Let me check the current energy for all Zodiac Signs………….

Hello there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to do tarot reading for all zodiac signs. Let’s see what is going on everyone’s life. I am checking the past, present, and future energy of all Zodiac signs and if I need to clarify card, I do that. Wish me luck and if it’s resonate with you and your sign, please comment below so I know that I am helping someone out there.

Here you go……………..


Awwwwww my Aries people out there, you showed up in your own readings. In the past, you were very hopeful and healed in some situations. You started some kind of project in the past, and now, it’s stable enough to earn money. Because you gave your one hundred percent to work on that specific thing, it is bringing lots of abundance in your life. Let me say one more thing to you. Because of your effort and hard work, you will get some kind of amazing opportunity in the future and you will be super happy to grab this chance. In your present, you are in your full power Aries people. You are the emperor and you made your life stable enough to celebrate with your friends and family. Enjoy this wonderful holiday times with your loved ones and you are going to be the King of Pentacles in future. Nothing negative about this reading. You have done an amazing job and it’s time to have fun in these coming holidays.


Ohhhh my lovely Taurus people! What’s going on with you sweethearts? Why are you so confused? In the past, you were at the crossroads and it seems like you are still at the crossroad to make an decision. I feel that it’s about love. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s about love or Jobs, you are in the middle of two things where you have to choose one. In the past, it became so burdensome for you to decide something, you just put blindfold on you in the present. You are so confused and holding on everything within you but let me tell you something here that whatever is going on in your life , it’s just your mind creating mental confusion. Your heart is already know about your decision and it’s time for you to take an action towards your choice. Put your heart ahead to make this choice and don’t be so closed of. I feel like you are in between your mind and heart or money and love. Let me help you to make your life easier. Judgement is upon you and you must make an decision using your heart and give your love as your first priority. Everything else will flow naturally because you will be happy in the end. If you are happy and at peace, money and abundance will come naturally in your life. Good Luck and listen to your intuition.


So Gemini people! in the past, you overcame with some situations and felt victorious because you were healed from those traumas. You had enough rest in your past and now, you are ready to move forward in your life. You already learning about your true passion whether it’s in love or career but you still feel stuck at the same time. You already know where your heart desire and you want to rush yourself to get it but it seems like you are not taking any action towards this special person or job. Why my social butterfly friends? What are you waiting for my lovely Gemini? What is bugging you here? In the future also, You are in your hangman position and when I clarify your card, Ohhhhhhhh my lovely people! you are still not fully healed my loves. You are so defensive and afraid that you will get hurt again and feel the same way that you felt in the past but my sweeties, Life doesn’t work that way. You need to rush towards your true feelings even you got hurt in the past. Life is like a school. Even you failed this year, you still have to study and try your best to pass next year to get your graduation. If you feel like everything is happening super fast and you are so defensive about it, take your time and calm yourself. Make a list of Pro’s and Con’s for that decision and take appropriate action towards it. You will be victorious whatever you choose.


Did you refuse someone’s cup of love Cancer people? or someone else refused your love? readings can be reversed so take it as it resonates your situation. In the past, someone didn’t move forward with that love offer and they are regretting their choice in the present. They were suppose to rush towards their happiness but didn’t choose their happiness because their mind told them it will bring burdens and so much conflict in their life but either way it’s still bringing lots of burden and sadness in their life anyway. If it’s a third party situation, Ohhhh man! they choose wrong person and now, regretting their choice . In the future, they still are going to hold on their decision and keep waiting even they are passionate about something. It will be long and tiresome on going battle for them. If it’s you my beautiful cancer people, please try to loosen up and follow your passion with your open heart. It will bring so much peace within you and that’s my promise to you.


Ohhhhh ! someone in your life were very toxic and manipulating in the past and you waited for so long them to change but nothing happened so you just moved always from that person or let’s say very burdensome job. I have a feeling that in the recent past, you literally moved your location from one place to another because you just wanted to get out from that situation. In the present, you are healed and do you know why? because you finally spoke your truth my kind hearted Leo people. You are completely healed and well rested in the present and it will bring your stability in complete happiness in the future. Prepare yourself my lovely Leo because your all wishes are about to be granted. Someone out there getting even married so my gorgeous Leos! so if you are single , guess what????????????? you are about to find your future wife or husband soon. Prepare yourself for falling in love.


