This Fashionista is back……….!!!!!!!!!

Today! There will be no spiritual talk to bore you and finally, I am here to show you my sewing skills. I have made so many outfits for myself but I never knew that I will show to the world how do I make these dresses one day.

So today is the day, I am showing my latest dress which I made for myself for any special occasions. I spent probably around ten dollars in this dress but it looks like $100 worth it. I love Kate Middleton and Her long sleeves and body fitting dresses are impressive so I made myself expensive looking dress too.

Not any further waiting, let’s see how I made this beautiful light peachy or pinky dress………………!

This photo doesn’t give any Justice to the real look of the dress but what can I do? I am not a professional photographer!!!!!!!!!

So, let me tell you all about this outfit.

I bought this 2 yard of silky smooth but little shiny fabric from Walmart for $4. Yes, they have that clearance section for leftover fabric and I found this beautiful fabric from there.

I also use ivory cotton fabric for lining and you won’t believe me if I say that this cotton fabric I bought was $ 3 for 15 yards. The other expense was just threads and my hard work.

Whenever, I start making my dress, I wash my all fabrics and iron them for getting ready to cut. I have some ready made patterns with me so I used them for my measurements and created my own neck design and shapes.

This is the front part you will need to cut in half folded fabric.
I like to arrange all patterns first before I cut my fabric so I don’t have big wasted material left after I am done so I use chalk to draw my pattern on the fabric first. I always start making my pattern on lining fabric first so if I do some mistakes, I can afford to waste some of my lining fabric which is always cheaper then the main fabric.
I wanted long length dress so I cut my fabric 10 inches more then that pattern.
I worked little hard to arrange all of this pieces to fit in my two yard of main fabric. I did it nicely.
Everything is ready to go on my sewing machine. So what we are waiting for? Let’s do it.

For my dresses, overlock is must and since I don’t have overlock machine. I use zigzag with straight line stitches from my Sewing machine. Works like a charm. I overlock my main and lining fabric. When you are making very professional looking dress, you need to do all of these steps to give neat and nice stitched dress. Let’s keep going…..

After overlock everything, it’s time for to joint all the front parts pieces and back ones. Pin up all and time to sew all of these pieces. I did first lining one and then the main fabric.

This front Center part joint with two side front pieces. This how it looked when I just use pins.

After both fronts and backs are ready, stitch both shoulders. After that it’s time to do the neck. Let me show you how.

All I did is stitch. I totally forgot to mention that every time I stitch, I ironed the stitch to flat the surface of the fabric. I know it’s too much work but trust me when you flatten every stitches , your final out come of the dress will be completely professional style dress. No one can tell the difference between store bought or hand made dress.

So far , neck is done , ironed it for smooth sewing stitches. Now, from the back side, I used biggest regular stitch to combine Center part for getting ready to put my zipper.

For invisible zipper, I always iron them both sides for close stitch. Putting zipper is the most easy part even it’s look difficult. Let me show you how I do zipper.

Open both of stitched part put your zipper backward and stitch. That’s it.

After both side of stitches, I took out that biggest regular stitch in the middle that I did at first.

That’s how it looked after I was done.

I already attached those sleeves to the dress and in the bottom of these I left a little part open since the dress is body fitted and the fabric doesn’t have any stretch to it.

Finally, I sew both of the side and at last, I hem stitch the bottom of the dress.

For fun, I made a bow out of my left over fabric and sew it back side of my dress.

May be it doesn’t look attractive on the dress form but it really look expensive and elegant when it been put on.

So there you go, you all were lucky today that I didn’t say a word about spirituality to bore you and talked straight about my creativity.

I am also going to upload my dressmaking video on my YouTube channel. After I done editing my video, I will put the link here so you can just watch it on YouTube.

My November Born Birthday reading will come out on 11/11. Of course, this number sequence is very special to me so whoever born in November can visit my channel to see how’s their next year will going to be.

Until then, keep smiling and I will see you all later.

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My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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