The Law of Attraction is going to help you in this week as per your Zodiac Sign……………..

Yes! I am saying it right. Let me check the energy of your own manifestation and true desire as your Sun, Moon or your Venus Sign. If you are reading this then there is some specific messages for you which will help you in your life.

Let’s Jump to it………….

Aquarius :

If this energy reading resonate with you , the universe is trying to give you message about you to go with the flow. You want to manifest something in the life but still you have to try to be happy where you are. Try to appreciate what you already have until you get what you truly want. Whatever you are trying to manifest in your near future will bring some challenges too but instead of being afraid or disappointed, try to be more focused and keep raising your vibrations. If you are loving and appreciating your current situation as it, you will achieve your goal soon.


Hello Pisces, since you are full of emotions as you are water sign, your overall energy for this week is some kind of surprise in your life. It’s like a tower moment but in a good way. Some kind of clarity that you will get in this week will be very beneficial for you to create your reality. It seems like you are going to write to someone to give them a surprise but roles could be reversed so take as it resonate in your life. you been through lots of experiences in your life and finally, you are seeing your true potential and when you will say to the universe that you are ready, the Universe will bring that surprise offer to you for your life changing movement. I feel like you will get a brand new opportunity in your carrier by going to some surprise social gathering. If you are invited by chance, go and try to explore more. You will be surprise about your true talent. Good Luck.


Okay, Aries people, for you all, let’s say starts, moon, sun, your heart and mind are aligning in this week. Something fated is about to happen in your life. Be Prepare to get the gift from the universe. You did something out of the box in the past or doing right now and waiting for the result. Let’s just say that the fruit of your labor is here and you are about to get it as a big surprise. Be true to your self and even if you have to trailblazing a little to achieve what you really want, do it. Pour your mind and soul in your goal and this is my promise to you that you will make your dream a reality soon. It will be intense so just try to be as authentic as you can. It’s a twist of fate and just be grateful that finally you got this.


Let’s see what we have it for Taurus people here. So it seems like, The universe is inspiring you to take some kind of actions in your manifestation but you are waiting for your ships to come to the shore. You already found your true path in love or career but still not taking any action towards it because you are afraid. Why? Taurus………. Finally your heart meets with mind. If it’s about love, You found the one and if It’s about career, You already found what you are really passionate about. What are you afraid about? The Universe is advising you to take your life as Sport and take that leap of faith. Jump into the ocean of that pure form of love or pour yourself in to your career without any expectation. You have the power to overcome of any obstacles in your life. Remember Taurus people! you have the heart and mind of the bull so you are born to overcome any hurdles in your way achieving your goals so go out there and tell that special someone that you are interested or make enough actions to prove yourself worthy enough of your new career path. You will be blessed by the universe.


My social butterflies friends, Let me see what the future is holding for you this week. Okay!!!! for you this week is about to forgive and forget about yourself, others and about your past. You recently finished one big cycle of your life and learning to heal and learning to self-love your self. It’s time for you to leave your past behind and moving forward to your true purpose of your life. I feel like you were not aware your own true power and talent for long time but finally, you are realizing that you have an unique gift in you and you are preparing yourself to share to the world. Do it my beautiful Gemini people out there. Your life is transforming into the butterfly and work on your self to give wings in to your true desire and in no time, you will see yourself flying in the sky. Please don’t dwell in your past and release it if you true want to find your Soul’s Purpose. I am super proud of you to rise from the dead and ready to reborn again.


My Lovely and emotional Cancer people out there, amazing love or job-career connection is coming towards you. be ready and aware to this opportunity. Grab it as soon as you can otherwise You will regret later. Trust the Universe and Divine timing and if you are waiting for this opportunity for long time. Guess what. it’s right in front of you. See around because it’s hiding in disguise and ready to recognize by you. Awwwww! My guides are telling me that they are sending you all the signs and synchronicities for that connection or Union. Follow these signs and directions because it will be sudden surprise to meet your true divine partner or your life long career or job. Have Faith because it’s coming to you.


