New Moon in Libra! Time to creat a Reality in your life…………

Yes! Today is the perfect day to creat that real magic and creat your own destiny.

So, let me tell you how our spiritual journeys works in our lives. You are married and have kids. You finally bought your dream house and the car that you had it on your vision board for long time. You even didn’t have to try the law of attraction by now because everything you ever wanted are just coming to you by themselves. Everything is perfect but something still missing in your life. You are living your life with someone that you feel like the love of your life. You are not sure about that person that they have the same passions for you or not because it’s almost impossible to understand the true nature or mind of a human being so you just believe that this is the one and even you feel empty inside , you think this is the life supposed be. This is the love and this is the normal life called.

In your busy life, once in a while, you go in your fantasy world and think about the life you really really wanted but what happen the next ? You hit the reality and go back to your totally normal and what you believe…… your loving life.

Sometimes, your soul wants to get out of this relationship where two people just pretending to have a best life that anyone could have in front of the world. Even if this little thought come in your mind for a second, you put your guards up because it’s too much work because you just build your empire with someone you thought you were in love. It’s almost impossible for you to get out from this situation because you are a father or a mother by now. What you do the next? You start thinking that this completely okay to live life like that because that’s the ordinary people do. You are already in your 40’s and you had pretty amazing teenage time so it’s okay to sacrifice now because you are mature and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about our society will think if I take some crazy life changing decisions ? What about the people around me think about my impulsive nature? What about my family react if I want to be like me? No…. No…. No…..I can’t deal with all the humiliation and criticism from the world so just let me be here in my small corner and let me put my desperate soul who wants to run right now lock in my heart because what I have been thinking, dreaming, and fantasying about is irrational and impractical.

So after lots of fight between your mind and soul, the one last thing you can do is to pour yourself in work. You give your 100% to your work because you don’t want to have one little thought about leaving this life that you have created with your bloody hard work. Even you think that you will be able to put mask on and live your life like that, What will happen next?

Divine Intervention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trust me, it will happen! And Do you know why it will happen?????????

Because up there, they figured it out that you won’t move a muscle when you are supposed to move a mountain from your life.

Because you just called yourself “an Ordinary person”. The divine themselves have created you and now, they are really mad that you are not even feel worthy of yourself.

So, what will be the next right thing?

First, whoever works up there, they will start sending you signs and synchronicities just throwing for you in your path. I just saw 3:33 on my clock. You see our divine always make sure that we are on the right path and It was my confirmation from them.

Next, they will do any thing in their powers to get your attention to these things. You won’t believe if I say that you get infinite amount of signs and synchronicities in your day to day life and your tiniest decisions you take while you are awake. If you are powerfully stubborn creature that can ignore all of those signs and synchronicities on your path and can block all your intuitions , they will send signals in your dream states. Your dreamland becomes nightmares with all kinds of magically vivid dreams. The most important thing is that when you wake up, you will be able to remember these dreams. These dreams are not like others which you forget the next minute you open your eyes. These dreams will haunt you whole day until you be aware of your abnormal life.

If you are awakened by now, it’s okay because by now, you will start to look for the answers about whatever happening to you. Google will more then glad to help you here in your journey. You will start searching for the meaning of numbers and dreams. You start paying more attention and communicating to the men upstairs. You start following the divine guidances and building the courage to change your life. You definitely will face thousands of difficulties and obstacles but now, you will have your angels and spirits support by your sides. Trust me here because you won’t need anyone else than them. You are ready to move that mountain just with your one pinky finger. People will think you are crazy and loosing your mind. They will be the witness of you destroying your own life and your empire right in front of their eyes but you will keep going because they can’t see the invisible forces around you who pushing you forward. You will face taunting, gossips, humiliation, and pretty much all the negative words from dictionaries but that one thing you will find in your heart and soul and that’s called “PEACE”

After the storm was passed and you are free like a bird. Now, you are seating on your Home Depot five bucks chair in your small apartment which you don’t even know how long you can afford and thinking that🤔…………………… even I gave up my whole kingdom and have nothing left to survive, how can I be still in peace and feel like………. Everything will be alright from now on?

While I was stressed out and angry about not getting paid on time from my high paying job, how can I be soooooooo worry free without having a job?

And why my faith is so heightened up that unawakened people don’t even see how happy I am without even one person around me?

How could I made possible to leave the people behind who didn’t have best interest in me?

How did I all of it without hating or hurting anyone in the process?

How did I get that courage to say “No” for the first time?

And after all of this, I was still able to forgive and forget all of the people to whom I was codependent with.

How do I feel completely healed and ready to move on my life with only two things in my heart and these are the ultimate LOVE and PEACE?

Finally, you heard the clapping from up there and the divine just gave you your first mission to go out there and try to wake the awaken.

Finally, You graduate yourself from being Religious to Spiritual being so Congratulations for Job well done.

Ohhhhhhhhhh Wait………please don’t go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally forgot to tell you the most important thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is…………………

It was just the fiction version of the story……………….

You still need to creat the reality of yourself.

Now, it’s your time to be awaken and do all of the things you have been postponed through out of the life. Your true love is waiting for you around the corner to live with you and your best version of your pure and authentic self where you won’t have to hide your any emotions anymore. With them, you can be like a kid whose mouth drooling when they see candies or cookies after long times.

You will be truly and magically in love for the first time and for the first time, you will realize that you have been created ILLUSIONS so far because you were a trickster, and finally, you have created THE REALITY because you are now the Magician.

Long Time No see but I see You now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! all my life, I never knew the difference between religions and spirituality. I was very religious person because all I did through out my life is asking the God something, anything, may be everything. If I want something from the divine, I do all kinds of Hindu rituals like Mantra Jaap, Fasting, making conditions to the god ,etc. It took me more than Twenty years of my hard life lessons to realize that what I have asked that I really don’t needed but I wanted anyway and I was forcing and controlling my outcomes by asking to God. If I could have just surrendered my life to my divine path at that time, I might didn’t have to go through the hell for quite sometime.

And Here I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went through the Hell and back so You can save a trip to it and I don’t have to rescue you from it so please learn something from my experiences and save few years of misery in your life.

