Time is moving on and so do I……………

How did I manage to let my past go and moving forward with my divine guidance?

Let’s talk about it.

My big hello to the world and I hope that all of you have a happy Thanksgiving this year. There are so many people didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this year but I think that 2020 is the year, we are supposed to most thankful about ourselves and our loved ones. We are alive and healthy in this pandemic and this is the most blessings we can get from our divine.

So let me ask you something, Did you miss me?……………..

First of all, I am so grateful for all of you liking , reading and following by blog. There are no words for describing my feelings towards everyone who read my blog but let’s just say that I am a Mamma Bear and I want the best for my all babies out there. I am in my highest form of vibration right now and my heart is full of love with feeling of Mother Earth.

I know its been a while I didn’t write anything but my life was kinda chaotic. Lot of things happened in the month of November for me. If you are wondering about my TF back in my life so my answer is no. I am in my self-love mode and loving it. Following my divinely guided path and trust me when I tell you that my life is moving superfast. In just one month, I moved the state, started new job, settling down and being independent.

My life was going super great because I moved so closed to my DM and finally, my heart was at peace. I still didn’t contact him but my heart is telling me that he is keeping a close eye on me and he knows that I am very close to him. Now, I am driving all over the town and still looking for that one car which can stop at the signal right by my car and I can just have a glimpse of him. I know it is like a miracle but hey……………..so far, everything is happing in my life is like a out of the blue for me.

My biggest surprise from my angels and guides are other soulmate entering my life. I was not looking for anyone and healing my heart and being happy and living my single life and waiting for my TF coming back in my life and Boom!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, same Boom from the past when I recognized my TF. My TF boom was kind of slow progress but this Soulmate is like Big Bang Boom.

I just blink my eyes, and he came from nowhere telling me that he is been watching me and liking me the way I am handling my life.

Since you all know about me in tarot reading, first thing I did was his energy reading and in my soaking realization, in my every reading, he is showing as my Twin-flame. Are you kidding me? Are you even serious Divine? Are you making fun of me? Why?…………………… Why?……………………..Why?…………

I became so defensive and put my swords up and closed my heart right away.

So there you go, my spiritual journey is at the crossroad right now. I am enjoying my work and interacting with different people and learning and teaching about my divine path. Learning my self how to love and the most amazing part in my life is suddenly, I am seeing the new form of unconditional love where I am not holding myself back for anyone not even my divine counterpart. I am just moving and keep moving and keep going……………..

Finally, I got clarity that when you surrender to the Universe, magic starts happening. Since you all know that my Twin and I have almost forbidden relationship so there is no way, I can imagine my life with him because he won’t take any actions and so far he didn’t and good for him because I am not going to accept him as he is right now and for me, it’s not really true love when you want to change someone in your way. I only pray to my guides to heal his heart with mine and give me the strength to move forward in my life with out my TF.

I know it’s very hard for you to digest the truth about my love in the past for my DM. I was the one keep telling about not to loose faith and hold on to your connection with your TF. Never loose hope that you will reunite again. I am still standing tall with all of my words but now, I am just letting go the control of the situation and holding back my life and waiting for him to return in my life.

Life doesn’t work that way and this new person taught me this. Did I mention that he is the mirror soul of my TF. It’s like my Universe sent me the different ( awesome) version of my TF back in my life and I am hiding in the closet so his passionate vibrations can’t even get to me from anywhere. Wherever I go , we are bumping each other and I run like hell. I am resisting my own breath because I just don’t want to hear his loving heartbeat.

I feel like the most luckiest girl on earth right now because I have two TFs who loving me unconditionally and all I am doing is being thankful for this love and still moving forward without any of them .

So let me tell you the difference between my Past and present TFs. Yes, I am mentioning the present person as my TF too because of my spirits and angels. My divine is testing my intuition about whose the true twin and whose the false twin.

The past TF is completely denied the connection and behaved like I did everything wrong and Present one is completely ready to grow with me. Past one has an ego of a mountain Everest and the Present one is the most kindest ( perfectly match with my kindness).


The way I am writing about both, I feel like I got a soft corner for this present one and didn’t even realise.

So see that’s why it took so long to reach out to you all. What I am doing right now?

Just enjoying my single and independent life. By the way, I told about my past TF and my love for him to this Present TF and it didn’t do anything. He didn’t care and just want to be my friend so I accepted his friendship.

I don’t want to loose my spiritual journey being confused about anything so I am just going to love myself and concentrating on my work and abundance. I am still surrendering to the Universe so I am not going to control any situation. I am following my heart.

I just want to show you the power of letting it go. As soon as I letting go of my control, this Big Bang Boom happened and I can’t complain. This new person became my best friend and even whatever I couldn’t tell my Past TF , I am telling everything to him and he is listening and paying attention to my each and every word.

Let’s see where my journey of searching true love takes me. All I know is I am still on my divine path and doing the right thing.

I will definitely appreciate if someone out there read my blog and give me their own insight in my situation.

I see you all later. Be happy and keep smiling.

Published by waterlily1111

My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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