So What we have here for my strong Leo people? Hummmmm! Someone out there is concern about their weight and making a goal to loose weight and get in shape. If you are keeping up the good work and maintain the routine of diet and exercise regally, You are going to achieve your desire body shape soon. I feel like that you are going towards your goal but there is some kind of chaos in your life holding you back. You are dealing with some emotional trauma too. Let me tell you about your super power my Leo friends. You represented the strength itself so fighting with your weakness is like very miner thing for you. Spend time with friends and try to make a daily schedules for your goal , stick with it no matter what hurdles are coming in your life. You will be master at dealing with your situation and at the end , you will balance your life perfectly.


The Perfectionist Virgo people is asking the Universe to bring something in their lives but you are confused what you really need. Universe is trying telling you to be more specific and narrow it down what really matter in your life. You want everything in your life and it’s a good thing to have it all but sometimes you have to let it go something old to bring something new in your life. there are some Virgo people out there not let something go because they think that this is it and this is only best for me even it’s not making me completely happy. You have to release whichever holding you back your own growth. Try to go within and narrow it down that you can’t live with out and make you overjoyed. Let it go which no longer serve your high vibrations even it’s hard for you to release. Trust me with this. The Universe wants to give you everything but you are not being specific enough. Communicate with your divine clearly and ask with love.


So for my kind hearted Libra people, I have a very special message from your spiritual guides to stop doubting yourself and trust the divine timing. It seems like you are already on your way to manifest your goal but you are not enjoying the journey to reach your destination. Being a Libra, you are not so patient person but the law of attraction is asking you to have faith in the time because once you packed your bags and out of your home, you definitely will end up somewhere. It’s your own limited belief stopping you to reach your destination and your ultimate peace. I can feel your frustration and eagerness to achieve your goal but if you reach your final outcome without having to wait for it, you won’t appreciate your own learning process of getting there. Be patience my lovely Libran. Calm yourself and learn to have fun and appreciate where you are right now and be thankful to your past and present and Be hopeful for your future. You are getting there.


Some of my Emotional Scorpio people are going thorough the massive transformation and it will be very positive in the end even it’s seems like burden right now. You already have learned so many life experiences in your life and every time , these experience transform you to be better person. Now, it’s the right time to create your own reality. I feel like your recently realized that everything was in your life so far was an illusion and now, you are mastering your own vibration to create the real you and your life. I am keep seeing a mask in my mind so someone out there were behind the mask for long time and now, they are fully ready to transform and speaking their truth. Do it Scorpio people. Listen to your intuition when you are creating your reality because scorpion’s intuition are out of world. If you listen to it , you won’t regret later on.


All adventures Sagittarius people out there, the Universe is trying to cautioning you to stop for a minute and think before you act. Don’t be in rush to make any fear based decisions because it will delay your own growth and goals. If you are afraid to loose someone or something, angels and guides are telling you to seek proper guidance because may be it’s just your own fear and nothing else. If you act recklessly , you won’t be beneficial in a long run. Liston to your heart and gather as many as information before you take any actions towards anything. Do what is inspiring you and your heart. take your time to think what you really want from this life and then act accordingly.


All my leader like personality Capricorn people! you are balanced right now. It seems like nothing is bothering you right now. Even in chaos situation, you are enjoying your life. You are becoming of master in creating your reality and you are in your receiving mode. I can see you literally sending your order to the universe and relaxing on the beach for that order to coming to you. What a way to apply the method of law of attraction. Bravo!!!!!!!!! my Caprisons…………………. It’s seems like you already know the future and just enjoying the present. If possible, pa attention to your dreams and write it down. You might get an important messages from the divine in your path.

So, there you go, I had so much fun to read all of Zodiac signs’ energy and All I want to see my readers reactions. I did it with pure heart and good intentions and I hope that these messages will reach to the people who need the most.

I see you all later and keep smiling.

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My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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