When we are in some kind of problems, we often start looking for all kind of solutions outside. Instead, We might just find them if we can just go within. When I was in my first karmic lesson, I thought that going to another country faraway from my traditional and strict community will solve my problem. Yes ! it really happened and I moved to America after so many fasting and patience but I didn’t learn from it. I got my freedom from my first relationship but my Spirits and Angels had already planned my other long and painful karmic lesson ready. I couldn’t even taste my beautiful freedom in the back of my tongue and I was in other relationship in the blink of my eyes. This time, my angels guide didn’t want any delays in my growths and graduations so they made extra sure that I had to go through the death to transform and to reborn. It was not one death in my life at that time but multiple deaths happened for me rising from the dead. First, my ego died when I had to rub my nose to my Ex’s feet for begging not to separate my two year kid from me. Second, My controlled self died when I was in complete isolation from the World for a long time. Third, My anger died when I was force to smile after the emotional torture and manipulation for ten hard years. After that, My hate died when I had to learn to love my self. Then, My stubbornness died when I was only breathing when he allowed it. At last, My impatience nature died when all I could do is wait for the sunshine and happiness in my life.

You see!!!!!!!!!!! you need to die probably thousand of times to born correctly. Now, I can proudly say that I was honored to die many times to reborn as a spiritual person. Let me promise you something that there is nothing to worry if you are scared of this transformation in your life. When I was going to these deaths, I didn’t have any ideas what was happening because all I had to do is have a faith and waiting for my diving calling. Don’t you worry because your spiritual journey will take wherever you suppose to go.

After my transformation, did I decided to move forward with courage? No. Nope. I had one thing that I still didn’t learn and it was finger pointing. All the time that I suffered, I thought he was doing it to me. One most important thing I forgot and it was that I allowed him to do each and everything to me and as soon as I realized that truth within me, my religion died at that moment and I transformed to the Mother Earth. The Couple of last things were still lingering in my life and one was my own fear to get freedom and the other was to leap of faith to the unknown. Now, my guardian angels were out of patience with me and they needed to give me final push for me to come to the edge. They let me give a glims of my future and open my third eye to recognize my Twin-Flame. At that day, My fear died and I was ready to run with my eyes closed because I knew that wherever I go, it will be my divinely guided path so I will end up with the Ultimate peace in my heart.

Finally realized that, Your Twin-Flame journey is not about being with your counterpart but being with your self and loving your self. I fall in love with myself. I am moving forward in my path with the love in my heart and spiritual purpose in my mind. Me and My other-half are mirroring each other so I am hoping that wherever he is, he also found the peace and love in his heart and now, he also has the purpose in his life too.

Enough spiritual lecture for today !!!!!!!

So, Let’s see what I am bring to the table…………….today.

I made this beautiful canvas painting and decorated with crystals in very odd way.

So lets have a look How I did it.

First, I just created a design with hands and colored it with colored markers.

second, I used clear thread and started to pick three pink Quarts and sew with the canvas painting. I couldn’t believe it that you can easily sew the canvas.

I created shape using three individual bunches of crystals in the border lines.

In the middle , I used Amethyst Crystals.

In the middle of the Bow design, I used The Tiger’s Eye Crystals. This is how it looked in the back.

Now, Let’s see How it came out.

I loved it.

It can be used for your own home décor or You can always give the gift to someone else. I love to include the prints out of the information about the crystals when I give any crystals gifts to anyone. That way, they can see your efforts and intentions to these specific gifts.

Go Ahead and try this beautiful painting or décor. Make for your other half because this do represent two people in love or gift from the Haven kind of feeling. You can show them how you feel towards them for just doing little things for them. If I ever have a chance to live my life with my love of the life, I will make sure he feels my love each and every second of his life. I will make sure to fill his heart with the tremendous amount of my love so we both will reborn with our mastery of these karmic lessons and we will find and recognized each other in no time in our next reincarnation, and we will have so much time left to be with each other and love each other.

I know and I am sorry that it took me little long this time but I think that my blog itself also divinely guided.

I see you all later for other post. Be happy and Keep Smiling.

Don’t loose your moment to express your LOVE to someone, you might not get another so just say “I Love You……”

Today, I just want to talk about love and nothing else. I was born to talk about love and want to keep doing till eternity. We need more people who can spread love and light in this World so we can transform and bring back our ultimate Joy.

Let’s just forget about this pandemic, economy crisis , losing loved ones, job losses, sickness or any other emotional pain that we are suffering and let’s just switch our minds towards facing our fears, getting on tracks, healing and praying for our beloved who are at peace, and healing from trauma.

It could got worse but it didn’t so let’s just thank God for that. Let’s just say that we are alive after everything for a reason and work on this blessing. Spread as much as love and kindness because we need this more than ever now. We all need to help each others and bring back the balance that we lost in 2020.

I know that saying it so much easier than doing it but being inspired by words can be the first step towards our emotional positivity. If my healing and full of love words can heal a little corner of your heart, I be super proud of myself.

So let’s talk about Love.

In my previous blog, I made “ Missing You” candle holder but saying “ I Miss You” is just not enough because eventually, we all crave for those three magical, mystical, and passionate words. We probably say these words in daily basis such as telling our children, parents, spouses, and friends but I think that saying “ I Love You” is losing its purpose in our day to day routines. I feel like we are saying it because we are used to. It’s just like brushing our teeth in the morning or taking shower.

I am here to bring your passion back when you express your love to someone even if they are your kids. You see when you have a broken heart, whoever is there for you if you just hug them for one minute can bring peace in your heart so saying that you love someone will bring the ultimate happiness in your life.

So if I say I have probably the most romantic “ I Love You” greetings card which I recently made, will you believe me? After seeing my beautiful card with my own beautiful words, you have to believe it so what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in……..

What you will need :

I created this design and texts on computer and printed out on Glossy paper for professional look.

If you want these printouts, please feel free to email me and I send them to you.

I cut all the hearts………..

Next, I arranged all the hearts and stock them. The last page of heart, I put aside and the rest of them, I cut in the middle.

I rearranged the both sides of these hearts and put the uncut heart in the end of this pile. With my drill, I made two holes from both of the sides and put this golden thread with four pearls and tied the knot behind the last page. I also glue two pearls like a door knob in the middle of first page.

I used pink thin ribbon to make a bow for locking the card and my gorgeous card is ready for my King of Cup.

Making the card was the easy part but when you see what I have written in this card, you will be impressed with my most passionate words for my TF. He isn’t even awaken to our connection yet or he may have the clarity but in his runner stage so I am keeping this card for myself until he can say the same thing about me.

Let me share two pages from this card…

Feel free to email me if you follow my blogs and want to use my exact words making this card. I will send them to you for free.

