to observe their actions and being here to witness their reactions after their actions.

After I got my peace, all the time I was looking for my mission on this earth. I knew that I am here to help but what kind of help. For money wise, I am broke so I knew I can’t help anyone who needs money but yes! Still I do donate some money here and there. I am a giver so God always allow me to find my way to help someone. It’s like God always put me at the right time and at the right place for someone who needs my help the most. Through out my life, my only important life long mission was finding my true love and now, I already found the one, I am being selfish and want more so I am searching for the way how I can be beneficial to others who are also in these Twin-Flame journey. If someone out there who is lost and searching for the answer, I am here to take them to their highest form of self-love so they can be reunited with their divine counterpart .

Last couple of months, I am connected to my higher form of spirituality and my spirits or whoever working up there are pushing me to open my throat. I am very expressing when it come to write or creating crafts that shows my emotions but when it comes to say or talk, I just want to dig a hole and hibernate in it. When my divine told me to open my YouTube channel and doing tarot readings, it’s like a big mountain and I have to climb it in reverse position. Almost impossible right? Yes! I thought so too.

My people who wants me to be the best version of myself woke me up in the middle of the night almost pushed me to go and shoot videos for tarot readings. Trust me when I say that I completely surrender to my Divine, I do whatever they want me to do. If they say wake up, I do wake up. If they say do this thing or that thing, I do all of them without hesitation or doubt in my mind.

Let me say one thing about our spirits or angels’ love for us and that they always make sure to let you know what’s going in your life and their love for you by signs and synchronicities. I am sharing the true magical incident happened on the next day of my birthday. On my birthday, all I was hoping for the one message from my TF. It was good birthday because finally, I was out of the isolation and my family now can get in touch with me so everyone out there wishing me the best birthday wishes that I can get but for me, the most important moment was the one tiniest birthday wish from my TF. All day my mind was there to see if he sent any message on my phone or even in my email. My mind already knew that he won’t send but this stupid heart was waiting for it.

Nothing happened……….

No message at all………….

There was no amount of happiness could heal that pain and my broken heart at that day. All I was thinking all day, I know that he knows that I am his other half soul and how could he be that cold and heartless towards me. I am not here to destroy his empire or his happy family if he has one. All I wanted is to see that he cares. Whatever I did in the past, or however I contacted him or talked to him was only to see if he cared or still cares. I slept with the extreme pain my heart. I blamed my divine that why did you even put me in this Twin-Flame journey . Why I have such forbidden relationship with my TF that I can’t even call him and ask him straight whatever you are doing to me is self-sabotaging your life too. He is telling himself that he doesn’t love me because he is not even loving himself. Hating me is like hating himself. I can’t change his immaturity so I am just here to heal my heart with his heart so one day , he will understand the true love within him.

My guided angels knew how I slept that night with heavy heart and they wanted me to see the truth why he didn’t call. In the middle of the night , I dreamt about something. When I opened my eye, I remembered the dream and I started crying because the divine showed me that my TF didn’t call and wish me on my birthday because he doesn’t want me to be the part of his fights and chaos. He is protecting me and even if I have to hate him, it’s okay with him because he doesn’t want anyone can raise their fingers on me and blame me for destroying his family. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in complete shock. I could never say now that he is immature because he became my emperor from the king of cup after that.

The dream was like this. A hero from some Bollywood movie was picking in his arm his actress who was in some kind of coma. He put her down under the tree and he closed his eyes and with his some power, he created a big white protective bubble around her. After that he stood up and picked his sword and run in the battlefield. She woke up and realised that he was not there but his protection bubble was full of his love which not even she was feeling but I felt it too.

It could be just my own desire what I was seeing in my dream but after that day, every morning I am waking up different songs in my mind. Some of the song I never heard of it but I had to google it . Most of the songs are about the confessing his love for me and some of them about never leave him alone anymore so I got my peace back. Nowadays, I love to go to sleep just because I am waiting for the next song he is sending me in 5D.

Everything is going on my life is pretty magical and I can’t complain. I just wish that I could help him to heal his heart and tell him that wherever he is and whatever he is going through, I am right by his side and loving him and also protecting him. I am also praying for him to get the courage and win his battle. I don’t care if he is not choosing me in this lifetime. All I care about his happiness. If he is in his pure joy and victory, I have my best wishes with him.

So, there you go……….. I feel like , everyday, you all getting close to know me well and if someone out there ready to cut the cord from their Twin-Flame because they are hurting them. Just to let you know that, they are also in extreme pain without you too. They are just being protective of yourself. They often forget that you are the empress too who can stand tall next to them and ready to fight the battle right by them side but all emperors have their egos so they want fight and win their battle themselves so later on, they can prove themselves to be your Hero. What a cheesy and filmy way to end the story of

Happy 😊 Ever After!!!!!!!!!!!

So where was I ?

Yes, so finally I am ready to face my fear and started my first online tarot reading.

Please check it out.

This Birthday Tarot Spread is about the people who were born in the month of October so if it’s your or your loved ones birthday just has passed or going to be this rest of the month, there is some messages for you to know how’s your year going to be.

The reading was amazing. Check if you want to know how you can improve your next year following your intuition.

Please like and subscribe so it reaches to other people. I am here to bring positivity and guidance in your life and so far, I am doing amazing job. Take the advantage while I am in my power and empress mode.

I see you all later and keep smiling.

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My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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