Virgo people! In the past, it seems like you were very intuitive and you were just working hard and money oriented. You spend your day and night to pour yourself to create that abundance and stability in your life and you actually got it too. You built your money and stable income in the past. In your present, for somehow, listening to your intuition is little challenging for you because of some kind of lying cheating or sneaky behavior of someone. I feel like you are even trying to sneak always from the dramas around you but having a hard time to listen to your heart. Your future seems promising though. You are reconcile with someone from the past who wants to give you everything you ever wanted. In your near future, you are getting the love , commitment and steady money flow at the same time so prepare yourself for this offer. Please open your heart and intuition to recognize this offer so you can grab it as soon as it arrive at your door step. Leave your trauma and drama behind it and start dreaming about the wonderful life ahead of you.


Ohhh my Dear Justice people! what did you manifest in the past that you are now juggling? It seems like you were waiting for something or someone for long time and it was on going battle for you so your heart and mind manifested a cup of love in your life which you are very passionate about and trying to go with the flow but still confused and waiting for something better than this which already in front of you. Leave the struggle Libra people and try not to control the situation because in the future you will be moving to the calmer water and it won’t be burden anymore because the divine connection or divinely guided opportunity will bring complete happiness in your life and there are some libras out there even get married with there divine counterpart in near future so don’t stress and learn your life lessons and keep moving forward. Everything that you ever wanted will come to you no matter what hurdle it has to pass through.


When I shuffled your cards, four cards came out in your past my lovely Scorpio people. You been through a lot Scorpio in your past. You were passionate about something but your authorities and responsibly were on the way in the past. Your own Ego also played a big role in your manifestation in the past which you finally realized. Scorpio is fixed sign so anything related to change bothers you and you like to control the situation. You have a clarity now that you were living in illusion and you are completely illuminated now. You are manifesting to move forward and whatever or whoever holding you back is not a problem anymore. You are going to be unstuck soon and you are ending something which was responsible for your own growth. Please don’t shoot the messenger here but you are leaving some of your own loved one behind because they stabbed you in the back. It’s a double confirmation about something you are ending in your life in near future. Let me just say one thing that whatever you are ending will bring brand new beginning in near future and you will think that why I didn’t do this earlier.


What’s up my adventurer fire signs? Did you missed some kind of beautiful opportunity in the past and got all stress out about it. You needed to take an action towards it but you didn’t and it’s bugging you still. You didn’t accept that chance because of your own weakness and fear and now, you still waiting for making proper decision about something or someone. whoever or whatever was in the past was very grounded and stable but you wanted to look other way so you ignored that opportunity. In the future, finally you will be illuminate what you have done and you will heal from that particular situation. Finally, you will be more completion towards the love and work hard to find that special love or job opportunity in the future. Hold on tight, it’s coming in your way.


So my Lovely leaders, you were trying your best to balance your money related situation in the past and you were just working hard in your career or any other situation but in the present, you feel left out in the cold by something or someone. Did you loose your job or income or something my beautiful Capricorn people? Something big happened in your life what make your life upside down and now, you are waiting for your investment and time to change and one more time, you are just trying hard to bring the balance in your life. In the future, you are going to leave something or someone behind because you are going to listen to your intuition and finally, you will speak your truth. Trust me and my word that everything will happen for a reason and soon, you will be out of any conflict and stress.


Please Please Please Aquarius people! don’t kill me what I am about to say. It’s not for everyone but it’s just some specific group of Aquarius energy that I am reading about. In the past, You had all the happiness and stability in your life but it changed because you realized that you were living your life in some kind of fantasy world. you didn’t want to accept that truth and it was challenging for you to accept your reality. Guess what? it’s about to change or it’s already changed. You are leaving those illusions behind and moving toward your happiness. there is someone out there being single and happy in near future. When I clarify the nine of pentacle card, the other nine of pentacle card came. Some specific Aquarius people are in the process of divorce and being single and I don’t have any doubt about it. Whatever you decide, your life will be so much abundant in the future.


For my emotional Pisces people, Your reading is very similar to Aquarius people. In the past, you were in love with someone and you are very emotional with this person but something happened and that relationship got ended. You took a leap of faith in other direction and became single. In the present, you still dealing with the toxic relationship probably higher level of commitment and it’s so much burdensome for you. You want to move forward but the that person is so manipulated and you are dealing with all kind of dramas in your life. In the future, you will pull your sword out and going to cut anything or anyone who come between you and your happiness. You will learn to cut these people out of your life who give you any kind of mental traumas. Trust me here, you are going to get your ten of cups in near future.

I hope it’s reasonate with someone out there and this reading can be helpful for them in anyway.

I see you all later and keep smiling.

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