When I was in college, I used to make love cards for my friends. I probably made more then twenty cards for my girlfriends who gave them to their boyfriends telling that they made them for theirselves. If those boyfriends are married to my friends by now, they probably still looking for their wives’ hidden talents from the past. Ha ha ha…. got Ya…..!!!!!

Jokes apart, if you have a chance to bring back two people together who are in love can be the best blessings from heaven so be such an angel and try to bring more loved ones together and help them in their unions or reunions. Your blessings will be ten times fold and this is my promise to you. I am the real life example in front of you. There are not so many people in this world are lucky enough to find their love through out of their whole life but I am the luckiest girl alive to find my other half soul in my life. My Mirror Soul who has the same love like I do and trust me I have the love of this entire universe in my heart may be more. When I started thinking that there will be no one can love me enough…….. Boom………. Big Bang happened…….he appeared from out of the blue. Just one thing I regret the most and that was when he said I missed you I should have said back to him. Instead, I just ran. I was over the moon at that moment but he probably didn’t see that because I didn’t express my feelings to him.

I was shy. When he looks at me, my whole world freezes and when he stares, I feel like there are no amount of shields can protect me going towards him so one thing that I can do is run for my life. I wish that I can hug him and kiss him and tell him that I am madly…….. and crazy…….. in love with him……….but ohhh well…… One day, he will know my unconditional love for him but until then, I want all of you go and express your love for that special one before it’s too late.

Ohhhh wait……. before you go….. make this card for them and show your love and effort expressing your emotions. Please…..Please…….Mean it each and every words from this card and make them crazy about you too.

I also created YouTube Video for that if you want to check it out.

Please like and Subscribe to my channel so it can reaches to the people who need the most.

I see you later for another blog. Until then, go and tell someone that you love them and smile often.

Not only your words but also your work shows your emotions in daily basis so let’s show the world how we really feel…………..

Are you having hard time expressing your love to someone? There are some other ways to show them instead saying them that how much you care.

I know………. I know……………saying to someone that you love or miss can be easier than using other ways but what happens when you have hard time expressing your emotions. What happens if the person you are in love is far far away. What happens if you both are not even talking to each other for some silly reasons. What happens if everything else stuck in your life because you don’t even know how the other person feels for you and it’s driving you insane. Let me tell you one thing, your soul always knows. Anyone can lie as much as they want but the butterfly feelings that you have in your stomach never ever lie.

So how do you know that’s a true love and just not your some obsession . The easiest answer for this question is this: “ After days passed by, after months passed by, and even years passed by, if you still wake up and go to bed with that person in your mind, that’s your true love”

Your love for that specific person had never changed nor will change. Yes! Of course sometime they make you irritate, angry, sad or, even heartbroken but you never stop loving them. It won’t be matter much that they love you too or not because you love them unconditionally. Life doesn’t stop or wait for anyone so you are keep moving forward but you can’t imagine your life without that person. All you want to do is to be with your true love even if it’s for a moment.

Nowadays, most of the people just open the social media and can spy on their love and try to figure out what they are up too but it’s just make you crazy because you are still going to be at your same place if you don’t express how you feel. My TF has an ego of the Mount Everest so I know for sure that he is not going to move a muscle when it comes to show his emotions. I call him my King of Cup because he has an ocean of emotions in his heart for me but his attitude towards me is like the frozen Mount Everest. Whenever we talked in the past, he made me believe that I was a burden to him but I also know that it killed him every-time. How I know because I always felt and still feeling his pain in my heart. Did I stop expressing my love? Nope. Not for a second. Yes! We don’t talk to each other now but I always do little silly stuff like I am doing right now to send my emotions to the Universe. I strongly believe that your loving and caring vibrations always reaches to the person you love. One way or other, they will definitely feel these loving energy that you sent for them.

Do you know that you can tell the whole story about the person just looking at their profile picture in what’s up or any other social media? When you changing your profile pic in any social media, you always have a specific reason for picking that photo. You put that specific photo to show the world what are you up too.

This is the one way you can send your loving energy to that specific person. I have a kind of forbidden relationship with my TF so I just have a Picture of a two birds with infinite love symbol around them which represents Twin-Flame journey as my profile picture because I don’t even know if he knows about it and I am his Twin or his other half soul.

If you don’t want to be the first one to tell someone that you love them, make something for them that they have to use their brain to figure it out your feelings for them. For example, he has something which I gave to show my emotions . I am a deep thinker when it comes to give gifts. I like to give meaningful gifts which can show my love and effort towards the person. I don’t even know that he is smart enough to get that meaning from that gift but who cares what they think. Instead it should make you happy that you were able to show your emotions.

Being mystical and mysterious is also the other way to show your emotions. Let them work hard for understanding you and if they are able to solve the riddle, it will give them the pure joy because they will feel like an emperor to solve the mystery. All you have to do is to give little hints here and there and just move away and let them work on it. Don’t overwhelm with so many clues. They will frustrate and give up so do everything in moderation.

If you already know their favourite colours, be creative and use those colours in your clothes and accessories when you around them. You think it won’t work but they will notice if they have some feelings for you.

Of course, Your smile and eye language will be the most powerful weapons that you have showing them the beautiful loving and caring nature of yours and expressing your emotions.

I think it’s enough for today and it’s time to show you my creation which is completely goes with my topic today.

It’s a Missing You Candle Holder.

So let’s start.

I used paper clip container from Dollar tree for making this beautiful “Missing You Candle Holder”. I am not going to waste your time explaining how I made it because I am going to upload video of me making this holder in YouTube so you can see how I made it. I am not saying that it was easy because it wasn’t but the end result was so gorgeous that I had to share with you.

Make it for yourself as a home decor or make it for someone that you love. You can use any words that you want in this candle holder. I used clear Quartz and Amethyst Crystals for making it. Using some silver beads and metal wire, I decorated the edges. Even I made a little heart in here.

I lighted one candle in it and turned off the light to see how it looks and it was amazing to see the shadow of the heart on the wall.

I hope you like it. If You have time and some of this stuff at home, definitely make for the person you care for. I made it for someone special too but keeping it with me. This is just my way to show someone that I love without saying those three words.

Keep smiling and I see you with my new creation soon.

Giving gratitude to the Universe before asking anything will bring your manifestation even faster than you expect, and that’s why let’s just say ‘ Thank You! Universe.’

Waking up in the morning is the first sign from the Universe that you are here on earth for a purpose and God allow you one more day to work on it.

