Time is just Irrelevant for now.

Yes! Time has been just stopped or totally disappeared from my life for long time. I didn’t even feel like writing for long time. I know I promised you about that Karma clearing mantra and history about the origin but I needed to know first that this mantra I am bragging about has any effectsContinue reading “Time is just Irrelevant for now.”

Let me try something out of the box today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! completely out of the box. Yesterday, I had a beautiful experience and it made me realize that no matter what the world takes me as I am, I am just going to be me and keep writing from my heart. So I met a woman yesterday and we started talking. as we talk more,Continue reading “Let me try something out of the box today!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Time is moving on and so do I……………

Let’s talk about it. My big hello to the world and I hope that all of you have a happy Thanksgiving this year. There are so many people didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this year but I think that 2020 is the year, we are supposed to most thankful about ourselves and our loved ones. We areContinue reading “Time is moving on and so do I……………”