Let me try something out of the box today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! completely out of the box.

Yesterday, I had a beautiful experience and it made me realize that no matter what the world takes me as I am, I am just going to be me and keep writing from my heart. So I met a woman yesterday and we started talking. as we talk more, I realized that we both went to the similar kind of life experiences. When I asked her if she is financially stable. She replied the same thing I would have answered. She said that even her life is stable enough financially, she feels that she is here for something more then just earning money.

Wow! I felt like she stole my sentences from my mouth. I asked her what she is really passionate about. She told me that she doesn’t know if she is good at it anything. I again asked that what she really really really want for her kids or for any other children. She suddenly realized that she did wrote some E-books for children and put it for sale. She completely forgot that it was her true passion about writing books for kids. She said that her life was so hectic she didn’t pay attention what she always wanted to do and really good at it.

She also asked me that what I want in my future. I replied that you already said about my future when you were talking about yourself. I told her that I wanted to do tarot reading in YouTube but I backed down . There are so many amazing tarot readers out there, I don’t think people need one more initiative readers on that channel. I said I am very positive person and always try to stay in my high vibrational mode. After a long conversation with each other , we made promise to each other that we will follow our heart and keep moving forward in our mission on this earth. She is going to write more children’s books and I have to figure it out how can I spread my positivity and inspiration to the people who need the most.

I am still not going to do any tarot reading on YouTube Channel right now but instead, I am going to do the Law of Attraction tarot spread for collective energy here so whoever will read this blog can get at least one message for themselves today.

If it’s resonate with someone and it help them in anyhow in their life, my whole effort will be worth and I be so thankful for my divine to give this idea about it.

Let’s Start,

So what we have so far……………………..

This is a timeless reading about the power of Law of Attraction and whenever you are reading this blog, let’s say it will be your week ahead energy.

I cleared all other energy with sage to my cards and shuffled nicely. Here, You just have to have faith on me and my spirit guides.

I used Law of Attraction oracle cards from Island Time Wellness. I really love this deck because it never failed me once for my own readings.

So, What is going on right now with you all as manifesting your dream right now?

Two cards came out . one was about Inspired Thoughts and one came out reversed about Limiting beliefs.

Let me talk about it in details.

I feel like you had your walls up for long time when you wanted something and it was just not happening. You had so much desire in you to make it happened but everything was in your head space . You never took any actions towards it. You had everything planned in your subconscious mind but holding on so tightly in this 3D world because of your own limiting Beliefs.

Whatever you truly wanted was too good to be true because you thought you are not even worth it to have it all but this was in the past. Your current energy is changing in a big way because now, you are freeing yourself from your own limiting beliefs. Something or Someone is helping you to come out your comfort zone and inspiring you and your thoughts to make decisions and you are taking immediate actions towards your goal. It could be anything and It really doesn’t matter. If it’s a love, you are running towards to someone to show your feelings and declaring your love. If its a job situation, You are preparing your self to show your ability to deserve that dream job of yours.

When it comes to your focuses in the future……….

It seems like you are tired of pretending you already have it all. Its been a long time you really wanted something and you were doing everything in your mind from fantasizing to imagining in your subconscious mind but it got bored in your own mind space. Its like magic of ‘Pretending” having it all got so old and you are just ready to take an action towards your goal. Trust me when I say that You are ready because it seems to me that whatever was holding you back in the past , you are just ready to cut it out from your life. Yes, you are that desperate to moving forward. You were stuck somewhere for long with your own limiting belief and now, you don’t want any negativity in your life.

I have a feeling that you self-sabotage your life in the past for the people you love. It is like you just didn’t move forward because you didn’t want to leave some people behind and hurt their feeling. You were thinking in the past that you were sacrificing your dream for your own people but you were in illusion and you got your clarity just right now.

Something or Someone happened in your life that inspired you to take actions towards your happiness and self-love.

I think that person or event taught you how to giving and receiving equally in your life since this is your energy.

Finally, you learned how random acts of kindness is giving you the pleasure of the lifetime. You finally realized how to love your own self as well as others. Finally, you realized to speak your truth in your love or job situation because the truth is setting you free.


It’s super deep. This message is for some individual who were on their own mindset for long time and messed up some really good choices in their life and now, after long time healing and contemplating, finally moving forward towards their true desire and goals. The amazing part is here, Someone from above and beyond is helping them to take actions and do inspiring work in their lives.

So, whoever out there is going through this, it’s my 100% promise to you that You and Your life is going to take a beautiful twist and in your blink of your eyes, you will find yourself in a very abundant and peaceful place.

Let’s just say that whatever The Law of Attraction technique you applied in your life, it worked like a charm and its coming to you three times stronger and faster that you can’t even imaging.

I am auto writing each and every words. I didn’t even think through it so I am very confident about my divine is behind this message. Take it with faith and keep moving ahead. You will end up with ultimate peace in your heart. Just Trust the process and Trust you life Journey.

I see you all later. Keep Smiling.

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My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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