Yes, I am so grateful for my life and my spiritual path. Do you know that once you are awaken to your life purpose, your life becomes magical. You just don’t know but feel how your life is transforming. Little things won’t bother you too much and when you ask something to the Universe, you automatically thank to the Universe for the things you already have it.

I think that our divine journey were already started after we were born. As new born babies, they don’t know whose going to feed them but God arranges all things for them to grow. After that, everyone’s life lessons start and It all depends on the person to fully learn their lessons and move forward to their divine path. Some of us never learned from our mistakes and their life lessons continue to their next reincarnation. On the other hand, some of us realised their journey and surrender completely to the universe where they follow their divine missions. There are no bad or good people on earth because we all are in spiritual journey together and learning karmic lessons. Some wakes up fast and others wakes up later on.

Butterflies are all about transformation, and when you are in your divine path, you don’t have any other choices than to transform.

So all you can do while transforming is to appreciate the chance that your divine gives you and surrender to the path. Never forget to thank those lessons and those people who taught you those lessons. They were in your life for not hurting you but bringing you the ultimate peace so later on, no one can ever bring tower in your life.

So thank those people who hurt you the most. Thank those people who use you for their own benefits. Thank those people who had control over you for sooooo long that you almost lost yourself. Thank to those people are now way behind you in your spiritual journey.

So, while we are talking about the gratitude, I want to share my creation which I recently made. This is my way to thank my God for everything in my life and even my life itself.

I am showing you here how I made this beautiful “ Ganesha” frame using fabric.

So, let’s start.

All you need for this project is beautiful fabric with some heavy embroidery work, sewing machine, some silk thread, canvas frame and some glue.

I drew the whole picture of Ganesha ( Hindu God who is known for taking our obstacles away) on this fabric. Next, I selected this stitch on my Sewing machine and start free embroidery around the edges.

After I finished all the edges, I cut all pieces.

I used this wood burning tool for sharpening all edges. I arranged all pieces on the canvas frame and pin them down.
I glued all pieces very carefully and without a mess with my hot glue gun.
Make sure to do very nice job from cutting these pieces to sticking them to the frame. Everything has to be perfect for that professional look. For me, I like my creation to be nice , clean and eyes pleasing. When someone sees my arts or crafts, they can see the most beautiful master piece which very pleasurable to look at.

After all the hard work, my beautiful frame was ready and it came out gorgeous. Let’s see…….

This is how I show my love to anything or anyone. This is my way to show my gratitude to the God and say them that my words never be enough for me to thank them.

There you go……….. now, you have gorgeous decorative frame ready to go in your wall. I hope that you like this. The image of Ganesha is very lucky for giving as gifts too so you can also make this for giving to someone as a gift. They will definitely appreciate your effort and keeping the Ganesha will bring peace and happiness in your lives. In Hindu culture, before starting anything, Hindus pray Ganesha for bringing good luck in their new beginnings and so do you.

That’s it for today. Keep smiling and be at peace. I see you all later.

Being passionate about your hobbies is also Self-love so let’s creat something amazing………

That’s so true that sometimes, being alone is not such a bad thing for falling in love with yourselves.

I hope that everything is working out for you so far because if not, I might have to work just a little extra for pushing you forward and that’s not a problem for me because encouraging someone gives me encouragement. Why I have a feeling that sometimes , you don’t even have any clue what I am saying but you know what, we are in the same boat because I don’t even know what I want to say to you but somehow, everything makes sense in the end and all I want is bring something on the table.

Today, I am not going to give spiritual lessons but I just want to share my first time jewelleries making experience. By now, you already know my love for these crystals and healing stones so I always wanted crystal jewellery for myself but I never bought. Yes, I had some seven chakras necklace but it doesn’t go for some special outfit for a special occasion so I finally made my own. I am craft hoarder so I had pretty much everything available at my home so I started making whole necklace set and the first two came out amazing. After that I made my masterpiece and it came out even more gorgeous. So without waiting, I want to show you how I made this beautiful necklace with matching earrings with using Tiger’s Eyes gemstones.

So what are we waiting for…….. let’s dig in…….. let me show you what I had so far for making this necklace.

You definitely need Tiger’s Eyes or any crystals or stones for your choice with holes in them. I had some decorative buttons with two connectors from both side which I used for this necklace. You will need copper wire, some jump rings, earring hooks, and necklace cord with Clasp.

At first I cut 20 inch copper wire. I add three crystals in the middle of this wire and gave a twist. I add three more crystals and gave one twist again making sure their tightness. I did this process two more times so I used total of 12 stones. It’s like I made a little cluster of these gems. Let me show you how it looked.

After that, I tightened that cluster and wrap both wire three time around the mini screw driver to give nice round ring shape. I cut the left over wire and connect with that button using jump ring.

I used earrings hooks (I used earrings stud but you can use anything you prefer) with one more jump ring and Ta………. Da. My one earring was ready. After I finished my other earring, I used the same technique to make my necklace pendant but instead 12 gemstones, I made little big cluster using 24 gems. I made big cluster and use that button with two jump rings. Now, I had a beautiful pendant ready for this necklace. Let me show you how it looked.

You can just use necklace connecter with clasps and make simple necklace.

I wanted little heavy jewellery for special occasions so I made two long strands using these gemstones and twisted those two wires together at the end and shaped round using that mini screw driver.

After that I used one jump ring and connect that necklace cord with clamps. I used my last jump ring for connecting that pendant in the Center of my strands and that was the last part of my necklace. It was so much fun and the end result was just icing of the cake.

I loved it. I was just learning about how to make jewellery and after my three gorgeous necklaces, I can proudly say that I am like an expert in jewellery making. And yes! I forgot to tell you that I didn’t search or click one video about showing me the process of jewellery making. I am being very honest that I just made these all necklaces without any prior knowledge of jewellery making.

And now, it’s time to show my final result…….

Let me know in the comment, if you like my creativity and I love to hear about your own ideas too.

I am a social butterfly and with this blog if I have a chance to connect with entire world, I won’t ever stop.

Since the knowledge is the key, I am trying to gain more information about my next blog so I can provide you most accurate information. Let’s go with the flow here. Okay! You all stay safe and happy. Keep smiling and I see you all later.

Self-love will be possible only after you heal your heart so let’s heal our hearts together…….

Yes! You need to heal. Even I need to heal. Each and every human beings on this earth need to heal before moving forward in their lives. In this pandemic where everyone got affected by long term trauma , we all need to face the truth and heal before we can start living our normal lives. What we are doing right now is just a survival mode, we really not ourselves yet and definitely not back to our tracks either.

