Time is just Irrelevant for now.

I took the Gojukai ceremony for becoming true believer of Buddhism.

Yes! Time has been just stopped or totally disappeared from my life for long time. I didn’t even feel like writing for long time. I know I promised you about that Karma clearing mantra and history about the origin but I needed to know first that this mantra I am bragging about has any effects in my life or not. Yes! it works for sure. I have been chanting this mantra for a while now and somehow It is bringing the fruitful outcomes of my good Karmas. May be, it just my faith on this mantra but who cares if my life is coming to the balance. I am not saying that my life is amazing right now instead it’s completely opposite. I am going through the another Dark Night of the Soul again where starting to miss my TF one more time. For almost two months, I was able to move forward and not even thinking about him any more. It’s been two weeks that I am missing him again and every time, my heart is sinking in to the memory land from the past. Unusual pain in my heart and constant feeling about the useless to live on this earth anymore. I am almost crying everyday just to listening songs. My life is balanced when it comes to money and abundance, I am living my life as an empress. I have so many people who love to be in my company and crave for my energy but this empress is craving for the emperor and seams like he is not even exist on this earth.

Today, it has been one year since I saw him last time and my life went through so many hurdles after that. Of course, I faced everything that happened after that with respect and dignity and never blame anyone. I know this is just a phase and it will pass soon because this time I am aware of whatever is happening with me. I am completely surrender to the Universe and doing everything with love. Let’s just say, I am Eating Love, Drinking Love, Breathing Love , Talking Love, Thinking Love, Touching Love, Spreading Love, Walking Love, Looking Love. Nothing but Love. Finally, I open my Heart and giving Love and receiving Love. My life is nothing but Love. Don’t ask me that What is Love? because Honestly, I don’t even know and If I knew, I be the first one to tell you all about it.

I am still learning about this love and not only want to know but want to experience in my life. In my whole life, I just give my love and so far never receive this love back so for me, Love is equally giving and taking the feelings from two hearts which beats at the same time. For me, Love is the ultimate feelings between two people who can literally stop breathing without each others. Sounds so cheesy Right? but hey, I want that and only that. No excuse in this. I am only accepting this type of love again even I have to reborn thousands times more. If my Twin-flame can’t love me like this, I am willingly cut the cord with him too. I am putting my intention out there in this Universe and asking the universe that send me this person who thinks, feels, and loves just like I do and now, this extraordinary Universe doesn’t have any choice but find, prepare, pack and deliver to me that special delivery to my door step. In short, I want me in my life. I am not heart broken anymore because I know in my heart that I only miss him because he is missing me.

He is so bound by traditional values and he is following all the rules that our society had created. In contrast, I am a free bird which can fly as high as it can be and my Twin-Flame has to carry the same characteristics like me so I am just refusing the thought of his being my true twin. Wait a minute……….. , What’s going on here???????? my own writings seams little rude today but heyyyyyyyyy Give me a break here. When many people want to be with you and you are refusing everyone because you just want that specific person who can’t even move a muscles with out getting permission from someone. What can you do ? Actually, I am not angry at all and I am just being a queen of sword right now who only speaking her truth.

If my love is not bound by this 3D world, why do I have to wait for his love to be approved in this 3D world? and Since, he is not able to send me his love or messages in other dimensions, he is probably not even awaken to his spirituality nor his mission on this earth. He is bound by his Karmic responsibilities and his money oriented mentality so be it. If he is happy over there, I only wish him the best. Am I stopping myself to find my true love now? Nope. Not for a second. My ultimate goal is the finding my ultimate divine partner and I will try to find the one until eternity. Actually now, I don’t have to try because I am trusting the Universe and I know that he will come to me in Divine timing. Finally learned that The Time is irrelevant now and it has nothing to do with finding the one. Time will come when we stop looking and waiting. In my life, My time is doing nothing but moving slowly towards love and My heart is filled with love each and every seconds of my time. Crying and being broken hearted are also feelings and once you start enjoying these feelings in your heart, you already know that you are becoming whole in your life and I am on the verge of being complete in my life.

Enough talking about me and now, Let’s get back to that mantra that I mentioned.

Let’s learn about little bit about the mantra but first, let me tell which mantra I am talking about.


Yes! This mantra is known as the ultimate Law or truth of the Universe.

Nichiren was the first Buddha priest who taught chanting this mantra to the small group of people at Seicho-ji temple in native province of Awa, Japan, on the twenty-eighth day of the fourth month in 1253. This mantra is derive from the Lotus Sutras which translated in Japanese language from the ancient language of Sanskrit. Actually, this mantra is combination of both languages and it has pretty powerful vibration once you start chanting. I have already so many mantras which I chant all day long so I just add one more mantra in my life and it nothing but benefited in my life. I didn’t give you this mantra until I was sure that it works. After one week of chanting, I got my first degree reiki completion for the second time. I am the reiki master but I didn’t practice for long time and now, the universe jogged my memory and taught me the importance of reiki in my life. The second weeks of chanting this mantra, I was able to balance my money and getting job offers from many sources. This is my third week going on and finally, Clarity is coming towards me in my Twin-Flame journey. Right now, I am at the place where I can easily let people enter in my life and I am being very authentic with all of these people and if they don’t want to stay, I don’t have any problem to let them go. I am understanding more about my mission on this earth and inspiring many people with my knowledge. My love is affecting so many lives. I have an ocean of love and I am not afraid of giving it whoever needs the most. Love is in my heart is growing bigger and better everyday and the more I am giving to others, the more I am craving my divine partner. He is right in front of me and I can feel his love. it’s just the matter of time which is I already said that irrelevant now.

Try this Mantra for a week and see what it can bring in your life. Share your experience here so more people can take advantages of this mantra. I promise you that this mantra won’t harm you for sure.

I see you soon. Until then, Keep smiling and be at peace.

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My name is waterlily and I am very passionate about making hand crafted items which are unique. I also make handmade gifts using crystals, healing stones and symbols for using in manifestations. I like to teach people how they can use these crafts ideas to raise their own vibrations and bring so much happiness in their lives.

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