Happy New Year to all of You and Let’s see what is the current energy of us right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I know that I didn’t talk about me or my spiritual journey for a long time but there is a reason behind it. Everything is happening in my life is still a lesson to me and I am just learning this one more lesson in my life. I am definitely moving forward in my life and leaving and even left so many people behind but still dealing with some newbies right now. As being Libra zodiac, it’s very hard for me to hurt anyone even they hurt me so much. The year of 2021 is about so much conflict and change because it’s represent by number 5. I am already feeling the change of the air in my environment. I have a new kind of strength and most of the people that I am dealing with my life , their souls are getting naked in front of me. I am getting all kinds of clarity and whether it’s new or old relationships in my life, it’s making me as peaceful as I can be. I am not worried that my relationships with people will work or not because now I know that whoever doesn’t match with my high vibrations will automatically left out from me. I really don’t have to do anything but going with the flow and keep looking at my bright future.

So, there you go……………. one way or other, I mentioned my current life situations. I hope everyone’s out there had a wonderful Christmas and New Year party. Today, I am checking the current energy of all of us in 2021. It may not resonate each and every of us but there will be some messages will definitely help us in this new year of 2021.

So, Why we are waiting for? Let’s see…………..


Ohhhhhh! my lovely Aries people! so something happened in the past in your love life. Someone rejected your cup of love or you didn’t accept someone’s love offer. Either way they regret their choice and now, sudden tower moment is happening in their life which will be out of the blue. They will recognized their passion and true desire for that person and try to reconnect and reconcile with the person from past and guess what they will be successful in their effort. If this is resonate with you. My advice for you to let this sudden change in your life and balance the peace between you and this specific person in your life. Love concurs everything and you will feel victorious in the end for sure.


What’s going on people? everyone are either refusing or being defensive towards something. There is someone out there being so stubborn to take an divine opportunity or love offer and trust me here they are doing it out of fear of change but this change is going to come. Even you want it or not, the cycle is changing and it will bring so much happiness in your life. There is someone out there will cut their own karmic cycle and bring the change and victory in their life and this victory will bring new job or love opportunity in their lives. Follow your own intuition and go for it . Everything will work out in the end the way you imagine.


Okay my Social Butterflies , someone or it could be you that following your passion moving forward in your life. Someone is coming towards you and sneaking away from the so much dramas and traumas in their life. If you are all single and abundant in your life, just to let you know that someone who is admiring you coming towards you and in the process of being available and single for you. Their wish fulfillment is with you and they are choosing you and moving forward with their life with you. Be ready Gemini people or if you are passionate about someone, keep going because your wishes are going to be granted in the end.


Awwwww my Beautiful Cancerian People! You are in the verge of soul searching or looking for some brand new opportunity in your life and it’s already there but it’s been a challenging for you to accept it because you are confused or not sure about the long term stability in your life. Let me tell you that This challenging offer or opportunity that you have will bring slow income but it will be life long income so now, it’s time for you to wake up from within and take this offer because it will be very reliable and it will bring stability in your life.


Awwwww Leo people! Is it all about love? Everything you ever wanted in your love life is about to get granted. If you have all the nine cups with you and single, guess what someone……. sorry not just someone but the king of cup ( not gender specific) is entering in your life. They will come out of the blue and they might be the one for you my lovely Leos. Even be ready to get married or higher level of commitment because the way I see the card , there are someone out there are not going to be single anymore and will be surrounded by love soon.


So, something fishy is going to in your life my earthy Virgo people. You or someone are being very master of manipulator and trying to sneak out from some situation. It could be job related. may be it’s too much going on in your work and you already have some other job or offer ready and you are dealing with the mental conflict that how can you get out of this current situation. Ohhhh ohhh! Let me tell you that if you are able to get out of this dramas, Justice will be served for you and this new opportunity will bring some stability in your life. If you are in tricky situation, just to let you know that you will get your justice in the end.


So, most of the Libra people out there have the similar energy like me. We all are learning something new. In my case, I am learning new karmic lesson at the moment. My kind hearted Libra people! you all are learning new stuff about your new passion . it could be about new career path because it showing here as page of pentacles. You already illuminated about you true passion in your work but feeing little stuck or confused but let me tell you that Go for it because it’s already divinely guided path for you. Whatever you are learning about right now, it will bring brand new offers and opportunity in your life and don’t forget that it will also bring lots of money too. Just unhanged yourself from wherever you are. Okay my lovely’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The most happiest reading ever for you my emotional Scorpios after long time. This is year, you will get everything my love. You will find the love of your life. You will find the brand new job or career offer. You will get your complete happiness in 2021. Most of all, finally, you will get your Justice in whatever difficult situations you were in the past. Victory will be yours if you are dealing with any court related situation. In short, You are about to get everything that you ever wanted in your life. You might get recognized by the whole community about your work and you will lead some kind of project in the future will be successful. In the end, You are going to rock my lovely Scorpio!!!!


You are done waiting in your investment or actually don’t waiting in any kind of situations and Why is that? In the past or in 2020, you went through some loss in your life and you started to wait for some improvement in that loss situations but you were just stuck in the past because of that waiting but you are done now and trying to get yourself out of that situation and this year, you will be in your power. You will nurture yourself and love yourself and this kind of your attitude will bring the balance in your life.


My leaders out there, in 2021, some kind of love union or some kind of business partnership is going to happen and when it will be happened , you will be in your complete power mode. It means , you will know what you really want in that partnership. You are able to get complete clarity and truth about this partnership or the union and it will bring long-term and stable bonding between two of you. Everything seams like divinely guided in your life and you finally recognizing and learning this truth for yourself. I am so happy for you my Capricorn people out there.


This is going to be the longest reading here for you my funny and curious Aquarius People. What’s going on my sweethearts? Why are you just pouring yourself in your work? Let me just say straight to you. Don’t get mad at me because it might not resonate to every Aquarius people out there. This seams to me for only specific group of people. This reading is showing me that someone is not happy with their long-term relationship or even in their marriage. They wanted to have a brand new passionate beginning in their life but they were not healed enough in the past so they just didn’t choose right person and didn’t move forward from their current situation and now, they are completely heart broken and can’t even sleep at night. Now, they want the victory in their situation or their community image was on their way for choosing the love of their life because they were in their mind about the reputation in the society. Currently, they are making themselves in busy in their work so they don’t have to think about it but let me tell you if you are one doing this. Big tower moment will come in your life and you won’t have choice but to make an decision and deal with this situation. Life doesn’t work that way and you can’t ignore the truth. someday, you have to face it and deal with it. I think everything is coming in your way to you in 2021. Be ready and prepare yourself. You will disturbed by it but after that you will at least start moving forward in your life.


So, my most emotional signs, You had some long-term and stable job or love relationships but you are stop working on that relationship and became single and now, you are wishing for working or collaborating some kind of project with someone. You were just tired of doing so much work by yourself and now, you are ready to find some kind of partnership where you can give your one hundred percent of it and it can bring your complete wish fulfillment for you. So far it’s look good for you and my advice to you that be careful about equally give and take because again if you giving too much in your partnership, the cycle will repeat itself so be aware of making boundaries.

So there you go all!!!!!!!! I hope it will help to someone out there.

I see you all later. Keep smiling.

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My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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