Many people are thinking that year of 2020 is the worst year for human history because not only humans but each and every thing are affected by this pandemic. One way or other , our lives completely changed. Where some of them lost their loved ones, some of their lost their jobs, career even their businesses. It’s like a hanged man position. Everything is moving around us but still everything is stuck at the same time.

For me, 2020 is the best year of my life. Yes! It is . Two most life changing events happened in my life and I don’t even have words to say my gratitude to the universe for this year. I think that 2020 is a transformational year on earth. Our Divine put a pause in our lives for us to stop and think about what we were doing in the past, what we should do at this right moment, and what we are inspired to do in the future. We all our God’s children and he is our father so whoever’s will follow their heart, listen to their intuition and move forward to their divine path get some kind of rewards in the end.

The real question is how we know which road to choose when we are in so much pain. I think I can help you with that because I am still going through it and still transforming. I am not a spiritual teacher nor I have education background of spirituality but I can say one thing for sure that I have an exceptional ability to bring positivity in your lives. My positive attitude was the most effective part in my journey and my dreams came true because of my positive attitude towards my goals. That’s so true that when you want something in your life, you have to give your undivided attention to it. Universe will try and ask probably 1000 times to make sure that you really want that thing and when you completely and honestly declare what you want, it will appear before you . Yes, there is no other way around because you definitely 1000% will get what you want. If you ask, you shall receive.

Now, let me come back to that question that how you will know which way to go so this is very simple. Ask the question in your mind. Take a three times deep breathing in and out than close your eyes and the first thing that come up in your mind, that is the way. Your mind will definitely can trick on you here but your soul will never ever ever takes you in wrong path so use your instinct. Most of the people say that they don’t know what to do but let me tell you that we always know. We each and every time know the solution but we just don’t want to admit that we know. We always know which path to take or which actions to take in our lives but we just simply say we don’t know. We all need external approval for our decision making because we can’t trust ourselves and we also fear that if we do it something that our heart is saying and something will go wrong, we won’t have anyone to blame but us so let’s just ask someone to decide for us so later on we can blame them. Don’t worry if you are doing the same thing because I was that person for half of my life.

I am here writing about it all that I faced in my life and you don’t do these mistakes which I did so it won’t waste your years in your life. Actually, nothing wasted in my life because all I gain from my experiences is the wisdom and that unconditional love in the end. Now, I have only gratitude left in my life and when you will have only gratitude left in your life, your life will be at peace where not even death itself can scares you. You will know the true purpose of your life and will find your final destination.

The first thing we can do in this stuck situation is to work on healing our hearts. Yes, nothing will be possible if you are still in pain with your life’s trauma. You see that making the Law of Attraction works for you , you will have to stay in high vibration, and for that you will need to be at peace. Peace is the highest form of high vibration but it also the toughest one to achieve when we have so much pain in our hearts so heal our heart before you do any thing. I am not talking about physical pain. I am talking about each and every pain in your life. It could be physical, mental, or spiritual I don’t care. All I know that you need to heal. Cry like a baby if you have too but heal your pain. Close the bathroom door and run the water and start crying if you don’t want anyone to see you crying. Feel the pain. Yes! Feel it and feel it in your heart. Feel your pain until you feel like you are going to die. ( trust me you won’t because been there and done there) If you are feeling the pain than feeling it again. Whatever or whoever hurts you, feel it. Don’t concentrate on anger towards someone or something. Just concentrate on your pain in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. You need to feel it until you are out of your last breath. Your heart is broken to pieces and you are still not able to cry. What’s wrong with you? Each and every emotions are coming from your heart and that heart isn’t even whole in your body . How can you live with it? If you have so much pain in your heart, how can you even get up and go by your day. Nope that’s not gonna work. You need to release that pain forever and for that you need to cry. If you don’t cry, your heart will become frozen and there is no amount of love or compassion can melt your heart. With out your unfreeze and authentic heart, you will not have ability to love and be at peace. Without love and peace, life couldn’t even exist so you have to cry out of your heart. Here, it’s not about who did what, it’s about your own pain and your mental trauma in your heart. They have to be released. Put your both hands on your heart while crying and feel that you are your own bandaids. There you go………………now, your heart is at peace. Nothing matters now, you just heal your own heart by yourself. Did you feel the ultimate peace in your heart? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you did. If you have so many traumas, at least you were able to heal one crack in your heart today and this is your first step forward in your true happiness and your divine path. You don’t need to ask yourself which path you should go because after this ritual, you already took one step further in your true soul journey. I promise you that if you still little restless , after couple of time doing this, you will definitely feel something amazing. If you are saying that you are never going to forgive someone causing you pain in your heart, let’s wait until you do the process of healing heart that I told you do. That’s my 100% guaranty to you that you will forgive and by forgiving that person or people , you are also start learning Self-Love which will help you to find your real BANDAID🤕. Yes! Your perfect mirror soul and your true healer will fill your heart with so much unconditional love that one day, you will think that why even I bother to have that pain and anger in my heart for so long. I still cry even I am at peace. Do you know why I cry because now that I am feeling my Divine Masculine’s love in my heart, it’s so overwhelmed. I cry because it feels good now. It’s joy to cry. I cry because sometimes, I can feel his pain and his wish to hold me in his arms. I cry because by doing it, I want to heal his heart. He is very stubborn to show his emotions so I know he won’t cry but I want to cry for him so he will be at peace. I cry because I am so thankful to my divine to choose me in this journey and I cry because I am feeling the whole universe within me. So do it and feel the power of healing in yourself. Let’s stop right here.

Like, I mentioned in my previous blog about my crystal heart which I made using Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals, These both crystals are very powerful for healing your heart . I keep this heart next to my bed for all the healing and love I can get. If you have some crystals around you , just make something like that. While it looks beautiful, it will also help you raising your vibrations. Just holding this heart in your hand for couple of minutes before you go to sleep will help you good night sleep. There is nothing to loose here but the gain your own peace.

I just draw a heart on paper and start sticking crystals next to each other according to the shape. I covered the heart with copper wire for the activation of crystals and made a platform using Amethyst for heart to stand straight. That’s it . Not so much hard work.


I think that I pretty much covered everything about healing your heart method. I am super sorry to make you cry but trust me with this. It will help and it will get better. Why do you think that everything is getting on track even this virus is still a threat? After a big pause, people are starting to heal and learning to face their fear, and that’s why this biggggggg virus which even not possible to see with your naked eyes is started to become really small and eventually will disappear from our lives.

Okay…. Okay enough lecture for today, and I have to stop talking now. I told you that I have so much to say……………… but I also want to keep something for later on. In my next blog, I will show you my three gorgeous crystals jewelleries that I made today. I will also show you how did I made them with sharing all images, so you can make them for yourself. I never made jewellery in my life but when it came out beautiful, I felt so proud of myself and my creativity.

Okay so it’s time for me to go but wait……………… I don’t feel like going and I wish I can just talk and talk with you all but I also don’t want you to get bored of me so I am letting you all go………..I let you go to the Universe (😂). I have to release you 🤣 for my law of attraction to work for me………..ummmm………I think I have to decrease the amount of my day dreaming ……. oh well ……..I can’t help myself. I am a Cinderella in my dreamland……… so I will keep dreaming and you do as well.

Remember to cry………. so I can make you smile the next time you are here. Until then be happy and be at peace….. I see you all later.

In our Manifestation, the Most Important Thing left to do for us is Self-Love. So, Let’s start loving ourselves……

This is so true…………. If you can still heal someone with your broken heart, you are a true healer in your divine path.

I really don’t know that I am a healer or not but I do know that my mission is to heal as much as people in this World and I don’t doubt on God’s plan for me .

Since I show you how to manifest your true divine counterpart in my previous blog, we have other works to do and this will be the biggest roller coaster ride for each and everyone of you. There are so many other methods of the Law of Attraction that I will include in my blog but right at this moment, the one most important work that we can do is to learn how to love ourselves. You see that Self-love doesn’t work only in finding love but also in any Manifestation. Let me tell you how. When a person ask the Universe for one Million dollar winning lottery ticket and if this person doesn’t even have any self esteem to deserve that ticket, how Universe can make it possible. The next thing will happen in his/her life is hopelessness and disappointment because he/she won’t trust the process and why they won’t trust it because they don’t even think that they deserve that much money in their life . Self-love is very important for any type of your wishes to be granted because you have to declare yourself to the Universe to be worthy of the things you want in your life. I hope it is making any sense to you but let’s just say that you are agreeing with me so now what?…………….There are so many things you can do for Self-Love but before discussing that , let me tell you what is Self-Love in my opinion…..

Yes, Self-Love is telling yourself that You miss You, You Love You , and You never want to leave You ever again.

Self-Love is not about putting you as your first priority nor ignoring others. I am a people pleaser and it makes me sooooooo happy when I make others laugh , happy, comfortable, confident in themselves but Yes! By doing that, I won’t allow them to walk all over me either. I am an air sign and no one can have control over me nor in my life and this is call Self-love. Self-Love is about protecting and nurturing your soul as your first priority. The simplest explanation of Self-Love is doing something that makes your soul happy . It could be anything from cooking to writing. Doing what makes you jump with joy is your Self-Love. Please don’t tell me that nothing can make you that happy because everyone has at least one Tinsy-Minsy thing in their life which makes them butterflies in their stomach happy. If you are from this earth, you definitely has something that makes you wanna fly for it.

I love to dress up and if I am dressing up for my TF, I go extra crazy. I mean that I will try and do extra weird thing to just make him noticing me and mesmerised by me. I love love love when he looks at me even for a second. Dressing up for my TF gives me butterflies in my stomach and that pure joy is Self-Love. Feeling beautiful when someone sees you is also Self-Love. Even loving someone more than yourself is also Self-love. Yes ! If it makes your soul happy. I am deeply and madly in love with my Twin-flame but I don’t even know we will be united in this life time or not . Do I care for it? Nope. Loving him gives me encouragement to work on myself. Keep loving him gives me hope not to giving up on my connection with him. Loving him even gives him the courage to fight with his demons. My love for him is the most powerful protection for him so he can grow his wisdom even all negative energy around him . Loving him is my Self-love.

Anything you are passionate about doing it is called Self-Love. Do you know what is the most passionate thing that you can do for Self-love? Listening to your instincts. The simplest method of loving yourself is to trust and follow your own gut feeling. The most effective method of your own manifestation is the easiest thing that you can do and that is start doing the first exciting thought coming in your mind. Suddenly, I woke up at 3 in the morning today and the first thought came in my mind is to check how many people read my blog. Ha ha ha…… Yes! When I do anything creative, I love love love to see the results. It’s not really expectations but you can say that it give me butterflies in my stomach when someone encourages my work. Hey! There is nothing wrong with the idea when someone else pleases you for a change. I am really weird gal because most of the time, I am never even in this 3D world. I am a day dreamer and trust me I can stay in my dreams pretty much all the time. Actually, this is another method of the Law of Attraction. Start thinking about what you want and give your dream a reality by just thinking of it…… Sooooooo simple,……..right? But yes! You have to feel your dream because just thinking about it not gonna work. Let me give you my secret about day dream. Of course, mine will be only about love but still if someone can get benefits out of it than I will be glad. For me, I just put some beautiful romantic music and start dancing with my eyes closed and I just start dreaming that my other half is watching me dancing and later on, we just started dancing together. We both are holding our hands and looking at each other’s eyes ( I believe that eyes can’t lie so even someone won’t say that they love you, you can see it in their eyes because you can see their souls in their eyes) and just dance. I do it again and again and again until I literally feel his touch in my heart. So………… there you go………….my secret is out in this world and whoever needs the most use this technique………… actually let’s not say a technique but instead let’s just say the dancing lovers method in the manifestation of finding true love .

And for the other people who want something else instead of love, I promise you that I will come up with another great idea for your manifestation journey.

Now on, my few blogs , I am going to show my passion about Art, Craft and also Fashion. After All, this is the title of my website. I really started this blog about only sharing my idea about these things but my Divine had something else planned for me so I mixed up my spirituality with my creation and now if you are going to stick with me , I promise you that you will get so much healing, positivity and great ideas in your life about how to move forward. I can be your energy source where you can recharge yourself everyday just reading my affirmations.

These images that you saw in my blogs so far, those all designs I have created by myself. I just draw free-style design and then I write my own sentences which comes directly from my heart so it can reach to yours. My divine path is telling me to be healer so here I am writing about everything that comes from my Heart and Soul. All I know that It has to reach the people who really really need encouragement in their lives and I know that slowly but surly, my words will reach to these people who need the most .

Remember one thing, that you have to be whole to have a Union or Reunion for meeting the one and Self-Love is the most important key in your Twin-Flame journey. Now on , in my most of the blogs, I am sharing you my ideas what I am most passionate about and my weird techniques of the Law of Attraction. I am telling you again that I am weirdo when it comes to any Supernatural stuff. I have never tell anyone what I do for manifestations and the Law of attraction but finally, I am sharing with you all so stick with me till end and you won’t regret.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and keep smiling and stay safe. I see you later with my heart…………… Yes ! Yes! Yes ! Literally a heart which I made using Crystals.

Who wants to be in Love each and every seconds of their lives?………I know…… I do!

Yes! I am saying it right that your first and most important task should be the search of your true love. Everything else automatically will aligned with you after that. I am not saying to quit everything that you are doing right now and go out for searching your true love. You just have to declare the Universe that you want true love in your life while you are doing whatever you have to do to survive.

Most of the people want to be successful and want to fulfil their dreams. After achieving everything they dreamed of (Material stuffs), now they look for the perfect person whom they want to share everything with. Nothing is wrong here but whatever you are doing , in the back of your mind , your priority should be finding that pure love in your life .

In my whole life , I was in search for my true divine counterpart and did I found right away? Nope. It took me my half life to finally find my true purpose of life and Yes, I found the one. You all have no idea what I went through to find the pure love and peace in my heart. I don’t want anyone go through like I did and that’s why I am here to help you finding your true spiritual path with less mistakes and lessons. After two major Karmic cycles with two Karmic lessons, I finally found my Twin-Soul . Yes! My half soul or my Twin-flame.

When I was in search for true love, I didn’t know those terms nor had any knowledge of how to find your divine counterpart who God only made for you. Hell…….. I didn’t even know those heavy words ( Divine counterpart, true souls, spiritual path). I just wanted to be in love so whoever I saw first , I mistaken them with my true love and started searching that perfect person in them which never existed. I am very spiritual person throughout my whole life . You can say that I am an old soul with lots of wisdom but for the people I want to help not for my own self. It’s very hard for me to express my true feelings to someone or break their heart or leave them . I never knew how to live alone so I always wanted to be with someone even it always came with price of losing myself in the process. I just wanted everyone’s approval so bad that I just put mask on myself and become whatever they wanted me to be.

I have to bore you with my past pathetic life stories so you don’t do it like I did. Even after reading this, you stop yourself once to get in the relationship which you aren’t truly believe in, I be proud of myself to bore you with my past.

Okay, so let’s talk about the thing that you will definitely need for your beautiful path to find the one who you truly belong with. I think that we all are in our spiritual journey and every lessons that we learned so far will take you further in your divine path. Don’t think for a second that this path only gives you boredom and pain. In contrast, this will give you the most passionate feeling in your life and that is being in love. There is no addiction in the World can give you this type of pleasure in your life. I promise you that you will be in forever trance mode (Very powerful stage of meditation ) for the rest of life. You won’t have to do anything to raise your vibrations after that because your Peace will be your highest form of your vibrations when you meet the one. No one or nothing in the world can affect you for a second. You won’t have to google search for the Law of Attraction because you will be the master of magical power within you. You will be able to manifest anything in a blink of your eyes and most importantly, you will learn that the Time is irrelevant in the process.

When we want something, we want right now, right this moment but we often forget that there is always a process behind anything. There is always work to do for achieving your goals. I am not saying that get up and start working right away but at least , wherever you are right now, start following the first instinct that come up in your mind right at this moment. Even it’s about ordering Pizza or going to the bathroom………. Do that……In stead of controlling your thoughts, surrender to them and think for a minute that why are you thinking this? What do you really really want?

Gratitude is the most powerful tool in the Law of Attraction.

Now, I hope you finally figured it out what you really want in your life. So do me a favour here and just forget about that thing or person you want. Yes ! I am saying that you have to let that dream go and release in the Universe to come to the reality. You probably heard so many time that Manifestation only works when you really don’t need that you asked for . How can we declare to the Universe that what you really want is you really don’t need it……..?

I show you how you can do it. Let me give you really good example of this method. So, I don’t know that you are religious or not but most of people have at least one thing which represents God in their home such as Jesus statue, picture of mother Mary, Buddha, Bible, Krisna statue , etc. Because of these items inside our home, we think that God is with us protecting and loving us. You feel safe and protected from any negativity when you have some thing spiritual items with you so how God manages to stay everywhere, every time with everyone? Because you believe that God is here with you in this statue or in this book, Your divine spirit appears before you in the feeling of peace and security . It’s your own belief makes the God alive within you and when you have so much faith in something, you raise your vibration so energy works in your favour giving you that secure and safe feelings whenever you around these things.

We will use same method to finding true love . I am sharing my own secret symbol with you which will help you bring your perfect match in your life soon.

All you have to do is draw this symbol with red pen and glue these seven chakra crystals in it. Put this drawing in photo frame and start believing that your mirror soul is out there waiting for you to be ready so he/she can come towards you. Simply say Yes to the Universe, and be ready to receive. It’s that simple. You do nothing but to stay still and let the world moves around you. Be happy and be thankful that you finally found the secret of finding true love in this life time and all you are doing is following your instinct. Try to be observer because after doing this ritual, Universe will fill up your life with many synchronicities and signs to bring your counterpart close to you. Be open to receive. Pay attention to your dreams because they will show you what is blocking you to meet the one. You have to work on all of the stuffs ( your own negativity, victim mindset, being hopeless, having a closed heart, etc.) and start believing in magic. Yes! You have to believe in something that can’t be explain in real world but Yes it can be felt.

Can you believe me if I say that no one in this world knows about my Twin-flame. Not even my own Twin-soul knows about my feelings towards him. Yes! That’s the secret I have been holding for long time but I never tell anyone but same thing here, I felt it and I am feeling it hard , Everyday, Each and every second of my life . Am I suffering because he is not with me yet? Nope. Not for a second. Because this is call unconditional love . The true love is not to live with someone that you love but to live for someone that you love. Trust me that I don’t want your lives to be like mine and that’s why I am helping you all to be with someone that you truly love. This is my divine path to help those people who need the most guidance in their path and their searching for true love. This is my divine mission from my spirits and angels gave me before my union and I am thankful of them for choosing me.

The Ultimate rule in the Law of Attraction is divine timing. Everything you ever want comes in their own time because your own desires are always divinely guided. Not only good wishes but bad wishes are also divinely guided because the Universe wants to teach you lessons from your own desires and in the end, all you gain from your lessons are the wisdom. This wisdom and knowledge that you achieve through out your life are the only two last things will stay when you leave this world and yes, Your love for your divine partner will go with you too so you can meet and recognise that same person in your another life. Ohhhhhhhh man………. I have soooooooo much to talk about lots of thing but let’s just stop here for now. We will discuss more in other blog.

Okay, I use these seven healing stones which I believe that very powerful in the process of any Manifestation. Each healing stones represents their own chakras and there are so many options for these stones to use in each specific chakras. Let me show which I used so far….

I will give you many other choices of healing stones and crystals in some other blog. Let me know if you want to know all the benefits about them and my personal favourites in the comments . I would also love to know about what is your favourite.

So, we have this beautiful symbol with all the crystals and the biggest question is how it will benefit in your manifestation. How about if I tell you that you just created your own perfect match with your own hands. Yes ! You are the sculptor here and This is your mirror self which has perfect alignment with your soul. May be you can go wrong to describe to the universe which type of the person you looking for in your life but here, you can’t go wrong because Universe has to match your other half with your half . In short , you are telling the Universe that this is me and now, please go ahead and find me. I hope that I am making sense here. I just gave you your own body, mind and soul in one picture and all you have to do is to put your own intentions in it. Everyday, look at this picture in the morning after you wake up and in the night before you go to sleep and tell your mind that when I see this person, my body, mind , and my soul will recognise him/her right away and I know from the bottom of my heart that this is the one. That’s it. You are good to go by your normal day but try to pay attention to all the signs and synchronicities around you. Try mindfulness in your life and see yourself creating your own first magic.

I am really hoping that someone will read this and uses for their own journey. I am thankful to my guided spirits and angels to give you something magical which will also help you in your divine path.

I will talk to you later and until than, Be happy and Be at peace.

Let’s Start Manifesting Together !!!!!

Hello Again……… so let me just share something with you all that I truly believe……..

Yes ! I know what I am talking about. When we can reach anywhere in a blink of our mind’s eyes , we can pretty much achieve anything. It’s that simple.

Enough with boring stuff, Let’s do some fun things here. This is my first attempt to share something with you which I do for my manifestation so Please try to encourage me for bringing more powerful manifestation ideas here .I am a genuine Libra so I am people pleaser and I will do my best to entertain you and help you in your life path.

Whatever I am sharing today , it’s not about craft that looking nice or pretty because today is all about my most favourite method of The Law of Attraction and it’s my Wish Box .

Mostly , People want to start their blogs with their best creations. ( I mean the Most Impressive ) You might won’t like the first impression of my wish box but let me tell you one thing for sure , you will definitely like my extra strange technique to make dream comes true and that will be sufficient for me at the end. All I want is to give you something that will work in the process of manifesting your true desire.

In the future , I will show all of my decorative skills in my creations but here, I am using powerful symbols and sigils for my desire outcome so it won’t be pretty but yes! It can be powerful enough to make your wishes come true if you believe.

Here we go………. So what we will need……

  • Any box
  • Glue for crystals and stones
  • Paper, pencil and tweezer
  • Crystals or Healing Stones ( I used Rose Quartz , Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Amethyst, Lapiz Lazuli, and Green Aventurine and I will tell you why I used those specific stones in below )

You can use any box or gift box for this craft. I used just simple gift box. I used two powerful symbols here . One is to draw in the bottom of the box and the other is for inner top . I like to draw symbols and sigils inside my zodiac sign symbols because I believe that you have to give a specific purpose to all energy and vibrations to work for you. When you draw any symbols in side of your name or your zodiac sign, your vibrations recognise your ownership to these symbols. It’s like I are declaring to my frequency that I am Libra and this is my wish or my luck. I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say or you can always ask me in the comments.

There are two symbols I used here . One is for luck and the other one is for wishes come true. Just draw your zodiac sign symbol in a piece of paper and draw these symbols in side of your sign. For example, if you are Gemini…..

Now, choose any one symbol and draw bottom of the box . Draw the other one in inner top of the box.

The next step is to put glue on the drawing and start sticking stones. There are three most important parts in this craft. First , which symbols you use. Second, which crystals and stones you use, and Last , which method you use from the Law of Attraction to work.

Not only symbols are important in this creation but also Crystals and Healing Stone. You have to make sure the authenticity of these stones and crystals .

Crystals and Healing stones have powers and their own frequencies. This is not superstition but this is Science so Have faith on these little sparkly gorgeous stars from heaven.

Okay , so I believe that Rose Quartz and Amethyst are two most powerful crystals for manifestation where Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eyes are the ultimate protectors. Green Aventurine stones are used for money or wishes granting. I used Lapiz Lazuli for boosting my zodiac power ( Lapiz Lazuli is very powerful for Libra Sign).

As you all can see in this picture , I only use one Tiger’s Eye Stone inside my box. The rest of the Tiger’s Eye and Red Jasper stones I used on the top of the box drawing Eye which can protect your wishes from any negative energy or bad intentions from others.

And There you go…………. your Ginne Box is ready .

Just for fun, I put my recent wish in my box . Do you wanna see it? …….. hummmmm….Okay let me show you……

I already know that I am going to have more than 10,000 followers but Hey! Just like you need encouragement from me, I am also expecting same encouragement from you all.
I didn’t make it for gift purposes so please don’t judge my creativity by just one craft because you will see my lots of other ideas and decorative skills soon.

I am also going to start my YouTube Channel soon so you can watch the video of making all my creation.

I think I am forgetting something………….huhhhh…………..ammmmmmm………..Oh Yes! You need to put you box under the sun everyday for activating and charging your crystals and there are so many other methods to bring these crystals to their real activation mode. I developed so many my personal but very effective techniques through out my life. Please let me know if you are interested.

In the end, the most most most important part of the Law of Attraction to work for you is YOU AND YOURSELF. As simple as it is that your own desires will manifest with your own beliefs. There is no person in this World or even God himself can make your dreams come true if you don’t want to.

So keep dreaming and keep firing your passion towards your goals. I personally believe that you don’t have to work hard to achieve what you want in your life if you do the inspired work.

Just whenever you look at this box , Clap three times and say “ Thank you , Universe “ and forget about it and go by your day. One thing you have to keep in your mind that pay attention for the signs from the universe because your dreams come alive when you pay attention and do inspired work.

Have fun and keep smiling. I will see you later for something else amazing…………